[13:23] Helen Harbrough kneels down beside him her knees just touching his side, and smothered a generous amount of oil on her hands. “I’ll warm ny hands, my Master.”, she said softly, a touch nervous.

[13:25] Helen Harbrough drew in a deep breath and relaxed. She didn’t want him to pick up any tension in her touch. She layed her hands on his back and slowly massaged, his skin so smooth, albeit a bit scarred, under her touch.

[13:26] Helen Harbrough increased the pressure, her fingers kneading the firm muscles underneath, and she worked lower.

[13:31] Helen Harbrough raised her hand and undid the ties, and skipped the camisk off over her head, tugging it slightly as it passed over her shoulders, and her breasts bounced.. She placed it carefully to the side, “Yes, my Master.”

[13:32] Helen Harbrough dipped her hand into the pot for some more perfumed oil. The aromas wafting in the air about them. There was no friction as her oiled tiny hands glided over the skin, circling around and around.

[13:36] Helen Harbrough: smiles as he looked at her. She liked being under his gaze, it make her feel good. The palms of her hands made long strokes down the length of his back, and circled around his buttocks, and back again to the broard shoulders. She worked away, her whole body moving over her shoulders, the pressure of her touch increased.

[13:38] Helen Harbrough she went lower, her hands passing in unison over his buttocks to the top of his thighs, fingers spread and massaging, slowly, deeply.

Starring: Helen, HoY slave

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