Oasis of the Three Moons

March 26, 2019

Oasis of the Three Moons


The Oasis was hidden by the high rocks which surrounded it and beyond that the dunes, there was only one way in and one way out so often it was overlooked but of course it was well known to the nomadic peoples of the Great Tahari and to the travelling merchant caravans.

The Oasis was a small one, but truly beautiful. Verdant fladah trees and tall date palms, the kanda shrub grew generously and the Tor light bush would shine bright yellow or a dazzling white shimmering in the sun, all of which encircled the water, The water was so deep, it would bubble up from under the ground in fact you could swim and without any danger from salt sharks for there were none, the water being sweet and crystal clear. Veminium flowers nodded all about, their purple petals opening to the morning sun, the sweet smell of them wafting on a sudden, unexpected breeze before the blazing sun reached its highest point and they enfolded once more.

The villagers in their simple mud built houses were contented dwellers for as a rule the Great Tahari could be very harsh. And here they grew a multitude of products such as sa-tarna, beans, berries, onions, melons, turnips, carrots, radishes, larma, tospits, katch, kort, apricots, melons, suls, and pomegranates. Due to the very warm climate, and the water they generally had two growing seasons so they had little need to import food. Kaiila and verr herds were kept in the oasis though not numerous, but enough for their needs. The nomadic peoples of the Tahari were the primary herders of kaiila and they ate little meat as they considered their animals too precious because of their hair, milk and trade value and they would encamp in their colorful tents all about the Oasis bringing much excitement to the village as they heard the bells of their animals, women and slaves approaching!

And it was here in this pleasant Oasis a little slave lived with her Master, she would keep his house whilst he was away and tend their small herd of verr whilsy he travelled with the caravans buying and trading the precious Tahari salt, sometimes he took her with him and she had seen for herself the splendors of the City of Light, Tor. But on this occasion he did not and she was perturbed and puzzled as all were within their oasis for they noticed the level of the water was ever decreasing, the bubbling up had ceased and the villagers were alarmed for this had never happened in anyones memory. As the water level dropped so the verdant growth all around slowly shrivelled in the hot, unforgiving sun and then followed the crops, the villagers fighting amongst themselves over the water. The slave girl rung her hands as she hid in her masters house, he had been gone so long and she would leave an oil lamp, a lamp of love, burning every night in the window opening where she slept. She watched the narrow path where the nomads now left as quickly as they came, time dragged on and still no sign of him. The villagers dug in the water hole as she did too but still no sign of the precious water. Over time the villagers left with the nomadic peoples and there she was, alone, she would never leave, she was His and always would be, but then nothing is certain in the life of a slave.

She managed to survive by saving the water from the night dew which she would collect after the cold nights on the few remaining broad leaves of the fladah trees and suck on pomegranates, living on what little supplies they had left. And it was was then, when she had almost given up and in such despair a Salt Trader travelling atop a huge tharlarion appeared on the narrow road in, she thought for an ehn that it was a mirage and she had finally succumbed and was on her way to the City of Dust for the beast was heavily laden with goods and precious water! Waving her arms and running to greet them she fell to her knees before the master as he offered a bota . She grabbed at it and quenched her thirst , the man watched and waited and then told her such news she did not wish to hear. Her owner and master was dead, bitten by an ost , and before he died he had told him where she was, on the Salt Traders route back, and so he took her, rescued the pathetic, sobbing slave, swung her up and lay her on the tharlarions broad back, for the slave was weak and exhausted, after covering her with a tent like shade he mounted too and they went on their way… and she to a new future…


City of Kasba


Nykotos - City of the Moonss

City of Kasba. In order to travel to Kasba, you would have arrived by one of numerous trade caravans, or via the river.

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Nykotos – City of the Moons


Nykotos - City of the Moonss

Bargaining at Nykotos – City of the Moons. Nykotos is now a member of the Southern Trade Alliance.


Zerzura – City of Dionysos



Zerzura – City of Dionysos – nestled in the desert at the southern edge of chartered territories of the Gorean Tahari

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Ianda, backstage

February 26, 2019


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Oasis of Three Moons, revisited

February 17, 2019

oasis of the three moons

Oasis of the Three Moons, Tahari. The Oasis is now member of the Southern Trade Alliance (STA).



February 11, 2019

STA meetingSTA meetingSTA meeting

Relations between the Oasis of Sand Sleen and the other members of the Southern Trade Alliance (STA) are under stress, as a number of southern merchants and commentators on Gor have confirmed to the VOICE OF GOR.

One indication was Sand Sleen’s Pasha Angel Firethorn’s statement to the assembly of STA members the fifth day of the fifth hand of the eleventy month in Esalinus: “I will not vote till we have a quorum”! And he added snorting: “Klima has been disputed since the start. Ibn Saran Salt Ubar lives in my oasis! A director of a prision is not a salt ubar!”

The background was: The STA had shrinked and only five members were left. A delegation from the associated member Tharna was hamperded by the bad and muddy roads and did not succeed to join the meeting. A delegation from Tabuk’s Ford had been announced, but did not reach the meeting for unexplained reasons. So only Klima, Sand Sleen and Ianda had the right to vote new members in.

By simple majority in the vote the City of Esalinus, the City of Nykotos and the Oasis of the Three Moons became new and full members of the Southern Trade Alliance.

The delegation from Genesian Port announced to stay in observer status at the moment although “there is no objection within our caste or from the administrator”.

The situation was not improved, but more complicated when the delegation from Klima announced: “It’s obvious Klima is the only place where red salt is produced since Kasra has falled. So Klima with agreement of Pasha will double the price of red salt.”

Political commentator and editor Rarius Yuroki agreed that relations between Sand Sleen and the Oasis of Klima are going through “a rough phase as is was since years”.

Taken from the VOICE OF GOR v.5 Issue 317


Rest in Piece, Goreans!

January 18, 2019
rest in pieve
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Oasis of the Three Moons


oasis of the three moonsoasis of the three moons

Oasis of the Three Moons, Tahari.

In the Tahari there is an almost constant wind. It is a hot wind, but the nomads and the men who ply the Tahari welcome it. Without it, the desert would be almost unbearable, even to those with water and whose bodies are shielded from the sun.
I listened to the caravan bells, which sound is pleasing. The kaiila moved slowly.

Prevailingly, the wind in the Tahari blows from the north or northwest. There is little to fear from it, except, in the spring, should it rise and shift to the east, or, in the fall, should it blow westward.

We were moving through hilly country, with much scrub brush. There were many large rocks strewn about. Underfoot there was much dust and gravel.

On the shaded sides of some rocks, and the shaded slopes of hills, here and there, grew stubborn, brownish patches of verr grass. Occasionally we passed a water hole, and the tents of nomads. About some of these water holes there were a dozen or so small trees, flahdah trees, like flat-topped umbrellas on crooked sticks, not more than twenty feet high; they are narrow branched, with lanceolate leaves. About the water, little more than muddy, shallow ponds, save for the flahdahs, nothing grew; only dried, cracked earth, whitish and buckled, for a radius of more than a quarter of a pasang, could be found; what vegetation there might have been had been grazed off, even to the roots; one could place one’s hand in the cracks in the earth; each crack adjoins others to constitute an extensive reticulated pattern; each square in this pattern is shallowly concave. The nomads, when camping at a watering place, commonly pitch their tent near a tree; this affords them shade; also they place and hang goods in the branches of the tree, using it for storage.”

John Norman: “Tribesman of Gor”, page 71

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Voice of Gor issue 312

November 9, 2018

Voice of Gor

Voice of Gor v.5 issue 312 (pdf, short online version, complete only inworld)


# The VOICE OF GOR is an almost weekly Gorean newspaper since 2010.

Forerunners were the “Vonda Voice” (since 03-26-2009, issues 1-56, editor Verona Lorgsval), the “Voice of Gor” (since 07-14-2010, issues 1-133, editor Verona Lorgsval), the Ianda Times (since 2011, issues 1-71, editor Rarius Yuroki [Yuroki Uriza]). The VOICE OF GOR will be published periodically from October 2018.



This newspaper is available IN CHARACTER at message boards in several cities. But it has OOC parts and IC parts which can be identified although many people mix both. We try to keep the two separate. But if you start a storyline based on an IC article of the VOICE OF GOR it would be useful for a moderator to have a log where you have read the message ICly.

The VOICE OF GOR can be true or false, propaganda or journalism like on earth. There is no freedom of the press on Gor. Why let the truth get in the way of a good story?!

“Goreans were not always fooled by posts on boards.
Those who control the public boards, it is said, control the city.
But I was not sure of this.
Goreans are not stupid.
It is difficult to fool them more than once. They tend to remember.”
(Magicians of Gor)

Why is “publicare et propagare” the motto of the VOICE OF GOR?

You all know that Goreans use message boards to spread news, announcements and gossip. Such are found at various points in Ar, such as the vicinity of squares and plazas, near markets, and on major streets and avenues.

Books are rare on Gor and expensive. Paper is the essential trade good of the Rencers and they sell their wares on both the eastern and western edges of the Delta of the Vosk river. The VOICE OF GOR is a collection of rence paper scrolls but the editor paid some message boards too to spread the newspaper. Gorean Public Boards sometimes made people angry. Those who control the public boards, it is said, control the city.

We took our motto from the Acta Diurna [latin: Daily Acts sometimes translated as Daily Public Records] on earth. The Acta Diurna were daily official notices in ancient Rome, a sort of daily gazette. They were carved on stone or metal and presented in message boards in public places like the Forum of Rome.

Acta Diurna introduced the expression “publicare et propagare”, which means “make public and propagate”. This expression was set in the end of the texts and proclaimed a release to both Roman citizens and non-citizens.

# THE VOICE OF GOR is available:

for members of the group Cartographers and Explorers of Gor secondlife:///app/group/7e73816d-8532-5954-3cdc-7567d36f43c6/about
for members of the group Voice of Gor Subscription Group secondlife:///app/group/86d6d293-72ac-83ca-b05b-34429f85848a/about
for members of the group Alliance of Valkyrie Panthers secondlife:///app/group/e5b743e6-3cc4-c119-6fb1-bffd676a3647/about

Available in character:
Ianda on the Isle of Landa (docks) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Landa/3/22/21

Available OOC:
Gorean campus (Library) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Gorean%20Campus/75/17/25

The VOICE OF GOR http://www.gorean-forums.com



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