Tropical Storm Will Hit the Shores of Landa


Coast Guard units in Landa are readying crews and equipment and warning offshore mariners in anticipation of a tropical Storm, which is expected pass off the region’s shore, generating strong seas around 60 hands of height.

This evening, the Landa authorities says that this storm well pass well east of Port Shilo tomorrow. Combined with a persistent south to southwest wind, the storm will cause significant swells along the Landa south coast through this week.

Fishermen heading south or southeast of the region should be prepared for gusty winds and high seas tonight and early tomorrow morning.

Although the storm is expected to have the greatest impact offshore, the Admin Of Landa is urging boat owners to secure their boats both before and after the storm and report as soon as possible to the nearest docks if they discover that their boats have broken loose.

“When we get a report of an empty boat drifting, we don’t know if someone is in distress or if a boat just broke free from the dock,” said Rarius Yuroki to the Ianda Times.

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