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Head Scribe of Landa Gets Terrible Legal Representation

Friday, January 20th, 2012

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

When you call out to Gor for an Advocate, do you expect a Magistrate escorted by an Ubar?

Probably not. You would think they had better things to do, unless they had a hidden agenda.

When they arrive, would they stand on the ship for ever more until a stranger arrived and then demanded entrance at that instance, because after all he is the Ubar? It did not seem to matter to the Ubar, even after being told the stranger could be a danger to the city.

No, the Ubar, if he came in peace, would wait until the danger has subsided and not insult the person behind the gate who is already having enough to do to keep the stranger at bay. Instead he insulted not only the person, but the City as well.

Once the Advocate had been led to the Office of the Defendant, and talks began on the case, would the Ubar then chime in and insult the Defendant? No of course not, because he knows he would probably be escorted to the gate. Now tell me, if the Advocate along with the Ubar then insulted the Defendant AND the City they are visiting, would you be shocked, outraged and call a guard to have them arrested? You bet that would happen. You might even go so far as have that Advocate stripped of the license to practice law (if that is possible in sl gor). You would have the Ubar apologize for his insults to the Defendant and to the City. Would you not? Or worse, I shudder to think it.

The actions of an Advocate and Ubar described above did happen. Even though it was evident that the Ubar only came to insult the City and he obviously had his own agenda to begin with. He was told in a friendly manner to leave and was wished well.

The Advocate who so eagerly offered her services, not only insulted the Defendant, she did not even bother to hear about all the events that happened. Instead she insulted her own potential client. Then was surprised that she was not selected to represent the client but also told to leave and was wish well.

A good Advocate would never insult the Defendant, regardless what he/she thought. The Advocate investigates; he questions witnesses and does all in his power to provide the Defendant with the best defense possible. The Advocate’s job is not to make a judgment, if his client is guilty or not but to represent the client the best he knows how. The right to judge falls to the Magistrate (with jurisdiction in that case) after it comes to trial, should it go that far.

Now let me ask you, how do you define theft? The legal definition is “A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person’s consent.” Is taking a dress, a spoon, a drinking vessel considered theft? Are those items to small to worry about being stolen? Perhaps it is only theft when an expensive piece of property has been stolen, like a slave or a bosk. What if the Thief admits it? Should the person (who property was taken) dismiss the thief just because the item was “small”? No, I don’t think so, especially since the accused thief had lied about it before hand and consequently got some one wrongly incarcerated because of it. So, the case had merit and the RP was interesting for the ones involved until that pompous Ubar and the so called Advocate arrived and ruined everything with their insults to the Dependant and to the City. What makes it worse is that the Defendant was erroneously thinking that the Advocate was a friend.

The Ubar was out of line; he was only the Escort, not the Advocate and was never asked about his opinion. Sticking his nose into the RP was uncalled for.

I have seen a FW beaten about a broken cup at the Inn. I have seen a FW collared for not wearing shoes by mistake and I have now seen an Advocate insult the Defendant instead of defending.

In my humble opinion, there are too many self proclaimed Blue Caste in Sl Gor with out the proper knowledge and training. People love big titles but refuse to do the work for it. Magistrates and Advocates pretending to know the law are what give the positions a bad reputation with many people in SL Gor. It makes it twice as hard for those Magistrates and Advocates that take the time to get the proper knowledge and training because not only do they have to do their jobs but also have to defend the law against those that practice it with limited or no knowledge.

I have one suggestion. If you ever find yourself in a serious situation, ask for credentials. Yes, even in Sl Gor you can ask where they have gotten their training from and do they have a certificate to show. If not, stay away from them because they will, more than likely, give you incorrect or bad advice. That incorrect or bad advice could make you end up in a collar or dead.

Also, if your Advocate is more in IMs or RL than in the RP, it is time to find another one.

Your RP deserves better!

~Lady Dez

[OOC comment: [14:25] GM 4.1 shouts: Anjel Masala (Ubar of Genesia Port) has been killed by TheePhenom Resident ]

Pilgrimage to Sardar

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012


The pilgrimage is a thrilling idea for role playing in Second Life Gor, it is the role play background itself and is a way for pilgrims to explore the amazing and wild world of Gor more or less in safty.
Pilgrims to the Sardar mountains have to endure endless journeys, have to travel through dangerous regions and visit a lot of cities, villages and camps.
The pilgrimage is not only an idea for the pilgrims, it also enriches the entire world of SL Gor.
Go! Join the adventure, contact: Luqara Darkwatch


The pilgrimage is a role-play (rp)-tool that allows players of SL Gor visiting different places in relative safety with reasonable role-play background.
“Each gorean has to visit the Sardar mountain before he reaches the age of twenty-five years . The white caste keeps lists who travels and who does not.”
Your journey will take you through many places, through forests and sometimes you ll have to find a small camp or another accommodation for the night. The staff takes you to the places alongside the pilgrimage route. In most places you ll be most welcome but not in all …
Beside the roleplay background offers the pilgrimage some quite good oppertunities for sim owners and players .
Based on the idea of the pilgrimage players can get to know other people and new SIMs.
New players have the opportunity to look at lots of places before deciding on where they will play in the future.
SIM owners and city leaders get the opportunity to present “their” cities and regions.
Pilgrims travel to new places and get to know with local players. Give them a warm welcome to raise the popularity your own place.
Some cities that offers accommodations for the night for the pilgrims, city tours and invite them to report themselves at the tavern or at the campfire about their journey.
TheSecond Life group “ pilgrimage to the Sardar mountain” is a platform on which pilgrims can exchange their positive and negative experiences and Sim owners can get a fee back of their sim.
Furthermore the group is the first hand resource for infos about Peregrinus ceremonies, new sims in the route or technical changes.


The tool consists of the table and the pilgrim’s staff.
Tables are placed at public places often directly near the TP but in any case it s easy to find.
The table is the central point for route managers and sim owners and the place where pilgrims can join the pilgrimage. For further informations see the owner help please.
The pilgrims staff is worn by pilgrims. It is the sign of the pilgrims and provides some menus and statistics. For more informations see the userhelp please.
You ll recive a staff when you join the pilgrimage at a table.


The main goal is enjoying good role play and visiting new places, have a great time with the pilgrimage 
For technical details read the nc userhelp please.

How can I join the pilgrimage?
Look for a pilgims table, click on it and click on the button (join) in menu, you receive your staff, wear it, choose your first destination and hey your adventure is starting

How can I submit my sim/town to the pilgrimage?
Get in touch with a route manager you know or contact Harald Planeror Haron Storm directly.


There are no rules
Respect the simlaws
There are some principles of conduct
– Be aware that you are a guest on the SIM, read the rules and behave accordingly. The pilgrim status offers no special protection and role-play is always dynamic in any direction.
– Sim-residents should be aware that many pilgrims are new players who want to look around. Forgive small mistakes and think: This player could be a future teammate.
– For pilgrims and residents SIM applies: The pilgrimage is a tool to visit other SIMs. This is in our mutual interest. So the pilgrimage may indeed be dangerous, and a pilgrim may end up in a collar or kennel but the pilgrimage should NEVER be fatal. That would undermine the basic idea of the pilgrimage.

Landa Dance Competition

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Landa Dance Competition

[12:19] Dezire Sciarri: Our next dancer is Kira Swordthain, slave of Wulf Thorgaard. Her dance is “Rapture of Fire” to the song Invocation by Medwyn Goodall.

[12:20] Kira Swordthain ‘s muscles strain under the weight of the wood she carries to the hearth. Dipping low, auburn silk drapes over her shoulder as she lays each log in place. Amber eyes full of anticipation glance fervently to the door, a soft sigh slips over pink lips as her attentions return to the fire.

[12:20] Kira Swordthain emits a low growl, the fire’s embers wane as each log is placed. Slender fingers pull back thick curls of red silk, her body bends low, head tilts as she blows on the smoldering ashes. Gasps and sputters as the ashes cover her in their sooty blanket. Suddenly, her body stiffens, a slow movement of her head, auburn curls tumble over her a slender shoulder as she turns to look behind her. Trembling, she tucks limber legs tightly under her bottom, a hesitation in her voice “Greetings my Master”

[12:21] Kira Swordthain lowers her eyes, trembles as His voice fills the room “I have guests in the hall. You are to entertain them with your beauty. Prepare yourself and HARTA!” limb over limb she crawls to His boots cowering as she feels His look of disdain fall upon her. “Yes my Master” In careful preparation, small hands scrub fiercely at the soot, gently mint green silks float over each curve of her body accentuating the smallness of her waist, enhancing the swell of ample breasts that rise and fall with each deep breath.

[12:22] Kira Swordthain gracefully, she enters the hall. Soot and ash replaced with soft sensual smells of lavendar oils permeating the air. Soft brown eyes lock with His of emerald green, a curt nod of His head and she takes the floor. Obediently she anchors herself. Long lashes flutter over golden flecked eyes.

[12:22] Kira Swordthain draws a deep breath steadying herself. A slight shiver rocks her lithe frame; arms and legs float through the air in time with the music as she sashays about the floor

[12:23] Kira Swordthain ‘s willowy arms stretch over silken locks of auburn, ample breasts strain against the thin fabric as she moves about the floor; diaphanous silks flutter about her, revealing hints of well toned legs as she dances for Him.

[12:24] Kira Swordthain ‘s crimson nails enticingly trace the curves of her body; muscles in her abdomen tighten with each pass of her fingers. Long sinuous legs extend outwards, fawn eyes look up from beneath dark lashes as she watches Him; searching the strong lines of His face, yearning in vain for the smallest sign of approval.

[12:24] Kira Swordthain ‘s exquisite face betrays none of the sorrow in her heart as He continues His conversations; completely oblivious to the passionate offering of her dance. Silken fabric clings to each curve of her sylphlike body. Pearls of persipiration trickle cover the oil sheened skin as they begin to dance between the valley of supple breasts. She glides in His direction eyes lock with each Master in passing.

[12:25] Kira Swordthain gasps suddenly, eyes of chocolate flash wide as a greasy hand reaches and strips her free of silks; revealing an opulent body. A low laughter of amusement echoes through the hall as she flashes a brief angry glare in the direction of the slovenly Master; shivers slightly, slipping from his eager hands and bends forward, beguiling hips gyrate, thrust, as nipples harden in the cool breeze.

[12:26] Kira Swordthain gracefully lowers to the floor, shimmering skin, accentuated by straining muscles, stretches tightly. Svelte arms reach overhead in supplication as she writhes upon the floor; brown eyes beseeching a sign of approval from her Master. A low gutteral growl slips past pink lips, still He makes no indication of approval towards the girl as she continues sensually dancing across the cold tile. The elegance of her movements and the sensuality of her dance betray nothing of the growing ache in her heart as she looks longingly to him.

[12:27] Kira Swordthain ‘s undulating hips move gracefully like the waves of the ocean. Her breathing heavy, chest rising and falling with each drawn breath; perspiration trickling down the svelte frame.

[12:28] Kira Swordthain , collapsing in sheer exhaustion as the music ends, giving a final look towards her Master, a dejected sigh over quivering lips as she is dismissed without the sought after approval. “la Kajira!” * she whispers*

Landa Dance Competition

[13:37] Dezire Sciarri: The final dancer in our competition today is Nimue (Luca Cadell), owned by Liam Whiteson of the CIty of Landa. Nimue will be dancing a “Magic of the Tavern” to Musica Romantica by Art of Noise.

[13:38] Luca Cadell eyes closed she breaths heavily with fear and desire as she waits for the beat and the rhythm of the drum. Her small delicate hands infront, the darkness of her hair mixing with that of the darkness of night that envelops her.

[13:38] Luca Cadell she stills her breath a moment as her eyes feast upon the crowd ,slowly bringing her hands up over her head wrists touching, she points a toe towards them with a soften gaze,as the gentle beating of her heart begins to embrace her .

[13:39] Luca Cadell her body a fiery gleam ,glistening it shines against the firepits of the tavern .The scent of strong paga igniting her senses ,a soft smile spreads across her luscious ruby tinited lips. Her eyes dart around the room she glares at the Masters eyes defiant ,her body trembling ,throbbing to the melodious, sensual command of the music .

[13:40] Luca Cadell she slides her soft hands along her belly her fires deep within her flickering as a deep growing passion is ignited stirring her soul.
Fear it lights her face and she drops to her knees twisting and turning fire dancing in her eyes that are as deep and blue as the Thassa sea. Her need rising within as she awakens all her senses her body bewitched her heart racing .

[13:40] Luca Cadell her hands trace the body letting them linger on top of firm breasts, finding comfort in the warmth of velvety skin listening to the sounds of the tavern .**SNAP** her hands grasp her head , long legs slightly spread moveing turning till the slender of her back is displayed .

[13:41] Luca Cadell she drinks in the music the sounds of the drums ,her hair deep auburn dancing and falling around her like the leaves of the spring willow trees. Her senses aroused flowing she dances …….the fight of her inner desires driving her mad .

[13:41] Luca Cadell sweat beads on her creamy flesh ,mystic air surrounds the room her hands lifting from her hair caressing her long slender limbs. Fruitless her efforts to fight…….lush hips swing ,they grind aluring as the eyes that are fixed upon her ,small mounds of supple swelling breasts lifting and falling as she drinks deeply the air that she breaths.
[13:41] Luca Cadell gasping tender lips part ,nostrils flare,her heat mixing with the sand in the pit ,small hands dance upon her silken flesh ,as delicate fingers grazing across its warmth her body arches ,head tilted back flowing tendrils of auburn mixing with the sand .

[13:42] Luca Cadell eyes wild and pleading drums beating the rhythm pulsating her body thrashing distorting under the oillamps ,shone with a sheen of sweet sweat , gasping for each breath ,her delicate body was beautiful ,curvaceous , alluring ……..

[13:42] Luca Cadell movements turning more fluid and sensual as she twists herself to face the Masters . Dipping low ,creamy thighs spead apart, hips grind ,back arched suductivly. Trailing graceful hands up over the taut defind stomach drawing attention to the bodies curves.

[13:42] Luca Cadell excitment rises deep within her core, the body provocative used to tease and intice. Leaning forward flirtatious inviting glances through dark lashes dancing entertaining the Masters.

[13:43] Luca Cadell stretching shapely toned alabaster flesh ,cheeks flush red eyes burning like fire ,soft wet tongue escaping .Explict moans erupting from pouting lips. She falls exhausted to her knees ,the tavern flames licking and danceing , fingers of crimson and yellow spilling into the night .She is at the mercy of the Masters her lilith body lies damp against the sands heaving as she dreams of how she will again please her Master ………….’ La Kajira”

Landa Dance Competition

[12:43] Dezire Sciarri: Melody (Nocturnal Melody) is our next dancer. She is the owned by Ardeesha Algoma of the City of Landa and will be dancing “Tile” to the song Dulcissima by Corvus Corax.

[12:44] Nocturnal Melody: the soft horizon light shimmers over the girl lying in the middle of the pit like a lover’s caress over her body, her long legs extend with toes pointed towards the sky as the light plays over her small frame… she lies there to compose herself, feeling the hot sands on her frame, her breathing is slow and slumberous..her breast rising and falling in a sweet rhythm as her Tile dance begins….

[12:45] Nocturnal Melody ‘s sensuously rises to her feet, every movement an invitation to dark delights, her own dark eyes glittering under long lashes she looks around at the crowd gathered, as she thinks back to a time when she was left in the care of a cruel Master, rythmically she starts to lose herself in the pounding rythmn, her own tiny feet stamping out a response to the incessant drumming, she moves back and forth

[12:45] Nocturnal Melody: slowly she moves her slender arms, they sway joyously, as she runs effortlessly though the long grass to meet her Master, her slave belly aching for his touch. Soon she reaches him and sinks low to his boots, her face bright and full of adoration as she looks up at him expecting to feel the affectionate of his powerful fingers through her long raven tresses.

[12:46] Nocturnal Melody: Her face falls, a look of deep dismay over her young face, her dark eyes suddenly downcast as he barks at her in his powerful Master’s voice “Girl I must travel, I will be away for several months, you will kennel with the Slaver”

[12:46] Nocturnal Melody: Her Master, leashes her and yanks her to his side, She has to run to keep up with his powerful strides. In the distance she sees him, the hated Slaver, the huge belly rolling over a thick leather belt, the bloodshot eyes from too much paga. Her heart sinks.

[12:46] Nocturnal Melody: Her leash exchanged, she’s His for what feels like an eternity. A hot tear rolls down her face leaving a streak of sorrow as she watches her beloved Master depart. The fat grotesque monster drags her, down, down, endless dark, dank stairs, to chain her alone in the dark, nothing but urts for company.

[12:47] Nocturnal Melody: By day he works her hard, she cleans, she serves, but thankfully never once does he lay a hand upon her delicate skin. By night she’s chained alone in the dark, neglected, her heart calls out to her Master, her mind filled with images and memories of him, of his touch, of his musk, her slave heart aches for him, longs for him….

[12:47] Nocturnal Melody: Day after tedious day rolls by, night after night of helpless torment, glistening tears roll down her cheek to pool on the red tiles of the dank dungeon floor. Her ache for her Master’s touch builds to a burning, then to a firey furnace of longing. Her tiny fingers creep down to her heat to console herself to ease the torment of neglect, she moans her mind consumed with images of his powerful frame.

[12:47] Nocturnal Melody: Late now, the early hours, none but the bats awake, fluttering from dank wall to dank wall keeping her awake. A footstep in the distance, a clunk as a thick key turns in heavy lock, a door creaks wide, her pounding heart fit to escape her chest, has the slaver come to satisfy his lust of her at last?

[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: A great shadow fills the doorway and envelopes her in its inky blackness she cannot see but a huge but strangly familiar sillouhette surrounded on all sides by the gleaming lights of the corridor outside of her prison.

[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: Then a voice she had longed to hear, that gruff controlling voice that she ached for “Mine, heel to me” Her heart leaped for joy as she scrambles to his boots, but the chain about her neck pulling her short, an agony of closeness to him a yearning to touch denied!!

[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: The months of neglect tormenting her soul, she reaches out to him, but he stands amused, not letting her feel his powerful fingers on her soft flesh.
[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: She cannot bear it a second longer, her fingers creep to her slave heat. The fire immeasurable in strength…raging like a torrent through her blood…hands clasping as if drawn by an unseen force…snatching at soft luscious flesh.

[12:49] Nocturnal Melody: Tiny hot slave body surrenders to her needs falling to the grainy sands…long thighs spreading and opening in display as glorious jet manes curl around flushed face…head arched back exposing delicate neck in steel binds.

[12:50] Nocturnal Melody: hips bucks uncontrollably against her fingers as she rolls towards Him..toying with and displaying her glistening body…belly raging…slithering to slide closer…..fingers outstretched for His pity….as she murmurs “please my Master, have pity on me..such pitiful needy slave.” ((La Kajira!))

Landa Dance Competition

Weeding the corn field

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

[2011-06-13 02:36:22] Helen stands before the tall stands of corn, and her brow knits with concern as she casts an eye over the field. “The weeds, all those weeds, they will overrun the corn that we so badly need.” she exclaims.

[2011-06-13 02:42:42] Helen spits on her hands and rubs them together, just like she saw her father do when she was a little girl back on earth before he had a hard task to do. Helen picks up the spade and moves to the end of the first row. She balances on her tight foot, the left of the edge of the spade and shoves her weight down. The spade sinks into the soil, she lifts and turns it, with ease. “This isn’t going to be too bad after all.”
[2011-06-13 02:43:16] Helen: right foot, the left on the edge*

[2011-06-13 02:48:01] Helen builds up a rhythmic movement, as she makes her way down the corn row; shove, lift, turn, drop, step, shove, lift, turn, drop, step. On and on she worked, and it was not until she reached the end of the row and stood up straight to turn did she feel her back complain. “Ouch.” she uttered. And she arched her back, relieving the muscle strain, her shoulders back, her tummy forward, her hips back, and held the pose for a few seconds. Helen was not used to this hard manual labour.

[2011-06-13 02:53:02] Helen went up and down the rows, methodically working away, progressing from left to right across the corn field. Now, not only did her back hurt, but her hands, her poor soft hands stung as she gripped the handle of the spade. Blisters! Oh, how will these hands give pleasure again? Blistered, calloused hands are not what she needs. Nevertheless, she did not stray from the task. These weeds have to go, and she carried on with determination.

[2011-06-13 02:57:08] Helen completed the digging, tapped the dirt free from the face of the spade and returned it to lean against the fence where she found it. The field looked good, the rich soil turned, the roots of the corn not disturbed, but now free of the nutrient sapping weeds. All that was needed now was a scarecrow, but hen again, had she seen crows here on Landa, or Gor, for that matter? And with that thought, of scarecrows, she went back to the kennels, sore but satisfied.

by Helen, HoY slave

What is a slave to do?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

As a slave there is no more fundamental law then obeying a Free. Our answer is “Yes, Master”, or Mistress as the case may be, never is our answer “no” when a command is given to us. This gives rise to some conflicts and issues that I have come across. What does a slave do when a Free gives them a command that goes against an order from their Owner or another Free responsible for them?

It happens all the time, in small ways and large and to the Free it is not something they concern themselves with, but to a slave it is a situation fraught with peril. We know that we will be disappointing someone and one the other hand a punishment most likely awaits.

Just such a situation arose recently for me. A meeting was to take place in the city, and after delivering a basket of delicacies I was ordered away by a Master until after the meeting was concluded. A simple order to comply with, so I took myself off and left to attend to some chores. As I was leaving I paused at the entrance of the building to greet other kajirae, while we were greeting a different Master arrived. He gave each of us an assignment, and after giving me mine turned and made his way to the meeting.

What should a slave do in such a situation?

There are two ways, essentially, a slave can handle these times when they happen to you, because if it hasn’t happened to you, can be assured it will at some point:

You can insist that you have other orders and refuse.

You can go along with it.

Keep in mind that while the Free are not always right, they are never wrong, and so the first option may not be your best option. It is possible to beg out of something while causing the minimum offense. She can beg for permission to explain that she has orders to be away, in the instance describe above, with the knowledge that the Master may still tell her to attend to his order. It is always wise to speak with your Owners about how you should handle just such a situation when it arises.

For myself, I said, “Yes, Master.” and went about my assigned role. The Master and I had a talk about it, this article is the result of that discussion.

Bear in mind that there will be times when there simply is no right answer for you. All that we can do as a slave is beg forgiveness and take our punishment with dignity and grace and learn from it. Learning from it does not mean that we are mistreated. They are Free, we are slave and as such have no rights to fair treatment. So whether you are a slave in character or are one in character and out, a kajira always strives to better themselves for their Owner.

There is no right answer, other than to never say “no” to a Free. In my situation, I said “yes, Master.” and prepared my assignment. Nothing was served at this meeting, but the question was raised to me, how does a kajira handle conflicting orders. When it comes up for you, how do you?

by kadri


Friday, May 20th, 2011


[13:23] Helen Harbrough kneels down beside him her knees just touching his side, and smothered a generous amount of oil on her hands. “I’ll warm ny hands, my Master.”, she said softly, a touch nervous.

[13:25] Helen Harbrough drew in a deep breath and relaxed. She didn’t want him to pick up any tension in her touch. She layed her hands on his back and slowly massaged, his skin so smooth, albeit a bit scarred, under her touch.

[13:26] Helen Harbrough increased the pressure, her fingers kneading the firm muscles underneath, and she worked lower.

[13:31] Helen Harbrough raised her hand and undid the ties, and skipped the camisk off over her head, tugging it slightly as it passed over her shoulders, and her breasts bounced.. She placed it carefully to the side, “Yes, my Master.”

[13:32] Helen Harbrough dipped her hand into the pot for some more perfumed oil. The aromas wafting in the air about them. There was no friction as her oiled tiny hands glided over the skin, circling around and around.

[13:36] Helen Harbrough: smiles as he looked at her. She liked being under his gaze, it make her feel good. The palms of her hands made long strokes down the length of his back, and circled around his buttocks, and back again to the broard shoulders. She worked away, her whole body moving over her shoulders, the pressure of her touch increased.

[13:38] Helen Harbrough she went lower, her hands passing in unison over his buttocks to the top of his thighs, fingers spread and massaging, slowly, deeply.

Starring: Helen, HoY slave

Feather prepares a meal for her Master and the Free of Landa

Monday, May 2nd, 2011


Feather gets busy and prepares a meal for her Master and the Free of Landa, bosk stew and corn muffins with a dessert of larma dumplings.

Tears the bosk meat into bite size chunks since she is not allowed a knife to cut it up. Asks the kitchen Master to please cut up some suls and turnips in bite size pieces…promising him exquisite pleasures later in the evening before he heads to bed. She then breaks some carrots up and peels an onion, tearing it into strips. She browns the chunks of meat in bosk butter and onions, then adds water and lightly salts the mixture before adding in the vegetables. Sets the large kettle on the hearth to cook for a few ahn while she prepares the rest.

Mixes the corn meal with a bit of flour, two vulo eggs, and some soured bosk milk. Dollops it out into a pan and places them into the oven to bake while she prepares the larma dumplings.

Feather mixes a few cups of flour with some bosk lard…kneading and punching it until it is completely mixed together. Rolls it into a large ball…then takes a large empty goblet and rolls out the dough into a large flat 1/4 inch piece. gathers up the larma bites that she also had the kitchen Master to cut up…pinching off a piece of the dough and wrapping up a piece of the larma inside. she does this until all the dough is used up then puts on a large kettle of water…sweetened with sugar and a bit of kalana…then drops the rest of the larma into the water and cooks it on the hearth until all the larma has disolved into mush. watches the steam roll out of the kettle, she then drops the larma doughballs into the hot mixture and allows them to cook for a few ehn before taking the kettle off the hearth and setting it aside so the mixture will thicken as it cools.

Sprinkles a little flour into the stew to thicken the gravy…smiling as she smells the savory combination of bosk meat and veggies. Pushes the kettle over to a lower part of the hearth fire just so it will stay warm, then takes out the perfectly browned muffins from the oven…placing them into a basket.

Feather then asks one of the kitchen slaves that can write Gorean to pen a note to her Master of the duties she has done and hopes the food is pleasing to Him and the Free of Landa.

Feather (Rilua Nightfire)


Thursday, April 28th, 2011

public bath

[02:48] Eykis Benoir while he began to remove his clothing, slipped to fetch the flask of almond oil, the base to which she would add just a little lavendar and a little more turwood for a more masculine scent. She placed the flask down carefully and took the tunic from his hands… “Yes Master…” she folded it anyways to a careful pile and once again lifted the flask and moved to his side…

[02:51] Eykis Benoir slipped the shoulder of her camisk top off pulling it up over her head, her pert curved breasts set free. Folding that she set it aside, her thumbs hooking into the chalwar pants, sliding them down over her hips, folded too and rest beneath the table. The flask placed by his chest, se pressed her palms to the table and hopped up, her thighs splayed carefully across his own… She reaches for the flask once more, filling her palm with the sweet scent and began to warm the oil in her hands before she set them firmly to his lower back….

[02:54] Eykis Benoir spread the oil slowly and firmly, her palms either side of his spine, forcing the movement of blood towards his heart, then lifting herself she scooted forward to reach for the tense knotted muscles of his shoulders. Her hands were smile but remarkably strong, wringing the length of his shoulder slowly, working the muscle slowly beneath her palms….

[02:56] Eykis Benoir’s hand never once left contact with his skin, her movements slow, measured and fluid. Nothing rushed. Nothing unitentional. She spread she fingers across to his left shoulder, working the muscle with the same wringing motion to loosen it and allow the blood to flow freely…

[03:00] Eykis Benoir rested her forearm a moment, reaching agin for the flask and warming oil for longer this time in the heat of her hands… she began to work back down his spine, her hips curling to counter the movement of her hands… “I beg Master, that you let me know if the pressure is enough or too hard… “Her voice rather than the usual clear chime took on a soft husk, spiling gently over her lips…

[03:17] Eykis Benoir continued to spread the oil now across his lower back, the heel of her palm kneading the tight muscles supporting his lower back, bringing them down over his buttocks then back round to either side of his spine. Again not once did her hands leave his flesh, her small frame manuevered without disturbance to where it was needed….

[03:23] Eykis Benoir once more splayed her thighs, her hands shifting to the chiseled muscle of his left thigh, working the blood again up towards his heart. Her ahnds ran the full length from knee right to his hip, not cheating him out of the length of her strokes…

[03:25] Eykis Benoir trailed her hands firmly above his groin to move to his right leg, the length of stroke slow and fluid. She was thoroughly engrossed in the manipulation of his flesh, the movements as relaxing for herself as they were often found to be by those she was attentive to…

[03:31] Eykis Benoir alternated firm wringing strokes across the muscle, each one slipping higher up his thigh til the back of her hand were grazzing the soft skin at the join of his legs… she leaned forward, her breasts brushing against his upper thighs as she placed another tender kiss to the soft dip at each of his hips…

[03:38] Eykis Benoir crawled further up his body, this time resting her weight on his thighs. Gently, with long flowing strokes she began to massage the taut muscles of his belly. All the movements clockwise to aid digestion. She paused, her forearm on his belly to tip more oil into her hands, which she warmed carefully before reaching up to spread it across his chest…

[03:42] Eykis Benoir’s eyes were fixed to her hands as they moved languidly across his flesh…. “Master… what would please you?” she questioned lightly….

[03:48] Eykis Benoir’s lips curled to a smile. Perhaps he had relaxed so deeply her words no longer penetrated his consciousness. Rather than pester him, she continued to run her hands over his flesh. Now more explorative than massaging, feeling each bump and dip of his muscles, the texture of his skin….

[03:48] Yuroki Uriza: everything you did was pleasing me and you are skilled, i expected that, he murmurs, just continue your serve

[03:51] Eykis Benoir responded with her own soft murmur, the utter pleasure of simple contact of flesh filling her slave belly contentedly… “Thank you Master…”

[03:54] Yuroki Uriza: but we need to finish that soon as i am already in the mood to make you a red silk, but i want you to stay a tower slave for a while…..

[03:56] Eykis Benoir’s eyes lowered, the innocence of her touch fading as he awaoke her to the position of their bodies and closeness of their flesh… “Yes Master…” she whisper, a heated but unseen flush to her cheeks… “Perhaps it would serve your purposes to auction me Master… or as some prize for the Warriors…”

[03:57] Yuroki Uriza: …if i would find a warrior who would be good enough for you, chuckles

[03:58] Eykis Benoir tensed just a little at his chuckle, the praise she struggled with… “I am yours to use or see used as it pleases you Master… it was just perhaps a suggestion if it would help raise more interest in the

Kanwal cleans the bakery and does a great sacrifice

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

kanwal cleaning the bakery

[12:52] Yuroki Uriza: kanwal come here
[12:53] Desire Linette: yes Master
[12:53] Yuroki Uriza: i have not seen the lady baker for more than one week, this is her bakery, she had problmes with urts, i want you to clean the bakery right now
[12:53] Desire Linette: yes Master as you wish
[12:56] Desire Linette looks at the bakery, this command is of course better than to clean the prisons! the bakery smells so sweet..
[12:56] Desire Linette stands on her legs, hard works is starting, she will do her best
[12:57] Desire Linette looks around, finds a broom, first thing to do, broom the room
[12:57] Desire Linette starts by the corner near the fire, usually so dirty for the smog, then better to start here
[13:00] Desire Linette collect soon a lot of dirty here, coal, ash, *mhh so much, then looks at the fire.. a nice idea in her, through the firty on the fire, it will burn soon the coal and dirty
[13:01] Desire Linette continues to broom around, , unter the counters, near thesacks
[13:01] Desire Linette stops looking admired the pasties!
[13:02] Desire Linette: mhhh the Mistress is so expert to cook! so smelling sweet the sweet cakes!
[13:02] Desire Linette: the Master has told, that the Mistress is far from some days! may be the cakes are no more good!
[13:03] Desire Linette looks around, thinking….
[13:03] Desire Linette: mhh so sweet seem the cakes
[13:04] Desire Linette: if they are acid, *me giggles whit a strange idea in her mind.. if they.. are not fresh.. the free can become ills!
[13:05] Desire Linette smilels malizious, why so not do a.. brave action
[13:06] Desire Linette: Kanwal search to convince herself, that what she will do is for the healt of the free!
[13:06] Desire Linette: she will eat a piece of each cake! a little portion! Kanwal licks her lips
[13:07] Desire Linette: if she will stay well, the cakes are good
[13:07] Desire Linette: Kanwal giggle, finishes to broom the room, leave the broom, goes to wash carefully her hands
[13:08] Desire Linette looks well each cake, mhh so inviting, yes! she will do this sacrifice
[13:09] Desire Linette: Kanwal searches for a cake knife, gently starts to cut the first cake, a very little piece!
[13:10] Desire Linette: Kanwal closes her eyes, enjoying the sweetness of the piece cutted. Yummmm this is good! I am happy for the free! Then moves to the second cake, a fruit cake, ramberries! *Kanwal licks her lips.
[13:12] Desire Linette: Better to clean the knife, before to cut this other cake, Kanwal washes the knife, cut a little piece of ramberry cake, eat it. It is good! I am happy really, the free will enjoy with it!
[13:13] Desire Linette: The second cake, Kanwal finishes to lick her lips, then cut the little piece from the third cake, so soft! The smell of the cake is so sweet even if the cake has been cooked days ago!
[13:14] Desire Linette: Kanwal eats, feels the sweet taste, surely the cake is good, ohh yes, so good!
[13:14] Desire Linette: Now, the more dangerous cake! Kanwal arrives near a very high, white, a mountain of cream on this cake!
[13:15] Desire Linette adores with her eyes this last one, yes, she will do the last sacrifice!
[13:16] Desire Linette: Kanwal says to herself.. this.. of course is the more dangerous.. the cream soon may become acid! Perhaps I will need to taste two litlle pieces!
[13:18] Desire Linette: Kanwal giggles, moans near the cake as a good slave moans when is in love with the Master! Is it a special serve that she is doing? Of course, she is risking her life! Kanwal explain to mherself the right to do! the sacrifice will be done! Soon cut a generous piece of the beautiful cake, closes her eyes, eat it, slowly, trembling for theexcitation, so sweet! so soft!
[13:20] Desire Linette: Kanwal searches for a paper, then writes on it: Masters, Mistresses, these cakes are good! please enjoy with them, I tested each one and am well and happy!

Urt infestation in tavern while mending clothing

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

[15:49] Zara Janic turning her body carefully into the tavern ..the flat of her feet padding across the ground gracefully as she walks into the kitchen.. the sway of her hips leasurly, and smooth. looking around the shelves her sea green eyes searching restlessly, her fingernails drumming along the counterpayne. eyes sparkle like showers of due upon grass as she notices the box of linons, rags, square cloths and much needed string hiding on the very bottom of the kitchen…picking up the tiny carved box in her soft hands. she walks back over to the fireplace. back to the lone articles of clothing

[15:50] Zara Janic: setting the box on the floor, she leans close to the firelight, her heat instantly warming next to the closeness of it. she lays down flat on the cushion her legs dangling up. as she adjusts her position her ass gives a jiggle. her lushious thighs parting in an unspoken invitation, she props herself up on her elbows and clasps the cotten shirt to her breast, inspecting the gash throughly. about five inches in legnth and thin. she instantly imagines the battle that must of taken place. ja Vana’she quick, fierce and unwavering as a larl…looking down at the shirt she notices no blood just bits of dirt and grime. instantly beaming, glad that the Jarl must of come inches to getting cut badly. laying the shirt out before her she grabs the box of needle and thread looping it through expertly, her fingers trail along the fabric in a unspoken caress, the sent of the shirt instantly wafting to her, a heady scent, of the wheat fields, soap, and the exotic spicy male scent of ja Vana’she….

[15:51] Zara Janic a rush of heat wafting over her body and pooling low in her abdomin…she begins s by looping the beginning of the gash with the needle, drawing the thread through carefully, her tiny fingers deftly guiding the thread through the shirt’s gash. choosing to do a cross stitch that her mother had once tought her, telling her long ago that a cross stich insured that once repaired would never have to be repared again. making an X across the line of the Gash she stitches up soundlessly. giving the thread a sure tug as she ties tiny knots as she works through the stitch. as she reaches the end of the gash she ties four knots close to the gash’s stitched.

[15:57] Zara Janic holding the thread out toughtly, she reaches her head gracefully forward and bites the thread. but just in that moment. a sized urt rushes out of the corner of her eyes. with a loud ‘BAM’ the wooden sewing box drops to the floor. she screams atop her lungs looking wildly around the room….seeing another urt she gasps and shakes her head swiftly…filthy nasty creatures. she watched them scurry about the floor looking for dropped food…keeping never losing her gaze from the urt she quickly bites the thread. cutting it through with her teeth. putting the needle and box of cloth back at the kitchen. she returns to the garmet and inspecting her work. streatching the shirt from right to left making sure there was no popping of thread and that from anyway it moves tis molded to the shirt. hefting the basket she quickly dances past the tables and scurries away…marking the tavern off as places not to come until the urt infestation was under control