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Lady Tassy

Saturday, June 25th, 2011


A killer gets his gold

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011


HoY Foreign Currency Exchange Rates

Monday, June 20th, 2011


The HoY Bank accepts and converts

Coins of Ianda (made by the mint of Landa, branch of the HoY bank, named: Ianda Tarsk)
Coins of Oasis of Klima (made by the mint of Landa, branch of the HoY bank) 1 Ianda Tarsk = 1 Klima Tarsk

Coins of Tentium/Tyros (made by the mint of Landa, branch of the HoY bank, only new version):
1 Ianda copper tarsk = 10 new copper tarsks of Tyros
1 ianda silver tarsl = 1 new silver tarsk of Tyros
1 Ianda gold tarn = 1 new gold tarn of Tyros
Tyros charges 10% conversion of coins from allied cities (those Tentium have trade agreements with) and 20% for all others)


Coins of Tafa Trading Post (made by the mint of Landa):
1 Ianda copper tarsk = 10 copper tarsks of Tafa
1 ianda silver tarsk = 2 silver tarsk of Tafa
1 Ianda gold tarn = 2 new gold tarsk of Tafa

Coins of Piedmont (made by the mint of Landa) 1:1

Coins of Rose Isles (they accept Ianda coins) 1:1 (contract)
Coins of Port Kar (they accept Ianda coins) 1:1 (contract)
Coins of Sais (they accept Ianda coins) 1:1 (contract)
City of Turia 1 ingot for every 124 tarns/tarsks of the same metal (contract)

Coins of Treve (Tarn system, made by Koh Gausman) 1 Ianda Tarsk = 2 Treve tarn
Coins of Besnitt (made by Yuroki Uriza) 1: 1
Coins of new Vonda (made by Venus Flytrap) 1:2
Coins of Ka’Zahr (made by Maria Tisane or Xander Tzal) 1:2
Rarn – City of Copper (made by Kitten Muhindra) 1:2

Coins of Thentis (Thentis do not convert coins of Landa) 1 Ianda Tarsk = 10 Thentis Tarsks
Coins of Port Cos (made by the mint of Landa, branch of the HoY bank) 1:2
Coins of former Vonda (made by Jarvis Quan, new Vonda does not convert coins of Landa) 1 Ianda Tarsk = 5 Vonda Tarsks
Coins of former Port of Victoria (made by Deb alcott) 1 Ianda Tarsk = 5 Victoria Tarsks
Coins of Imperial Ar (made by Asea Andel) 1 Ianda Tarsk = 1 Imperial Ar Tarsk
Coins of Tyros (old version, made by the mint of Landa) 1:1 (only silver and gold)

Old Landa coins (named: Landa Tarsk)
Old copper tarsks of Tyros

Kurt Falls
Coins of Ostia (made by the mint of Landa) 1:1

Fluctuations in exchange rates are possible.

Meeting of the Scarlet Caste

Saturday, June 18th, 2011

isles of landa

Isles of Landa

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

isles of landa

The new mill in Port Shilo

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

Port shilo

High council approves several changes

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

The Landa High Council met recently and approved the appointment of Lady Mazzy as representative for the lower castes, on the council. She replaces Blade (Snowdrop). The Lady was also appointed as Head Slaver to advise on issues regarding slaves within the city. Neither of the positions have voting rights.

Legal basis:

4.2. Lower Castes
Lower Castes shall be represented on the council by a single non-voting representative who shall be responsible for voicing the concerns and opinions of the lower castes of the city. Said representative shall be appointed by the Administrator and serves until they step down or are dismissed and replaced by another.

2.8 Head Slaver of the City

The High Council may appoint a Head of the Slavers of the City to be responsible for the slave related issues. The Head of the Slaver Guild serves at the pleasure of the council and may be dismissed and replaced without cause.

The High Council also approved the temporary appointment of Sherman Easterwood to Ambassador of Landa.

Several laws were changed within the city. The changes made were in regards to the setup of the government, slave laws and (in OOC the safe zone time was made 5 minutes). Each person is encouraged to review the scroll to familiarize themselves with the changes.

Magistrate decision on Naia

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

In the interest of the citizens of Landa I order the existing collar removed, from the girl known as lilou Brentle. Lady Mazzy, you are to place your collar on her and assume ownership of the girl, if she is not claimed by her owner in 1 hand. Commander you are to use all means necessary to notify your MOA, who is the owner of the girl, of this decision. If he wishes to remain owner he must return and take ownership. Of course Lady Mazzy and the owner may negoiate as sale as well. If the slave is not claimed by her owner in I hand, then Lady Mazzy will become the rightful owner of this slave”

Signed and Sealed 5th day, the 5th hand of the month of Camerious, in the year of 10172

Sherman Easterwood
Magistrate of Landa

Weeding the corn field

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

[2011-06-13 02:36:22] Helen stands before the tall stands of corn, and her brow knits with concern as she casts an eye over the field. “The weeds, all those weeds, they will overrun the corn that we so badly need.” she exclaims.

[2011-06-13 02:42:42] Helen spits on her hands and rubs them together, just like she saw her father do when she was a little girl back on earth before he had a hard task to do. Helen picks up the spade and moves to the end of the first row. She balances on her tight foot, the left of the edge of the spade and shoves her weight down. The spade sinks into the soil, she lifts and turns it, with ease. “This isn’t going to be too bad after all.”
[2011-06-13 02:43:16] Helen: right foot, the left on the edge*

[2011-06-13 02:48:01] Helen builds up a rhythmic movement, as she makes her way down the corn row; shove, lift, turn, drop, step, shove, lift, turn, drop, step. On and on she worked, and it was not until she reached the end of the row and stood up straight to turn did she feel her back complain. “Ouch.” she uttered. And she arched her back, relieving the muscle strain, her shoulders back, her tummy forward, her hips back, and held the pose for a few seconds. Helen was not used to this hard manual labour.

[2011-06-13 02:53:02] Helen went up and down the rows, methodically working away, progressing from left to right across the corn field. Now, not only did her back hurt, but her hands, her poor soft hands stung as she gripped the handle of the spade. Blisters! Oh, how will these hands give pleasure again? Blistered, calloused hands are not what she needs. Nevertheless, she did not stray from the task. These weeds have to go, and she carried on with determination.

[2011-06-13 02:57:08] Helen completed the digging, tapped the dirt free from the face of the spade and returned it to lean against the fence where she found it. The field looked good, the rich soil turned, the roots of the corn not disturbed, but now free of the nutrient sapping weeds. All that was needed now was a scarecrow, but hen again, had she seen crows here on Landa, or Gor, for that matter? And with that thought, of scarecrows, she went back to the kennels, sore but satisfied.

by Helen, HoY slave

What is a slave to do?

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

As a slave there is no more fundamental law then obeying a Free. Our answer is “Yes, Master”, or Mistress as the case may be, never is our answer “no” when a command is given to us. This gives rise to some conflicts and issues that I have come across. What does a slave do when a Free gives them a command that goes against an order from their Owner or another Free responsible for them?

It happens all the time, in small ways and large and to the Free it is not something they concern themselves with, but to a slave it is a situation fraught with peril. We know that we will be disappointing someone and one the other hand a punishment most likely awaits.

Just such a situation arose recently for me. A meeting was to take place in the city, and after delivering a basket of delicacies I was ordered away by a Master until after the meeting was concluded. A simple order to comply with, so I took myself off and left to attend to some chores. As I was leaving I paused at the entrance of the building to greet other kajirae, while we were greeting a different Master arrived. He gave each of us an assignment, and after giving me mine turned and made his way to the meeting.

What should a slave do in such a situation?

There are two ways, essentially, a slave can handle these times when they happen to you, because if it hasn’t happened to you, can be assured it will at some point:

You can insist that you have other orders and refuse.

You can go along with it.

Keep in mind that while the Free are not always right, they are never wrong, and so the first option may not be your best option. It is possible to beg out of something while causing the minimum offense. She can beg for permission to explain that she has orders to be away, in the instance describe above, with the knowledge that the Master may still tell her to attend to his order. It is always wise to speak with your Owners about how you should handle just such a situation when it arises.

For myself, I said, “Yes, Master.” and went about my assigned role. The Master and I had a talk about it, this article is the result of that discussion.

Bear in mind that there will be times when there simply is no right answer for you. All that we can do as a slave is beg forgiveness and take our punishment with dignity and grace and learn from it. Learning from it does not mean that we are mistreated. They are Free, we are slave and as such have no rights to fair treatment. So whether you are a slave in character or are one in character and out, a kajira always strives to better themselves for their Owner.

There is no right answer, other than to never say “no” to a Free. In my situation, I said “yes, Master.” and prepared my assignment. Nothing was served at this meeting, but the question was raised to me, how does a kajira handle conflicting orders. When it comes up for you, how do you?

by kadri