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The last days of Vonda

Saturday, January 29th, 2022


Vonda (german BTB, part of Suedland continent). Sim closed.

Killer on the Ride

Sunday, January 2nd, 2022


Gold and steel! And mead and whores!

The Others

Saturday, November 27th, 2021


Seen near the Exchange Point of the Oasis of Klima. Beware!

“Surrender Gor”, reads a message sent from the Others, a mysterious people from the worlds of steel. Either the proud rulers of Gor submit or be destroyed.

Sais – Free Companionship Ceremony

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Sais Free Companionship CeremonySais Free Companionship CeremonySais Free Companionship CeremonySais Free Companionship CeremonySais Free Companionship Ceremony

Avoch & Aphris celebrated their Free Companionship on the 4th day 8th passing hand (6th week) 8th month 10,171 C.A in Sais Gardens.

A visit to the infirmary of Rarir

Friday, November 19th, 2021


Vila de Rarir (brazilian Gor, BTB)

In the Longhall of Bergvik

Saturday, November 13th, 2021


Bergvik – Torvaldsland

[14:11] lϲҽʍɑղ Տƙɑɾժíssօղ (sergio.feiri) bleeds the physical attributes of the stranger into my memory. The dialect, tone and various words he offered voluntarily. My mind begin to process everything in the speed of lightning. I didn’t say a word nor would I give anyone a clue as to what I am thinking. I already had more than enough information. I stroll away quietly.

[14:11] Mércy (mercury.nymphea) sips her spiced mead and looks to Jari over the rim giving him a light shrug of her shoulder as she was clueless also, being lost in thought about the upcoming festivities. The door opens, in comes Risk and a stranger who appeared to be wearing the wrong attire for winter. Raising a brow as she briefly looks his way then back to Jari. Removing the drink from her lips she grins and jested ,” Perhaps one of the men farted again.”

[14:13] Ⓨ Ⓔ Ⓝ ™ (yenyoju.doowangle) leans against the edge of the doorway, casting my single eye a little suspicious at the back of the stranger, saying nothing, keeping a hand rested on my ax just in case

[14:14] pouty lips (0cynara1) comes back up the stairs to see a visitor to the village had arrived, offering a soft ‘Tal Jarl’ she otherwise remains silent.

(…) ‘This be Rarius’ he told him ‘A merchant from the desert lands, way south. He seeks some fine Northern hospitality and an ear with which talk of trade can be heard.’ He looked over at the traveller ‘He has surrendered his crossbow and talks of gifts’ He turned to beckon Ayla who was hanging cloaks ‘Get yer own cloak on lass. Go find Adjorn and take him down to the docks and the travellers ship and investigate this gift that has been brought’
Facing Rarius he would invite him to warm himself by the firepit. ‘Get warm merchant’ he told him

[14:16] hips (sayuri.vaher) was almost done.. she would wipe the cloth over the last part of the tables, catching the left over food bits in her other hand, and then straightened her back. Hips glanced how, now seeing a new Jarl having entered the hall. Hips stammered quickly “g-greetings j-Jarl” she stuttered and then was quiet again. If it was not for Pouty, she would not have noticed. But it explained the commotion among the men. Hips, curious yet shy, would glance up at the Jarl for a moment. Trying to pinpoint of she knew him, but then averted her eyes down again. The tables were clean, so she would move towards the kitchen to clean the cloth and get rid of the crumbs

[14:18] Jari Bergson (deni.byron) watches Risk coming back into the hall with a man who seemed out of place. He looks at the man head to toes, a brow quirks. He remains silent though, except for a quick greeting “Tal stranger….” Jari had no idea what was gong on, at all. At mercy’s words, he turns to her direction, shaking the head as to reprimand her. When the stranger speaks again, Jari’s face becomes more quizzical in expression. Turning to Risk he nods to him “It seems to be your area….” he smirks. he would remain silent for the most. Trading was definitely not one of his skills. He then calls out for his slaves “Dingdongs! Come over here!” in jari’s mind, they would be able to help in case of Risk needed a quick inventory of the items in the trade hut

[14:19] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): rubbing his hands, his fingers are almost stiff from the cold, he looks around to see if someone is offering a warm drink. he mumbles to himself; mead, if I could have a mead, the last mead was from ironhall, a place that no longer exists…

[14:19] Ⓨ Ⓔ Ⓝ ™ (yenyoju.doowangle) raises an eyebrow, “Tahari? That’s thousands of pasangs south of here, Nay trade in Kar or Cos? Half the distance, and then some,” remembers his own last trip to Port Kar and then shipmaster promising to burn my serpent should i land there ever again after signing his “contract” in bosk shite wiped from my boot, Maybe yer have a reputation then and nay can stop at the usual trade ports, must be desperate reaching whats probably the northernmost village, nay nothing but ice past here,”

[14:19] Ayla (alexxa.despres): The cold from the open door lingers in the foyer of the great Hall, causing uninvited chill bumps to pop up on her arms and legs. A small shiver in response as she turns to face her Jarl’s back, waiting to see if the stranger will be in need of anything. She can see that Yen stands uneasy with his presence. Ayla’s ears perk at the talk of trade. Ayla nods as she slips on her kit, eager to ge the one to go get the gifts, made doubly pleasureable by Adjorn’s company. Ayla replies, ” Yes, my Jarl”, running quickly to do her task.

[14:22] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): turns his head to the man who is watching him suspiciously and who mentioned port Kar: I sailed from Kargash and avoided the big ports for very specific reasons, and yes, it took a long time, but I have my informants who I also have to meet, all over Gor..

[14:22] pouty lips (0cynara1) moves behind her Jarl with a soft ‘Yes my Jarl’ ready to do his bidding. She saw hips already there and nodded to her. She had been caught up in tasks needing doing she had been distracted.

[14:22] Mércy (mercury.nymphea) seeing that she had been reprimanded by Jari she takes another sip, a little grin hidden behind the drinking vessel, she looks to her sister and walks over to her then lowering the drink from her lips ,” Sister we have some things to discuss, shall we go to our usual spot or somewhere warmer?” Only if Astrilde did not want to linger around in the common room.

[14:24] Åşţŗίɭɗȩ Տƙɑɾժíssօղ (reesatalondarkfury): Made her way out of the kitchen, after getting a sip of water. Just enough to wet her lips. The voices coming from the outside didnt go unnoticed but she couldnt hear the words said. Only when they entered did she peek around Yen to see whom it was. Noting it was quite an unfamiliar face, Astrilde has to wonder how people keep wandering up to the docks when the waters were about frozen over, last she had heard. Hearing the man she raises a brow and was about to say something but shuts her lips when Risk was next heard speaking of the man and the reason he made it so far up in the Torvaldslands. Some how. Yet listening to Yen, Astrilde chuckled to herself, seeming to have read her mind, some what any way. Watching as Ayla dressed then Jari hollering for the girls, She decided to remain silent at the moment after a “Tal stranger” when Mercy came closer she watched her and nodded her head with a piqued interest “Aye, I am anxious to hear what is important Sister” and turned to make her way to the usual spot

[14:25] hips (sayuri.vaher) would hear her Jarls voice coming so hips quickly emerged from the kitchen again “y-yes my Jarl” she said softly in response and quickly found her way behind her Jarl. Hips saw Pouty join her as well. She doubted whether to kneel or not and glanced at Pouty for reassurance

[14:27] Risk Lofgren (lllriskiii) nodded when Jari spoke ‘Ach, ye do yerself down. Ye have a merchant in ye’ he told him before glancing over at Pouty and Hips ‘Aye, one o you would be snapping to it and serving this traveller’ He snapped a quick glance over at Jari in respect. (…)

Treve & Minus

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Treve & MinusTreve & MinusTreve & MinusTreve & MinusTreve & Minus

Treve & Minus (closed)

“Treve was a warlike city somewhere in the trackless magnificence of the Voltai Range. I had never been there but I knew her reputation. Her warriors were said to be fierce and brave, her women proud and beautiful. Her tarnsmen were ranked with those of Thentis, famed for its tarn flocks, and Ko-ro-ba, even great Ar itself.”
John Norman: Priest-Kings of Gor, Page 60

“Treve was alleged to lie above Ar, some seven hundred pasangs distant, and toward the Sardar. I had never seen the city located on a map but I had seen the territory she claimed so marked. The precise location of Treve was not known to me and was perhaps known to few save its citizens. Trade routes did not lead to the city and those who entered its territory did not often return. There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city.”
John Norman: Priest-Kings of Gor, Pages 60 – 61

“Yes, I knew the reputation of Treve. It was a city rich in plunder, probably as lofty, inaccessible and impregnable as a tarn’s nest.
Indeed, Treve was known as the Tarn of the Voltai. It was an arrogant, never-conquered citadel, a stronghold of men whose way of life was banditry, whose women lived on the spoils of a hundred cities.”
John Norman: Priest-Kings of Gor, Page 63

“There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city.”
John Norman: Raiders of Gor, Page 60

“Indeed, there was little known even of the city of Treve. It lay somewhere among the lofty, vast terrains of the rugged Voltai, perhaps as much a fortress, a lair, of outlaw tarnsmen as a city.
It was said to be accessible only by tarnback. No woman, it was said, could be brought to the city, save as a hooded, stripped slave girl, bound across the saddle of a tarn. Indeed, even merchants and ambassadors were permitted to approach the city only under conduct, and then only when hooded and in bonds, as though none not of Treve might approach her save as slaves or captive supplicants.
The location of the city, it was said, was known only to her own. Even girls brought to Treve as slaves, obedient within her harsh walls, looking up, seeing her rushing, swift skies, did not know wherein lay the city in which they served. And even should they be dispatched to the walls, perhaps upon some servile errand, they could see, for looming, remote pasangs about them, only the wild, bleak crags of the scarlet Voltai, and the sickening drop below them, the sheer fall from the walls and the cliffs below to the valley, some pasangs beneath. They would know only that they were slaves in this place but would not know where this place in which they were slaves might be. It was said no woman had ever escaped from Treve.”
John Norman: Captive of Gor, Page 191

Slave Market in Halin

Friday, October 15th, 2021

slave market Halinslave market Halin

Slave market in Halin (german BTB).


Wednesday, July 7th, 2021


Arriving at Tetrapoli by boat. A large Vosk River city which began as four separate cities; Tetrapoli in Gorean means “Four Cities” or “Four Towns.”

Vonda at the Olni River

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021


Vonda am Olni (Suedland, Saleria, german BTB)