Head Scribe of Landa Gets Terrible Legal Representation

Don’t Let This Happen To You!

When you call out to Gor for an Advocate, do you expect a Magistrate escorted by an Ubar?

Probably not. You would think they had better things to do, unless they had a hidden agenda.

When they arrive, would they stand on the ship for ever more until a stranger arrived and then demanded entrance at that instance, because after all he is the Ubar? It did not seem to matter to the Ubar, even after being told the stranger could be a danger to the city.

No, the Ubar, if he came in peace, would wait until the danger has subsided and not insult the person behind the gate who is already having enough to do to keep the stranger at bay. Instead he insulted not only the person, but the City as well.

Once the Advocate had been led to the Office of the Defendant, and talks began on the case, would the Ubar then chime in and insult the Defendant? No of course not, because he knows he would probably be escorted to the gate. Now tell me, if the Advocate along with the Ubar then insulted the Defendant AND the City they are visiting, would you be shocked, outraged and call a guard to have them arrested? You bet that would happen. You might even go so far as have that Advocate stripped of the license to practice law (if that is possible in sl gor). You would have the Ubar apologize for his insults to the Defendant and to the City. Would you not? Or worse, I shudder to think it.

The actions of an Advocate and Ubar described above did happen. Even though it was evident that the Ubar only came to insult the City and he obviously had his own agenda to begin with. He was told in a friendly manner to leave and was wished well.

The Advocate who so eagerly offered her services, not only insulted the Defendant, she did not even bother to hear about all the events that happened. Instead she insulted her own potential client. Then was surprised that she was not selected to represent the client but also told to leave and was wish well.

A good Advocate would never insult the Defendant, regardless what he/she thought. The Advocate investigates; he questions witnesses and does all in his power to provide the Defendant with the best defense possible. The Advocate’s job is not to make a judgment, if his client is guilty or not but to represent the client the best he knows how. The right to judge falls to the Magistrate (with jurisdiction in that case) after it comes to trial, should it go that far.

Now let me ask you, how do you define theft? The legal definition is “A criminal act in which property belonging to another is taken without that person’s consent.” Is taking a dress, a spoon, a drinking vessel considered theft? Are those items to small to worry about being stolen? Perhaps it is only theft when an expensive piece of property has been stolen, like a slave or a bosk. What if the Thief admits it? Should the person (who property was taken) dismiss the thief just because the item was “small”? No, I don’t think so, especially since the accused thief had lied about it before hand and consequently got some one wrongly incarcerated because of it. So, the case had merit and the RP was interesting for the ones involved until that pompous Ubar and the so called Advocate arrived and ruined everything with their insults to the Dependant and to the City. What makes it worse is that the Defendant was erroneously thinking that the Advocate was a friend.

The Ubar was out of line; he was only the Escort, not the Advocate and was never asked about his opinion. Sticking his nose into the RP was uncalled for.

I have seen a FW beaten about a broken cup at the Inn. I have seen a FW collared for not wearing shoes by mistake and I have now seen an Advocate insult the Defendant instead of defending.

In my humble opinion, there are too many self proclaimed Blue Caste in Sl Gor with out the proper knowledge and training. People love big titles but refuse to do the work for it. Magistrates and Advocates pretending to know the law are what give the positions a bad reputation with many people in SL Gor. It makes it twice as hard for those Magistrates and Advocates that take the time to get the proper knowledge and training because not only do they have to do their jobs but also have to defend the law against those that practice it with limited or no knowledge.

I have one suggestion. If you ever find yourself in a serious situation, ask for credentials. Yes, even in Sl Gor you can ask where they have gotten their training from and do they have a certificate to show. If not, stay away from them because they will, more than likely, give you incorrect or bad advice. That incorrect or bad advice could make you end up in a collar or dead.

Also, if your Advocate is more in IMs or RL than in the RP, it is time to find another one.

Your RP deserves better!

~Lady Dez

[OOC comment: [14:25] GM 4.1 shouts: Anjel Masala (Ubar of Genesia Port) has been killed by TheePhenom Resident ]

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