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Goreans Portal Radio broadcasting!

Thursday, November 16th, 2017

gorean portal radio

Goreans Portal Radio broadcasting from the main plaza of Ianda!

Free Companionship Announcement

Monday, October 30th, 2017

free companionship


Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza), head of the merchant caste of Ianda, owner of the HoY Bank and Trading Company and
Lady Sabina (Tremlays Resident), Merchant Magistrate and Perfumer of Ianda

are pleased to announce

Their Free Companionship Ceremony

Third day of the fourth hand of the eight month of the year 10168 Contasta Ar
(Earth date: Friday, 3th of November 2017, 2pm SLT)

Courtroom of Administration Building

All are cordially invited.

Ianda on the isle of Landa

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Saturday, November 1st, 2014

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The Ianda Times is to become the NEW VOICE OF GOR.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

“There is a crowd ahead,” I said, “at the public boards.”
“They seem angry,” he said.
(Magicians of Gor)

The Ianda Times is to become the NEW VOICE OF GOR.

The reasons for this are the former VOICE OF GOR Is one of the oldest publications of second life Gor. Many Goreans have come to know it and its editor Verona Lorgsval.

Verona does not longer publish the Voice of Gor which was based in the city of Olni. Her mission statement for the paper was:

The Voice of Gor is a cross sim Gorean wide newspaper. It is designed to promote and increase Cross Sim Roleplay and communication. The Voice of Gor strives to ensure that all parties are contacted ahead of time; however, occasionally a city will object to what was written. Any city is free to write a rebuttal or send in their own news.

That same note will be used and the same conditions apply . This is especially important at the present time. By the book sims are closing and opening every day the voice of Gor will be just that a voice where people can contribute articles, and ideas how Gor can be improved for the people who play a role within the cities.

The NEW VOICE OF GOR is looking for correspondents all over Gor.

In a world of words, the quill is more powerful than the sword.

Rarius Yuroki
former Head Builder and Admin of Landa
Editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR
now merchant somewhere in the Voltai mountains

New Administration in Landa

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

The former administrator and ubar in times of war, sends kind regards and great thanks to all citizens who supported him during his long reign. However all good things come to an end and now he needs to concentrate on different things at the moment.

I want to say a big thank you to all the warriors who helped defeat the allied armies of our enemies during the times of war. Our caste achieved great things, although no one expected that. It is these deeds which bought honor to our homestone.

We have good people in town, and only a few things will change. I trust Sherman as new administrator fully, because he was administrator before I came to landa (April 2001 barbarian calendar).

I know if we all get behind him he will lead us to a powerful Landa.

Rarius Yuroki,
Head builder and head of the yellow caste of Landa,
editor of the Ianda Times,
former Admin and Ubar of Landa

As we announced already, Landa is going through some changes.

Yuroki has stepped down and is the Head Builder. Since he is a wonderful builder, we are pleased to have him in that role. He will also continue the Landa Times and the HoY bank.

Sherman has accepted his position as Admin once again and will be working hard to move Landa into a positive direction.

We will need your help as well. I hope our citizens who have not been here in quiet some time, may want to look in again.

Lady Dez

The Honorable Admin of Landa, Sir Yuroki, has stepped down and wishes to work as Head Builder of Landa. I have once again taken on the position of Admin on a temporary basis, until Council choses to vote it permanently.

Sherman Easterwood

I feel a few words of thanks are necessary.
I would like to thank Yuroki for his loyalty to Landa, for his time and for all the hard work he has put into the city.
He build most of the buildings. He build the tunnels, he also landscaped both sims. He created the news paper and the bank. All this, while recruiting and running a city. One will be hard pressed to find a man so devoted to the task before him.
Thank you Yuroki. We appreciated your hard work and we are happy you will remain with us.

Lady Dez

Landa Schedule

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2012

Meeting HoY slaves only, HoY Kennel (02/20/2012, 12 pm SLT)
Topics: slave attire part 1, silk colors, the hair of a slave on Gor

Red Caste training in the Arena (02/22/2012, 2 pm SLT)
Grappling, binding and aiding

FC Ceremony Sir Pyro and Lady Jade (02/22/2012, 3:30 pm SLT)
All of Landa is invited

Merchants Meeting (02/23/2012, 5 pm SLT, Black Giani Inn)
Topic: electing of an head merchant

OPEN HOUSE AND GATES IN LANDA (no raids between 10 am and 5 pm SLT)
Visitors are very welcome!

Ceremony of the appointment of lady Dahyiah as full physician (02/24/2012, 1 pm SLT)

Meeting Roleplay Lesson Landa 3, teaching room of the slaverhouse (upstairs) (02/24/2012, 2 pm SLT)
Schbler Pfeffer will give a class about the Gorean calendar

Mock raid (02/25/2012, 3 pm SLT)

Homestone swearing ceremony for new citiens (02/26/2012, 2 pm SLT, hall of the admin building)

Meeting HoY slaves only, HoY Kennel (02/27/2012, 12 pm SLT)
Topics: slave attire part 2

New Laws of Landa

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

– Your avatar must be older than one month to roleplay on this sim (for exceptions ask the admin).
– The docks in Landa are five (5) minutes safe zone from now. Landa II is a residential sim but combat, you must enter (and leave from) Landa II from the main sim (Landa).

– Female fighters: No
– Panthers: No
– Gorean animals: By preapproval only
– Traps: No

– Raid ratio is not more than 2:1 in advantage for the raiders. Only members of the red caste counted as city defenders.

– Valid reason for the raid must be given during the raid or during the binding period. You must roleplay your approach/reasons, scouting, etc. before you can attack us. At least one post must be made either shouted or in hearing range of the city before you attack.

– You need to emote to draw your weapons.

– Raiders or non-citizens of Landa can not attack a slave if there are no Warriors present, unless the slave attacks them, is threatening or disrespectful to them.

– Raiders or non-citizens of Landa can not attack a free woman if there are no Warriors present, unless the free woman physically attacks them.

– Do not fight or run while pulling a captive on a leash (women can only drag one captive, men two)

– Binding: You must roleplay in detail searching and removing weapons, then three full lines of binding the hands, ankles, and fashioning a leash. If you do not plan to take the captive then two full line of at least ten words will suffice.

– Commonly expected three line rule is in effect for your RP of binding, aiding, grappling etc. 10 word minimum posts emoted. Slaves may bind and aid with the same required rule if trained to do so.

– Self unbinding: Five descriptive of at least ten words, spaced out in15 minutes of roleplay. You must have proof of your roleplay with time stamps to prove the 15 minutes was taken. So be sure to NC it, you will be asked for it.

– Magic birds and gorean cell phones: do not exist.

– Rope Arrows: Three descriptive lines at least ten words, deploying a rope arrow you must actually climb up. No teleporting rope arrows. No just saying you are using a rope arrow and then jumping over the wall.

– Doors: Landa and Landa II have secret tunnels. The entrances, to these tunnels, are iron and stone doors. They can be identified by their texture. The iron doors are breakable by RP. The RP must be 3 lines 10 words each over 15 minutes. The stone doors are unbreakable and can only be entered and exited by Landa citizens. The locks have a combination lock and no keys. They cannot be considered opened by a captive unless the captive roleplays putting in the combination.

– Fire arrows: no.

– Grapples: Three descriptive lines at least ten words, deploying a grapple you must actually climb up. No teleporting grapples. No just saying you are using a grapple and then jumping over the wall.

– Walls: Jumping off from the walls into or out of the city is an automatic capture except for landing in water.

– One hour minimum before a rescue after initial combat ends.

– Death: Must have a valid reason and plenty of documentation to prove it. Minimum 30 minutes of roleplay and three separate descriptive lines of ten words at least must be used in roleplay prior to the killing itself.

-Length of death: 24 hours if killed, 7 days if suicide

– No one is allowed to use OOC mode in this sim except the owners, moderators and the builders

Magistrate decision on Naia

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

In the interest of the citizens of Landa I order the existing collar removed, from the girl known as lilou Brentle. Lady Mazzy, you are to place your collar on her and assume ownership of the girl, if she is not claimed by her owner in 1 hand. Commander you are to use all means necessary to notify your MOA, who is the owner of the girl, of this decision. If he wishes to remain owner he must return and take ownership. Of course Lady Mazzy and the owner may negoiate as sale as well. If the slave is not claimed by her owner in I hand, then Lady Mazzy will become the rightful owner of this slave”

Signed and Sealed 5th day, the 5th hand of the month of Camerious, in the year of 10172

Sherman Easterwood
Magistrate of Landa


Saturday, April 9th, 2011


Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza)

WHITE CASTE: Vito Castaignede (Head Initiate)


Dezire Sciarri (Head sribe)
Domnic Draconia (Praetor)
Magistrate: Sherman Easterwood

Hecate Simon (Head Physician)

Dokis Beck (commander)
Alexander Krutschek (MAO)

Ambassador: NN
head slaver: (candidate: Damius Resident)

Announement of the green caste of Landa

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Welcome to the green caste of Landa, we are a growing City and soon to start accepting apprentices and teach classes here, i have a few rules i need read and i need you to sign and seal this form and send it back to me for your files. My thanks to you in advance for your attention to this matter. Remember we are a btb sim or as close as we can get, lets keep the use of medicines and herbs etc to those that we know are in the books and that we have quotes to back us up on, makes life easier for everyone.

Rules for Landa Infirmary, any new rules will be added as a revision and new forms sent out for signature and seal.

1. All treatments and exams must include the rolplay at the bottom of the exam, you can notecard it and attach it or just paste it to the bottom of the paperwork, this way if someone questions what happened i can read for myself and be able to defend actions of those players who may not be available when the concern is mentioned. I will fight for my caste members but this will help me in that fight and is expecially good for students to get used to doing it because it will be required in their paperwork for graduation from my teaching as well.

2. Please send me a copy of anything you do so if i get questioned i have it on me and can immediately address any issues no matter where i am when they arrise.

3. There is a file cabinet in my office to put copies of your paperwork as well iwill show each member how to use this, that way if someone is coming back for suture removal we know where it was done, how many we are taking out etc.

4. This office charges for all services except when the city is attacked, those services are donated and so are the supplies. a price list is available beside the scale on the wall and i can give you a written copy to carry in your folder (inventory) as well if you would like. if the person requests a bill as to the charges just write out a notecard with any salves poweders etc that were used, (this is also where including rp helps itemize the bills) and hand them a copy of the bill. the money goes to the physician that does the work. the city is working on a tax system as well so keeping good records will aid in this area.

5. If you need assistance of any type i have an open door policy, ims are OOC so if you do not agree with something im me, and i will give the same respect back that way the other rpr’s will not know there is a situaton at hand and it reduces drama.

6. I would like to hold meetings occasionally expecially as we get students to ensure we are all on the same page, find out if any issues that I need to address or help with, I am learning too, I learn every day, as i know all other physicians do. dont be afraid to ask questions, i welcome them!!

thanks for going over the rules. please sign, seal and send back to me for your files

Lady Hecate
Chief Physician