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We made the march to Klima

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Oasis of Klima

At the gates of Teehra: [14:00] Lysander (davie.frequency) makes his way through the stand on surprisingly steady feet for one clearly not of the area. Still, the people themselves aren’t familiar to him, and he grunts as he moves up a few feet behind Zaahir, hand resting on the pommel of his sword loosely – he’s certainly not expecting trouble at this, of all places, but best to be safe. “Salaam,” he says simply, eyes scanning the horizon before returning to the others and dipping his head in a nod.
[14:01] zazu (ioneus.trill) closes his hand and brings his fist to his chest. As the greetings were given. He then turned towards the one who spoke of the endurance of his Thalarion. “Alas you are correct, only kaiila will get us across the Dune Sea to see the new Salt Ubar”.

Oasis of Klima

[14:12] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): points at the walls: “that seems to be the exchange point! Here is red and white salt from Klima… they brought it here,,, and food for Klima. But where is the oasis itself?
[14:14] Lysander (davie.frequency) grunts, muttering something to Zaahir about how he’s not paid to be charming, then lifts the long black cloth up to cover his mouth and nose as he ducks his head and follows the others through the sands.
[14:14] Jonathaneus con Kassau (jonathaneus): …gone with the wind….he scratches his neck…all on his skin was sand….sand…and….sand….*
[14:14] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): “I see footsteps over there, look at the dunes!” He points at the direction of the dunes behind the wall….
[14:14] zazu (ioneus.trill) gasps as their guide lead them to a trade post. “You mean you dont know?”
[14:14] Aisha Zohra Bukhara-Namaar (sarynaga) she sniffs the air, “I do not smell….water” she wrinkled her nose again, and was glad she had packed bota’s of water for both herself and for Kemal
[14:14] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): here are footsteps…

Oasis of Klima

The salt in solution is obtained in two ways, by drilling and flush mining and, in the deeper pits, by sending men below to fetch the brine. In the drilling and flush mining, two systems are used, the doublepipe system and the separate-pipe system. In the double-pipe system fresh water is forced into the cavity through an outer pipe and the heavier solution of salt and water rises bubbling through the second pipe, or inner pipe, inserted within the larger. In the separate-pipe system, two pipes, separated by several yards, are used, fresh water being forced through one, the salt water solution, the salt being dissolved in the fresh water, rising through the other. The separate-pipe system is, by most salt masters, regarded as the most efficient. An advantage of the double-pipe system is that only a single tap well need be drilled. Both systems require pumping, of course.

Oasis of Klima

[14:23] Kemal Reis Bukhara (indrakalo): “The control of the mines of Klima, and to keep the raiders and other bad companies at bay, can be risky, and the Sultanate, if necessary, proposes to send an armed representation, if necessary, to help in the defense of the place. ” I rise my hand once more
[14:24] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): crosses his arms and makes a curious face…glaring at Anvar, a small grin appears on his face, he adds in a calm tone: I will not speak out the name of the Salt Ubar
[14:25] Zaahir al Qadir (spiceandsong): “Farad,” Zaahir intones. “Will send men to stand alongside those of the Sultanate in defense of the mines.” This, at least, is a promise he can easily make on the behalf of the Pasha.
[14:26] Aisha Zohra Bukhara-Namaar (sarynaga) she pulls off a boot and dumps some sand out of it, and then repeats with the other boot. She shakes her veil as well, watching the sand and salt grains fly about. the sun catching all like a cloud of diamonds about her. She pulled out her bota, and took a long drink of water and then offered it to Kemal
[14:28] Lysander (davie.frequency) glances up at Zaahir, surprise flickering in his gaze, but he simply nods firmly, turning his attention back to the man he presumes is the Salt Ubar and listening to the proceedings, his gaze periodically circling the crowd gathered.
[14:28] Sheikh Anvar Jaziran (anvarra.alecto): “I can also say with all honor and confidence that Jabari Pasha will defend the mines as well ..even if I have to kick his butt to get the young boy to keep the caravan travelways secure” chuckling and winks to Yuroki and likes the image of the young Jabari having a fit over being told again what he has to do …”children growing into men must always learn from us older generations”
[14:29] Kemal Reis Bukhara (indrakalo): I take the bota, nodding, as a thank you, to my covered companion, drinking a controlled sip of Water, but just enough, returning the bota to her “Aisha, my Companion, we will soon verify the availability of sending a garrison, in full cooperation, with Farad and in defense of this treasure “I point to everything around us” We will look for volunteers .. more or less forced, if necessary.”

Oasis of Klima

[14:19] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza) shouts: “We have made the march to Klima!”

The Fair of Se’Var

Friday, January 5th, 2018

fair of se'varfair of se'varfair of se'var

“The fairs incidentally are governed by Merchant Law and supported by booth rents and taxes levied on the items exchanged. The commercial facilities of these fairs, from money changing to general banking, are the finest I know of on Gor, save those in Ar’s Street of Coins, and letters of credit are accepted and loans negotiated, though often at usurious rates, with what seems reckless indifference. Yet perhaps this is not so puzzling, for the Gorean cities will, within their own walls, enforce the Merchant Law when pertinent, even against their own citizens. If they did not, of course, the fairs would be closed to the citizens of that city.”
(“Priest-Kings of Gor” page 11)

“It is little wonder then that the cities of Gor support and welcome the fairs. Sometimes they provide a common ground on which territorial and commercial disputes may be amicably resolved without loss of honor, plenipotentiaries of warring cities having apparently met by accident among the silken pavilions.
Further, members of castes such as Physicians and Builders use the fairs for the dissemination of information and techniques among Caste Brothers, as is prescribed in their codes in spite of the fact that their respective cities may be hostile. And as might be expected members of the Caste of Scribes gather here to enter into dispute and examine and trade manuscripts.”
(“Priest-Kings of Gor” page 9)

“The fairs, too, however, have many other functions. For example, they serve as a scene of caste conventions, and as loci for the sharing of discoveries and research. It is here, for example, that physicians, and builders and artisans may meet and exchange ideas and techniques. It is here that Merchant Law is drafted and stabilized. It is here that songs are performed, and song dramas. Poets and musicians, and jugglers and magicians, vie for the attention of the crowds. Here one finds peddlers and great merchants. Some sell trinkets and others the notes of cities. It is here that the Gorean language tends to become standardized. These fairs constitute truce grounds. Men of warring cities may meet here without fear. Political negotiation and intrigue are rampant, too, generally secretly so, at the fairs. Peace and war, and arrangements and treaties, are not unoften determined in a pavillion within the precincts of the fairs.”
(“Beasts of Gor” page 44)

Free Companionship Ceremony

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

free companionshipfree companionshipfree companionshipfree companionship

[14:16] Sherman Easterwood: Rarius Yuroki, please honor Sabina with your vows.

[14:16] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): clears his throat and speaks in a formal tone
[14:16] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): I, Rarius Yuroki, claim you, Sabina, as my Free Companion. I vow to love, honor and protect you for as long as we both shall live. I have waited long for someone like you. When all was dark you came into my life and the sunshine returned. My love for you grows stronger with each day. As we take these first steps together, I see one set of footprints in the sand where there once was two. We are one, now and forever. My love for you, Sabina, will never die.

[14:16] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): removes a purple rose from the vase on the table and holds it out to Sabina

[14:17] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): Sabina, I present to you this purple rose as a symbol of the bonding of two of different castes. Me, merchant and once of the warriors, you of the merchant caste. I will honor your caste as I know you will honor mine. Accept this rose in the spirit of that union

[14:17] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) takes the rose from Rarius Yuroki with a smile behind her veils

[14:18] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) clears also her throat and answers: I accept this purple rose in the spirit of that union and promise to honor your caste as I know you will honor mine.

[14:18] Sherman Easterwood: Sabina, now please honor Rarius Yuroki with your vows.

[14:19] Sabina (Tremlays Resident): Just as I was about to resign myself to never knowing the joys of companionship, you came back into my life with just one tiny chance meeting. I vow from this day forward that I will honor your name, house, and being as your free companion. I promise to be always honest yet respectful with you. While I regret all those lost hours that we could have gotten to know each other in the past, I believe fate has given us another chance and I vow to never make following our hearts a regretable decision. I love you Rarius Yuroki and as we take these beginning steps in our combined paths, it is my solemn vow to take each step with you whenever I am permitted to.

[14:19] Sherman Easterwood: And now we will seal you union and your legal bond with the drinking of wine.
[14:20] Sherman Easterwood nods to Sabina to proceed

[14:21] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) turns to her protector, the Ubar, with a smile

[14:23] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) smile graces her red lips as she carefully gathers the length of silks to stand up, smoothing them down, making them presentable.
[14:24] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) turns on her heels with a gentle shift towards the golden chalice and bottle of kalana on the table.
[14:25] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) hands take the bottle with ease, peeling away the wax seal, prying the cork, and letting it release from the bottle without stress.
[14:25] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) tilts the chalice slightly as she begins to pour the Ka-la-na, the rich delicate ruby wine, with its fragrant bouquet permeating the area.
[14:25] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) twists the bottle so as to not let the last drop fall, settling the bottle back to its rightful place on the table.
[14:26] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) turns with the chalice held in a gentle grip and stands with the beautiful vessel supported with both hands.

[14:27] Sherman Easterwood takes the golden chalice from Sabina saying “Drink of this wine to seal your pledge.”

[14:28] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) raises the cup to her lips, takes a small, delicate sip and hands the chalice back to the Ubar

[14:28] Sherman Easterwood turns to Rarius Yuroki, and hands him the chalice. “Drink of this wine to seal your pledge.”

[14:28] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): raises the cup to his lips and drinks quickly and deeply of the wine, emptying the chalice and handing it back to the Ubar

[14:29] Sherman Easterwood takes the chalice and sits it aside and then clears his throat and says
[14:29] Sherman Easterwood: You each have a copy of your legal contract, and agree to the terms within it?
[14:29] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): yes
[14:30] Sabina (Tremlays Resident): Yes
[14:30] Sherman Easterwood: Raise your bond hands once more.

[14:30] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): raises the hand looking at Sabina

[14:31] Sherman Easterwood unbinds their hands, and taking a quill hands it to Sabina. “Please sign the contracts.”
[14:31] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) raises her hands to looking to Yuroki

[14:31] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) takes the quill, dips it in the blood wincing lightly and slowly signs her scrawling mark on each copy. She hands the quill to Rarius Yuroki.

[14:31] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): nods and takes the quill from Sabina, dipping it in the blood on his own palm, and signs his own flourishing mark on the copies too, handing the quill back to the Ubar

[14:32] Sherman Easterwood takes his dagger, makes a quick light cut in his own palm, and dipping the quill in it, signs the contract

[14:32] Sherman Easterwood: A copy of this contract will be stored in City of ianda on the Isle of Landa for any one to see who may question this Companionship

[14:33] Sherman Easterwood: Let no one come between these two, who are now as one, in the eyes of the Priest Kings and the laws of Gor. If you harm or dishonor one, you harm or dishonor both.

[14:33] Sherman Easterwood: Rarius Yuroki and Sabina, may your union be blessed and happy. I wish you peace, joy and bountiful love.

[14:34] Sherman Easterwood: I present to you the Free Companions, Rarius Yuroki and Lady Sabina!

In-na’s memorial ceremony

Friday, July 29th, 2016

Read more: Story of Gor, in memoriam of Inna.

In memoriam Anni (inna.calamity)

Tuesday, July 26th, 2016


[13:07] Em (marisah.sveiss) gives the crowd a meaningful look, her gaze travelling from one face to another. Clearly it was time to start, and utter silence was demanded.

[13:11] Ręna (oxrebelxo) had spent all afternoon preparing the body for the ceremony. Finally now, as the attendants of other tribes would start to arrive in their camp she would let the rep cloth sink into the water bowl, her orbs lifting to scan the faces before pulling the white blanket back over her beloved sister’s face to shield her from their glances.

[13:11] Rosebud (rosenwood) carefully straightened the blanket over the body, tugging it neatly in underneath. When the body was prepared, she gave her sisters a meaningful nod, letting them know that it was time, then stepped forward to take the first handle into her grip before lifting it upwards and onto her shoulder.

[13:12] Zephyr (isolde.bethune) could feel an intense weight growing on her shoulders by the Ihn, and the nod made a shiver run down her spine. She knew well what it meant, and without hesitation she moved forward to pick up the wooden handle of the spear.

[13:14] Ręna (oxrebelxo) rose to her feet and cleaned her hands of the oils and salves that they had used for the preparation of a cloth before she too, with heavy steps, walked around the altar to get a good grip on the fourth and final handle of the stretcher, her gaze fixed in their destination.

[13:14] Heather Ulich had hovered behind Rena, watching the preparations unfold closely, until being swallowed by a dreadful silence, only to be captured by the thoughts and memories of her dear sister who had consulted her for more summers than she could ever count, becoming an important member of the leadership. Everything seemed vain after the sudden passing which they had not expected in the least, and thus tore them apart even more. But there was no time to dwell now, and her orbs focused from the abstract space back into reality, starting to move forward and lead the sisters towards the pond.

[13:15] Rosebud (rosenwood) began to move forward, taking slow, calculated steps. She lifted her chin proudly, displaying the relentless sorrow on her flattened face, as they walked towards their departed sister’s favorite pond—the one that she had saved so many times from us trying to dry it for more land.

[13:17] Peeps (chastity.suppenkraut) was guided by her sisters who carried the three other sides of the stretcher, distributing the weight of the body and the sadness equally. They would step over the edge, finding themselves covered to the ankles in pond water before finally reaching the carefully prepared stone altar.

[13:19] Em (marisah.sveiss) had followed the carriers to the pond like the rest of her younger sisters. In her grasp, she held two little clay bowls filled with thick, translucent liquids, followed by that of a perfumed scent; the clear liquid inside being scented oils. While the body was steadied onto the altar, she circled around the stone’s form before abruptly coming to a halt in front of it.

[13:20] Varisya held a flaming torch high, the heat of an incessant flame radiating against her flesh as she guided more of her torch-holding sisters to the altar. When they arrived to the pond, they also circled around the stone fixture, only to come to a complete halt. Waiting in silence, all of their bodies tensed-up considerably.


[13:21] Heather Ulich espied the contours of her missed sister’s face, the features hinted underneath the fabric was something her eyes would dare not waver from. She waited in silence, as all of her sisters rounded the circle to join her, and for the red-wood bow and dirt which would be placed upon In-na’s body. The presence of traveled guests’ behind her could be felt, but she kept her orbs fixated on the pyre as she swallowed thickly, before nodding to both her cubs and young sisters.

[13:22] Casey Larwyck joined in, each of the young sisters would cover the body on the altar with droplets of the scented oil, leaving circular stains on the white fabric. Their gazes met, and they put the twig-bundle back into the bowls, and carefully withdrew, lining up with the other sisters in the circle once again.

[13:23] Heather Ulich Walks up to the pyre and looks at it a moment, then turns to look at the faces of those that have gathered* ..”As you all know, it is Gorean tradition that not a word is spoken ..not a voice ..nor musical sound is to be heard ..and for a proper ceremony there is only silence ..memory ..and fire”
[13:23] Heather Ulich shouts: That is tradition ..the proper way
[13:24] Heather Ulich shouts: * Takes a deep breath and exhales* …”But a
s all of you know ..Inna was not proper ..nor was she normal …Inna danced to the beat of her own drum
[13:24] Heather Ulich Wipes away a tear from her cheek as a soft grin curls her lips* …”And as for words, not spoken …when have any of you known Inna to hold her tongue?”
[13:25] Heather Ulich shouts: *Turns and looks at the pyre*
[13:25] Heather Ulich shouts: She was my Sister
[13:25] Heather Ulich shouts: She was my Se …My Shaman
[13:25] Heather Ulich shouts: She was my Rock.
[13:26] Heather Ulich Turns back once again facing the gathering* … “I first met Inna about 6 years ago when she first joined Zima Ak’am”
[13:26] Heather Ulich shouts: “She was kind of awkward at first, kinda quiet …strange” *nods* “aye ..always very strange … sarcastic and dirty”
[13:26] Heather Ulich shouts: She was a good fighter ..good sister ..not exceptional …not flashy ..wasn’t seeking fame or title
[13:27] Heather Ulich shouts: She quickly proved to be very loyal ..she never left my side ..I don’t think she ever even considered it
[13:27] Heather Ulich shouts: As our friendship grew, I realized how strong of a person she was, it was that strength that guided our tribe through so many hard times
[13:27] Heather Ulich shouts: Sisters leaving, camp moves, tribe splitting ….people causing drama cause they had nothing better to do. She shielded me through a lot of this, she knew how hard being a leader was so she took the hits for me ..she dealt with the drama for me, without her ..I wouldn’t be here.

[13:28] Heather Ulich shouts: As we struggled to find a home, and were run off various lands ..our numbers dwindled ..our future was bleak …but she never gave up ..she continued to push us ..inspire us to never quit …never stop fighting

[13:28] Heather Ulich shouts: When we split from Zima, I had the usual anxieties …even though I knew in my heart it was the right choice ..I was nervous ..worried ..but it was Inna that pointed me forward ..told me not to look back and she was right *looks around at all her sister …and can’t help but smile ..proud of each and every one of them*
[13:29] Heather Ulich shouts: She kept me going, she encouraged me and it was her strength that I used to get through … she was always there.
[13:29] Takara Kilborn (danniegirl.ghost): dont forget the freinds too

[13:29] Heather Ulich shouts: She was logical ..she did not automatically take sides ..friendship was very important to her ..but getting to the truth ..getting to the core of the issue and being fair ..that showed her true character. It didn’t matter if you were a long time friend or a stranger …she believed everyone deserved to be treated fairly.

[13:30] Heather Ulich shouts: Her wisdom was alway something I could turn to …..leading a panther tribe for over 8 years is not an easy task. It cannot be done alone, it requires strong people ..and especially good advice …Inna never wanted leadership ..she never wanted credit ..that was not her ..she wanted others to shine ..she wanted other to enjoy ..and succeed

[13:30] Heather Ulich shouts: It was this selfless attitude ..the ability to see the big picture …to work for a common goal …to inspire people to work together …..all while asking nothing in return …that is what made her so special.


[13:31] Heather Ulich shouts: She was not perfect ..she’d get mad …she’d yell …she could be rude …but in the end ..if she was wrong ..she was a big enough person to admit it …to apologize and own up to her mistakes.
[13:31] Felicity Coronet: Oh! Aii, she was

[13:31] Heather Ulich shouts: There was just something about her …she didn’t try to make friends …she was not fake ..not overly nice to get people to like her ..she was honest an almost brutal and somewhat insulting way …she would tell you exactly what she was thinking …and through all of that you just couldn’t help but love and admire her.
[13:32] Heather Ulich shouts: So …Inna is no longer with us ..her words and deeds will live in our hearts forever

[13:32] Heather Ulich shouts: So REMEMBER her words …REMEMBER her deeds ..*looks around to all those gathered* …and may her wisdom live and shine through you one day

[13:33] Heather Ulich shouts: *takes a deep breath as her eyes drift back to the pyre …her heart sinks as she knows this is her final farewell …. exhales “So frankly, I don’t know how I can go on without you …I don’t know if I’m strong enough, or smart enough ….or brave enough”

[13:33] Heather Ulich shouts: All I know you knew this day was coming and you asked me to be strong …and for you I will.
[13:34] Heather Ulich shouts: *turns and looks at her sisters ..her spine stiffens and her shoulders straighten*.. “…and for you I will”
[13:34] Heather Ulich shouts: This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do here …this is supposed to be a game ..this is supposed to be fun …I never knew you ..or talked to you ..or saw you
[13:35] Heather Ulich shouts: But I honestly can say I loved you
[13:35] Heather Ulich shouts: Your last words to the tribe were “Be nice to each other and love what you have. Inna x”
[13:35] Heather Ulich shouts: You were My Rock
[13:35] Heather Ulich shouts: My Shield
[13:35] Heather Ulich shouts: My Sister
[13:36] Heather Ulich shouts: Dance in Peace my Anni, for one day we will fight by each others side again.
[13:37] Heather Ulich shouts: * takes an arrow and wraps a rep cloth around it …looks down and dips the tip in a pot of oil …notches the arrow and holds the tip to a flame of the torch ….mouths a silent ‘farewell my friend’ aims at the pyre and looses the arrow

[13:37] Heather Ulich shouts: * takes an arrow and wraps a rep cloth around it …looks down and dips the tip in a pot of oil …notches the arrow and holds the tip to a flame of the torch ….mouths a silent ‘farewell my friend’ aims at the pyre and looses the arrow

[13:37] Varisya ’s posture had changed dramatically, her shoulders rounded downward and her face flattened. The words spoken in the eulogy caused ripples of goosebumps to appear all over her flesh and her eyes to fill with salty tears that blurred her vision significantly. However, when it was her turn, she would step forward, attempting to jut her chin upright, while tenaciously holding on the handle supporting the torches’ flame. She could barely watch as the flame, caused by the fire-arrow, began to quickly lick across the body’s frame.

[13:38] Cherry Toast (cherrytoast) followed the call without hesitation, as if it was expected from her. Strangely enough, she was completely torn inside between fits of sadness and the thrill of wanting to pay In-na the one last tribute that she deserved—she earned it. With one simple glance to her En and sisters, she then lowered the torch toward the wood surrounding the pyre and watched as the fire ignited the dry branches and logs into an inferno of flames.

[13:39] bambi (bambipage.paine) too joined in, lighting the wood surrounding the pyre with a burning torch flame. Her sisters now giving her the strength necessary to execute this endeavor,
[13:39] bambi (bambipage.paine) shouts: she proudly moved forward and brought the burning embers to the sizzling branch and twigs without further ceremony.
[13:39] bambi (bambipage.paine) shouts: All of the burning wood would soon intermingle, transforming into nothing other than a wild path of fire.
[13:39] Nzuri (blonkoonyx) shouts: completed the circle of light with her torch, inhaling sharply, as the fire violently reflected off of the shallow waters of the pond with a continuous vehemence.

[13:39] Heather Ulich could barely watch as the barbarous flames swallowed the shell that once encased In-na’s soul and spirit. Tears fell from her eyes, tumbling down her cheeks, but her expression remained even. Her chin dipped low and she closed her eyes for a moment, in an ihn of utter silence, to reminisce upon the memories and moments shared with her sister, and Shaman, who she would never allow to be forgotten.

[13:41] Heather Ulich finds the strength to lift her head, one corner of her mouth twitching into a faintly mild smile as she gifts each of her sisters with a deep, loving stare. Then, she turns, walking over toward the edge of the pond, nearest to where to soil lie. She then crouches down, digging her deft digits into the damp soil, enclosing her palms around the gritty, cool earth, to retrieve it. With the dirt in her hands, she would return to face the pyre surrounded by intense hazy flames. She would move her arm swiftly, then, tossing the earth particles into the roaring fire, she would whisper, “For you, In-na.” And succumb to silence once again. (…)

Panther Moon Dance

Thursday, March 26th, 2015

Moon danceMoon danceMoon dance

“The moons are now risen,” said another panther girl, edging closer to Verna. She was looking at me.
“There is not much time,” said Mira. “Soon the moons will be at their full.”
“Let it begin,” said another girl.
Verna looked down upon me. “You wished to take us as slaves,” she said. “It is you who have been taken slave.”
I looked up at her in horror. I pulled at the thongs.
“Shave him,” she said.
I fought, but two girls held my head, and Mira, laughing, with a small bowl of lather and a shaving knife, shaved the two-and-one-half-inch degradation strip on my head, from the forehead to the back of my neck.
“You are now well marked,” said Verna, “as a man who has fallen to women.”
I pulled helplessly at the thongs.
“Slave,” said Mira.
“What are you going to do with me and my men?” I demanded.
“Bring a whip,” said Verna.
Mira leaped to her feet.
“Curiosity,” she siad, “is not becoming in a Kajirus.”
Mira returned with the whip, a five-strap Gorean slave whip.
“Beat him,” said Verna.
She beat me. My body, in the thongs, twisted and leaped under the lash.
“It is enough,” said Verna.
Mira laughed, and folded the lash.
It had been a brief beating, lasting only a few seconds. She had been permitted to strike me only some eight or nine times. I was breathing heavily, in pain. They had not wished to injure me. Verna had only wished to administer a sharp, not-too-soon-to-be-forgotten, lesson to her slave.
The girls now knelt about me, in a circle. They were silent. I looked up at the large, white, swift moons. There were three of them, a larger and two smaller, looming, dominating.
The girls were breathing heavily. They had set aside their weapons.
They knelt, their hands on their thighs, occasionally lifting their eyes to the moons. Their eyes began to blaze. They put back their heads. Their lips parted. Their hair fell behind their heads, their faces lifted to the rays of the moons. Then, together, they began to moan and sway from side to side. Then they lifted their arms and hands to the moons, still swaying from side to side, moaning. I pulled at the thongs that bound me. Then their moaning became more intense and the swaying swifter and more savage, and, crying out and whimpering, they began to claw at the moons.
Mira leaped to her feet and tore her skins to the waist, exposing her breasts to the wild light of the flooding moons. She shrieked and tore at the moons with her fingernails. In an instant, another girl, and then another, and another had followed her example. Only Verna still knelt, her hands on her thighs, looking at the moons. Beneath the moons, helplessly, I sought to free myself. I could not do so.
Mira now, the others following, crying out, tore away the scraps of panther skin that had yet concealed their beauty. They now wore only their gold, and their ornaments. Now, moaning, crying out, the she-beasts of the forest, the panther girls, hands lifted, clawing, began to stamp and dance beneath the fierce brightness of the wild moons.
Then suddenly, they stopped, but stood, still, their hands lifted to the moons.
Verna threw back her head, her fists clenched on her thighs, and cried out, a wild scream, as though in agony.
She leaped to her feet and, looking at me, tore away her skins.
My blood leaped before her beauty.
But she had turned away and, naked, her head back, had lifted her hands, too, clawing at the moons.
Then all of them, together, turned slowly to face me. They were breathing heavily. Their hair was disheveled, their eyes wild.
I lay before them, helpless.
Suddenly, as one, they seized up their light spears, and, swaying, spears lifted, began to circle me.
They were incredibly beautiful. (Hunters of Gor)

Gorean Life: Tillys Story

Thursday, February 7th, 2013

The History of the Two Southern Trade Alliances On Gor

Monday, October 15th, 2012

[October 2011 – October 2012, taken from the NEW VOICE OF GOR, v.2, issue 76)]



There was only one Southern Trade Alliance in the past. This alliance had been created by the Port of Meqara at the Vosk river. Fina and Turia dominated this alliance because Meqara is only a small port. The City of Landa had been invited to join the STA in the year 10161 contasta Ar.

After a while Turia declared war against Landa for no specific reason in the eight month of the same year. [November 2011]

[16:54:25] Rayah Wrexan (rayah.marenwolf): What would be the demands to end this war before it starts?
[16:54:48] Sherman Easterwood [Praetor of Landa]: “I resolved nothing, I spoke to you and you refused to resolve it. Said I should speak directly to the man who threatened.”
[16:55:03] Darius Vayandar [Ubar of Turia]: What will end this war, is Yuroki being arrested and brought to Turian courts to stand trial for his actions.


Second Day of the Eighth Passage Hand in the year of the Priest Kings.
We, the City of Turia, hereby issue a Declaration of WAR against the Port City of Landa. This is in direct reference in regards to attacks on one of Turia’s allies, the City of Rarn, thus directly disrupting the trade route between that of Turia and its ally.
This is a full Declaration of War from the City of Turia to the City of Landa.
Administrator of the City of Turia,
Signature: Darius Vayandar

Letter of Rarius Yuroki, Ubar of Landa, to the council members of Landa:
Turia was always hostile to me and Landa without a reason. They attacked us without a reason. We did not react to avoid a war. But now it is enough. We will make Turia a suburb of Landa and call it Troy.
Rarius Yuroki
Ubar of Landa

Landa in war – The Ubar’s speech to the troops

Turia attacked the strong walls of Landa several times but they failed. Landa hired mercs from the Voltai mountains and got some warriors and even the Ubar of Turia in chains.

[12:29 PM] Aron Zahm running his free hand over the man’s back of the head and he grasps the man’s hair with a sudden move. He then draws his hand back along with the man’s head without a delay between moves. His hand, which was holding dagger takes it’s position in front of the man’s throat and he slit’s the man’s throat with a sudden pressure and drawing move with sharp dagger
[12:29 PM] GM 4.1 shouts: Bounty Silversmith [of Turia] has been killed by aron zahm

Turia did not expect to lose the War but they did. Then Port Meqara which was allie of Landa betrayed us and started to fight against us as well.

Lady Dez, the head scribe of Landa, wrote a letter about this betrayal and the Southern Trade Alliance:


There comes a time when one feels one must speak up, and this time has come for me.

Let me tell you what has made me so upset. So upset that I took the time to pull a scroll and started to write my reasons why I feel this way.

The STA. Yes I am angry about the STA.. The STA was an idea by an egotistical and egocentric maniac who has turned out to be a dictator and terrorist all in one.

It was believed that the STA. Which called itself the Southern Trade Alliance, would be here to protect the trade ways between the cities, since the north was threatening the south.. It was not in any way to tell us how to live who to be allied with and what our rules or laws can be. How that group has turned into such a dictorship, I don’t know. Where they get off shouting orders to other cities who they can be allied with and who not, I don’t know.. And I have had enough of it.

The trouble started when we asked the STA to help us with obtaining copper from a Rarn and nothing was done.. Rarn would not respond to our wishes to trade.. it seems they were deaf to any requests to Landa. So Landa reacted and instead of the STA helping , considering it is a trade alliance, it expelled Landa from that group by night, with only 3 or 4 cities awake. They pushed it through before anyone else could intervene. Anyone else who would dare stand in the way of them would be crushed or kicked out as well.

Landa was humiliated, accused, urinated on and so forth.. but that’s not all.. so let me tell you what happened, if you have not heard it already.

The City of Atria came to Landa and we welcomed them with open arms. We formed an alliance and all was well. Until one day the STA decided that this was not going to happen and they laid fires in Atria with a warning that if they do not dissolve the Alliance, that they would be burned to the ground.

Unfortunately the leaders of Atria caved and the Alliance was severed.. That’s too bad because, even though I am a FW, that really upset me and I would have not stood for the terrorist demands. On the contrary, I would have amassed as many of my friends and protected the city ..stood up for what is right and demand an apology for daring to tell us who we can or can not be allied with. Well, too bad. It was heartbreaking to see our friends turn on us.

I have also heard that we have been accused or not fighting fairly or not being honorable and all sorts of things.. So let me tell you this:

Landa Is a proud and strong City.. We are honorable and loyal people and we will defend ourselves as we see fit and no one.. and I mean absolutely no one can tell us otherwise. We will never be ordered around by the egomaniac or by the wimps of the STA. WE will, if we have to, stand on our own and do as we have have always done. Live honorable and do what is right, protect our people and our friends. We will not pay homage to the STA !

So, having written what I have carried around in my heart for so long, I now feel better.. thank you for reading my article and have a pleasant day..*smiles
~Lady Dez

Landa could not be defeated. Fina was member of the Southern Trade alliance and voted Landa out, and Tafa and Meqara did this as well.

Landa made several proposals to try and end the war, but they declined everything.

[14:56] Yuroki Uriza shouts: Landa was here Fina! This is the last warning! LEAVE THE SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE!

Landa attacked Fina several times between the 12th month of the year 10161 and the month of En’kara of the year 10162 and defeated them, but did not take captives.


Then the high council of Landa made a decision:

Declaration of War against Fina, Sulport, Midas, Port of Meqara, Turia and Thentis

The High Council of Landa declares that a state of war exists between the Cites Of The STA and the Government and the people of Landa Continent are making provisions to prosecute the same. Whereas the Cities Of The STA has committed unprovoked acts of war against the Government and the people of Landa Continent. Therefore be it Resolved by the High Council of Landa assembled. That the state of war between Landa Continent and the Cities Of The STA which has thus been thrust upon Landa Continent is hereby formally declared. The newly appointed Ubar is hereby authorized to employ the entire naval and military forces of Landa Continent and the resources of Landa Continent to carry on war against the Cities Of The STA. To bring the conflict to a successful termination. All of the resources of Landa Continent are hereby pledged by the High Council.

Approved and signed by High Council of Landa on 1st Day, First Hand of Month of Hesius, Year of Ar 10169
Yuroki Uriza, Ubar of Landa
Targa Runner, Commander of Landa
Sherman Easterwood, Praedor of Landa
Lady Dezire Sciarri, Head Scribe of Landa
Lady Judy Beck, Head Physician of Landa


written by lady Dez
Second day of the first hand of the month of Hesius

As I was sorting through the scrolls which threatened to crash my desk, I heard the alarm ring. I stopped and walked to the balcony to see what was happening.. Dark clouds hovered over the dock and upon closer inspections I saw as warriors arrived from not only one but several cities.. I remember seeing Meqara, Thentis, Fina, and Sulport. I squinted my eyes and I believe I saw midas as well, but I could be mistaken.

It did not look at all like a friendly visit, and I feared our Warriors would be badly outnumbered.

I saw grapples being thrown over the walls and the enemies tried to breech the wall. For an ahn Landa’s Warriors were able to keep the enemy out of the city, but eventually the wall was breeched and they got inside. Some of Landa’s fierce fighters left the wall and engaged in hand to hand combat.

I watched in horror as the fighting continued. I knew our men are strong and fierce fighters, but I worried that they might not be able to withstand so many and hold them at bay.

The battled continued for two ahns, but contrary to my fears, Landa stood strong. Many attackers lay bound in the streets of Landa. I stood and watched as it drew to an end. In a show of good faith Landa released it’s prisoners and allowed them to return to their city.

Everyone was proud of the way the men defended Landa. After the fighting was over the Free Women ran into the street yelling with joy, as they celebrated the men’s successful defense of Landa.

battle of landabattle of landa

Pictures: Heavy fighting at the gate house (above). The Ubar of Landa (right) talking to the admin of Fina.

[8 defenders, 18 attackers, 2hrs fighting]

Inscription of the Obelisk of Landa:





On the month of Camerius of the year 10162 contasta Ar [June 2012] a fairly large number of cities, oasis and villages came together in Landa and established a new trade alliance of Southern Gor.

Citizens of A NEW AND TRUE SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE Join together to form a Magna Carta:

The Citizens of the TRUE SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE, in league. to form a more perfect coalition and to establish Justice, to ensure domestic tranquility, to provide for trade with safe passage, to promote the general well-being and to secure the Blessings of the Priest Kings to ourselves and our posterity and to prescribe and validate this:
We proclaim to work together towards trade support. To unify the south against invaders seen from any entity especially from the North and the Vosk region (as the false Southern Trade Alliance from Meqara is just a front organization of the Vosk League) that disrupts our mutual trade investments within our Ports, Cities and Oasis, for peace and prosperity and the protection of our trade routes.
We the under signed with the seal of our city hereby proclaim:
(In this document the term city refers to City, Oasis, Town, Village or Encampment)
1. The cities will work together towards beneficial trade between member states.
2. An option for military support against cities not within the Southern Trade Alliance of Gor ( Each attack will be decided by member states ).
3. No member city will belong to the Vosk League or Southern Trade Alliance .
4. The Alliance will endeavor to keep the peace and allow trade to flourish.
5. All member states will act at all times within the codes of the castes of each city.
6. Any dispute between cities will be settled in the court of the city which the dispute arose .
7. Any dispute involving a group of cities will be settled in a neutral city with three Legal Scribes making the final decision if the cities cannot agree.
8. Each state will be responsible for their own coin and accept the coin of other cities. Each state will set their own exchange rate.


The sign of the true Southern Trade Alliance


The false Southern Trade Alliance of Port Meqara and Fina was only a front company to intrude the south of Gor and to support Turia which was a marionette of Fina all the time.

The founder of the Vosk League STA is dead [left Gor]. A scout reported that even Fina left the Southern Trade Alliance. There is nothing left except a lonely sign at the walls of Port Meqara, Tafa and Sulport and Port Cos.

Court Verdict

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012


[15:33] Sherman Easterwood enters the Courtroom and sits behind the bench. Bangs the gavel down hard 3 times and starts to speak in a loud clear voice “This Court of Landa will come to order. We will now continue with Case #04022012 Landa vs Sir Arris Vesuvino. Several people stood and said things in support of the defendent yesterday. After court yesterday I was handed a scroll by Lady Guls in support of the defendant. If there are those present that have not spoken in support of Sir Arris but now wish to, I will allow them to now.” Looks out on the crowd to see if anyone wishes to speak.”
[15:35] Dezire Sciarri looks around in the crowd to see if anyone has something to say
[15:37] Sherman Easterwood ask a final time “Does anyone wish to say anything in support of the final time.”
[15:37] Sherman Easterwood takes a breath and continues “Sir Arris Vesuvino please stand as your verdict is read.”
[15:38] Arris Vesuvino: slpowly rises
[15:38] Sherman Easterwood looks at the man and starts to speak clearly
[15:38] Sherman Easterwood: Sir Arris Vesuvino is accused of Face Stripping of a Free Woman, Forced Collaring of a Free Woman and Assault.
[15:38] Sherman Easterwood: 1) On the charge of Assault I find Sir Arris not guilty. There is circumstantial evidence present that the Lady was assaulted. However, there is no direct evidence and therefore the charge cannot be proven.
[15:39] Sherman Easterwood: 2) On the charges of Face Stripping of a Free Woman and Forced Collaring of a Free Woman, Sir Arris Vesuvino admitted to me in an interview and here on the stand that he did, in essence, both face strip and force collar a Free Woman. I therefore find Sir Arris guilty of both charges. The Laws of Landa, which includes all of Landa Continent not just what happens within the walls of the city, prevail over any other law on the Continent of Landa. The Laws of Landa clearly state:
[15:40] Sherman Easterwood: 1) No woman of Landa may be force collared within the city walls without the order of a Magistrate. Within the city walls encompass all of Landa Continent. There was no such order requested or given in this matter. If anyone thinks a woman should be collared the woman should be detained and then the matter brought up to the Praetor/Magistrate to decide what to do.
[15:40] Sherman Easterwood: 2) Within the city walls, a Free Woman shall not be forcibly face stripped without the order of a Magistrate. Those found guilty of such a crime shall be subject to fines and imprisonment. Within the city walls encompass all of Landa Continent. There was no such order requested or given in this matter. If anyone thinks a woman should be face stripped the woman should be detained and then the matter brought up to the Praetor/Magistrate to decide what to do.
[15:40] gerbilwatcher Xue: holds her breath ,,,
[15:41] Sherman Easterwood: With the above said All Ladies should remember this. Free women in Landa are expected to conduct themselves with a level of decorum in public, worthy of their position as Free Women. There is a law in Landa that clearly states “Free Women may not enter a Tavern or Brothel. Those will be punished according to the Law of Landa. The exception is in case of emergency, a Physician may to in to treat a patient until they can be moved to the Infirmary.” Being in a tavern is something that will quickly lead you to a collar. I will not hesitate to sign an order giving permission for your collaring and face stripping, if you are found guilty of a crime. Being in a tavern is something that could quickly lead you to a collar.
[15:42] Sherman Easterwood pauses and lets what he has said sink in before continuing
[15:42] Arris Vesuvino: i have a question if i may
[15:42] Sherman Easterwood: “No Sir you may not at this time.”
[15:42] Arris Vesuvino: nods
[15:43] Sherman Easterwood continues
[15:43] Sherman Easterwood: I will now pass sentence on Sir Arris Vesuvino. There were many who spoke of the good character of Sir Arris Vesuvino. I have taken into consideration these statements of support in my sentence. I publicly admonish Sir Arris Vesuvino for not knowing the Laws of Landa, as they pertain to his actions. I have been told he is an excellent slaver and provides high quality slaves. He is directed to arrange a time to come to my office so we can discuss the the Laws of Landa as they pertain to his Caste of Slaver.
[15:43] Sherman Easterwood: “This completes the verdict in this case.”
[15:44] Dezire Sciarri breathes again
[15:44] Sherman Easterwood bangs the gavel 3 times “This court is adjourned.” stands and walks back to his office.
[15:44] Arris Vesuvino: i thank the court in its fair judgment in this case

Yuroki’s First Anniversary as City Administrator

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

new year

[15:06] Sherman Easterwood: “The Admin has served Landa for a year now. To start the ceremony I would like the Blessed One to bestow a blessing upon us all.”
[15:06] Sherman Easterwood steps aside to allow the Blessed One to speak
[15:06] Dorian Trevellion turns to face the group “It will end of course with the words Ta Sardar Gor! which you may repeat…
[15:07] Dorian Trevellion: Gracious Priest Kings who rule the universe. I ask your blessings on this joyous occasion, Help them to perform this task, drawing on your energy and strength. May the time be favorable and may fortune assist them. Behold, may you protect this fair City, and Island, LANDA *and* its Administrator, and rightful Government, may you keep them prosperous and safe; for they are your servants and their love is with you forever.

All goodly and healthful things I wish you!.
All that’s good for thee and thine
And still, not only for Landa Isle,
But all we know to be divine.

In Sunshine and in shadow
Through dancing and in song
May Priest Kings bless this Splendid city
Throughout your whole life long!
[15:07] Dorian Trevellion: Ta Sardar Gor!

new year

[15:09] Sherman Easterwood looks out over the crowd once again “Thank you Blessed One. Now the First Girl of HoY has something she would like to say. Come girl and speak your words.”
[15:10] Torlok2 Resident coaxes her to claw the initiates robes
[15:10] Lilith Lindley stands up and motions her sisters to come with her and stand with her
[15:10] wendie Lemon follows her sister
[15:10] Yuroki Uriza: makes a curious face
[15:10] Bailey Lyre: chews on torloks axe handle
[15:10] Lilith Lindley: come sisters let´s gather here
[15:11] Targa Runner looks at maha “you may as well, mine”
[15:11] Marlena Follet: thank you my Master smiles and follwos the sisters
[15:11] Lilith Lindley smiles and waits for mahasin to come too
[15:12] Torlok2 Resident chuckles and gives the beast a sweet treat
[15:12] Lilith Lindley: My Master, Masters and Mistresses, slaves of Landa and last but not least my beloved chain sisters she says her voice trembling a little bit.
[15:13] Lilith Lindley: I am here to say thank you to our Master we love and adore.
[15:13] Yuroki Uriza: smiles and appreciates the attitude of his En Fora
[15:13] Lilith Lindley: When I joined Landa at with him one year ago I couldnt even imagine
[15:14] Lilith Lindley: how many time and engagement it would need to be the Administrator of his city.
[15:14] Lilith Lindley: And even the duties of the Admin takes a lot of time our Master always cares for his girls
[15:14] Dorian Trevellion smiles, looking at Yuroki.
[15:14] Lilith Lindley: and tries to be with us as much time as possible.
[15:15] Lilith Lindley: And there is always time for a joke and laughter too.
[15:15] Lilith Lindley: My Master I could write pages here but your chain would like to thank you for all you have given to us this first year ind Landa
[15:16] Torlok2 Resident tries and hold a straight face
[15:16] Lilith Lindley: your guidance love and kindness are an inspriation to all.
[15:16] Dezire Sciarri smiles
[15:16] Esme22 Resident smiles warmly
[15:16] Lilith Lindley: You will always be in our hearts.
[15:16] Lilith Lindley bows and motions her sisters to gather around our Master
[15:17] wendie Lemon whispers well done sister
[15:17] Yuroki Uriza: smiles, thank you lilith, that touches my heart


[15:18] Sherman Easterwood: “Now a representive of the citizens of Landa has a poem she would like to share. Lady Dahiyah please come read your poem.”
[15:18] Esme22 Resident nods agreeing and claps softly hearing her name moves to the stand
[15:18] Sherman Easterwood steps aside making room for the Lady
[15:19] Esme22 Resident: Tal Landa…smiles
[15:19] Esme22 Resident: this poem is a contribution to our Administrator inspired by another poem and poet
May you have the grace and wisdom
To act kindly, learning
To distinguish between what is
Personal and what is not.

May you be hospitable to criticism.
May you act not from arrogance but out of service.
May you work on yourself,
Building up and refining the ways of your mind.
[15:20] Esme22 Resident: May those who work for you know
You see and respect them.
May you learn to cultivate the art of presence
In order to engage with those who meet you.

When someone fails or disappoints you,
May the graciousness with which you engage
Be their stairway to renewal and refinement.
May you treasure the gifts of the mind
Through reading and creative thinking
So that you continue as a servant of the frontier
Where the new will draw its enrichment from the old,
And you never become a functionary.

May you know the wisdom of deep listening
The healing of wholesome words,
The encouragement of the appreciative gaze,
The decorum of held dignity,
The springtime edge of the bleak question.
May you have a mind that loves frontiers
So that you can evoke the bright fields
That lie beyond the view of the regular eye.

May you have good friends
To mirror your blind spots.
May leadership be for you
A true adventure of growth

[15:21] Esme22 Resident: smiles and stops then speaks gently again…
[15:21] Esme22 Resident: May you Yuroki Uriza, our beloved Landa Administrator be the righteous example that shines and guide us through our days in serving and caring for Landa.