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What will be the fate of the prisoners?

Saturday, March 9th, 2024

exchange Point Oasis of Klima

Exploring the area near the Exchange point of the Oasis of Klima…

exchange Point Oasis of Klima

On to the Battle!

exchange Point Oasis of Klima

Arriving at the Oasis with captives…

exchange Point Oasis of Klima

Inside the salt mines of Klima

Dangerous Tahari

Sunday, May 21st, 2023

lame kaiila oasis of klima

Sunrise at the Oasis of Lame Kaiila. A caravan is getting ready to march to the Oasis of Klima. What surprises will the next few days bring?

lame kaiila oasis of klima

The caravan leaders decided to march in two groups. The first group had to protect the initiate. It consisted of merchants from Venna and warriors and fighting slaves from Isfahan. The second group marched along with warriors from the Oasis of Scimitars.

lame kaiila oasis of klimalame kaiila oasis of klima

After a long march, the first group reached the area around the exchange point of the Oasis of Klima.- She was attacked there by a Kur. A fierce fight ensued.

lame kaiila oasis of klimalame kaiila oasis of klima

After the arrival of the second group, the Kur was captured. The initiate was unharmed and was guided through the salt mines of Klima.

lame kaiila oasis of klimalame kaiila oasis of klima

In a secret place in the oasis of Klima gathered the leaders of the Southern Trade Alliance, the warriors of the desert and the leaders of the caravan. A man some already knew was proclaimed the new Salt Ubar. The initiate held a small ceremony and gave his blessing.

lame kaiila oasis of klima

On the way back, the caravan got caught in violent sandstorms and was torn into several groups. Luckily everyone found their way back.

lame kaiila oasis of klimalame kaiila oasis of klima

Many barrels with sand in Isfahan

Sunday, May 21st, 2023


The House of Yuroki Trading Company was commissioned to transport fine sand from the Tahari to Isfahan. A large caravan of Kaiila arrived at the gates of the city in the Schendi region. The kajirii were busy unloading the many barrels.

En’Kara Fair, final

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

enkara 2023enkara 2023
Gorm Runo

[13:04] Darius Wilberg: Tal Administrator
[13:04] Gorm Runo shouts: Ten days ago, we gathered at the Temple in front of the Sardar Mountains, to formally open En’kara23 and ask the blessings of the Priest-Kings on our efforts. It appears our prayers were answered as the Fair unfolded without major disruption, and our goals were mostly met to advance the entire SL community.
[13:04] Fidelio Matador: stands and salutes the Administrator
[13:04] Gorm Runo shouts: One of the things that has attracted me to Gor, and kept me fascinated over these many years is the tiered approach to our responsibilities. Even those communities that do not recognize “Home Stones” follow this approach.
[13:04] Gorm Runo shouts: It says that the most important Home Stone is our individual one. We are most responsible for ourselves, and those we care for. If all is not in order “at home”, we are no good to anyone else.
[13:05] Gorm Runo shouts: And when our own personal situation is under control , we turn to the next level. Our City, our Holding, or our Tribe. We are able now to accomplish something positive on that level.
[13:05] Gorm Runo shouts: And when our City, Holding, tribe, or group is doing well, we look to the final level. Gor. Which we are told means., Home Stone in all the known languages of the planet. We are all bound together in a common humanity. Marcus of Ar, many years ago, wrote an essay that suggested this idea. “When any of us improves in any way, the sum total improves, and the chances of our survival becomes better
[13:06] Gorm Runo shouts: “And when any of us grows weaker, the sum total is now weaker, and the chance of survival less.”
[13:06] Gorm Runo shouts: That is the true spirit of En’kara.
[13:06] Gorm Runo shouts: I would to begin the ceremony today by making two special awards. These awards do not have anything to do with this year’s Fair, but rather recognize the contributions of two leaders of our community.
[13:07] Gorm Runo shouts: We have chosen to call these awards, “Cornerstone of SL Gor awards, because Second Life Gor has been built on their work and their efforts, not over the last ten days, but for many years.
[13:07] Gorm Runo shouts: It is our hope that this award gets picked up by our friends in Genesian Port , as they assume the leadership role for next year., and becomes an En’kara tradition that will produce a sort of “SL Gor Hall of Fame” as the years go on

enkara 2023
Lucy Bronet (left), Ubara of Olni

[13:07] Gorm Runo shouts: For our first CornerStone award, we have chosen a Free Woman of Gor. Next month, she will celebrate her 15th anniversary in Second Life. I have always considered the role of Gorean Free Woman as one of the hardest in our World. Over the years, very few have understood this role as well as our first awardee.
[13:08] Gorm Runo shouts: She has served our community as a sim administrator, and most importantly as a role model, and mentor , to a whole generation of Gorean role players. I can never recall a single instance when her name was not mentioned with the greatest respect and admiration.
[13:08] Gorm Runo shouts: I am pleased to award the first CornerStone of SL Gor award to the Lady Lucy Bronet of the city of Port Olni in gratitude for all the time and effort she has given to our community for those 15 years.
[13:08] Vαяη (varndavar.magic): >>>applause<<<

enkara 2023enkara 2023enkara 2023

[13:12] Gorm Runo shouts: Our second CornerStone of SL Gor award goes to a man who, just before the Fair began, celebrated his 18th year in Second Life Gor. He was present when the very first Gorean sim was opened, and he picked up the pieces when it was destroyed after a short time. For years, and years, he has hosted the Wednesday discussion from Glorious Ar, and served as a moderator as well. Every other Friday night, he hosts a tournament at his city. For year , after year, and week after week, he has faithfully supported those activities, and been a beacon of Honor and Loyalty to all who know him.
[13:12] Gorm Runo shouts: I am pleased to award the CornerStone of SL Gor award to Fidelio Matador, the Administrator of Glorious Ar, and I am proud and humbled to say, my Friend.
[13:14] Fidelio Matador shouts: I am deeply touched to be so honored; however, in truth I would ask that you award this honor to another man who deserves it more.
[13:15] Fidelio Matador shouts: I refer to Scar Statosky, who has maintained not only a city but an active community in Ko-ro-ba for only a couple weeks shorter time than Ar. I honestly believe that Scar has done more for our community than I have, and I do not yet understand why the Hell his city has not come to this fair. I intend to find out. In the meanwhile, please respect my wish and award this honor to Scar in my place. Thanks! Over.

enkara 2023
Nicholas Eel, Administrator of Sais (right)

enkara 2023
Fairgoer Lady Luella, also director of the Oasis Dancers

[13:23] Gorm Runo shouts: Ok, now lets turn our attention to En’kara23. We had a couple of awards that were voted on by the attendees of the Fair.
[13:23] Gorm Runo shouts: The first is for “Friendliest Campsite” And the winner is.
Tarn Ridge!!
[13:24] Gorm Runo shouts: We were so pleased with the many rp stalls spread over the Fair this year. They added so much to the Fair experience. It was really a close race for the Best RP market stall, but the winner is Lady Sabine’s Perfumes,
[13:25] Gorm Runo shouts: Caste day, was a new idea for the Fair. Devoting one whole day to each Caste, allowed us to build just one “Caste tent” to help free up space, and help in the fight against lag. I was very pleased with the response of the Castes to this idea. I suspect next year, they will come even better organized and more prepared to highlight the advances, and issues of their Caste.
[13:25] Gorm Runo shouts: However, the winner for “Best Caste Day” presentation goes to the Physicians, Lady Agrika Carver HOC.
[13:27] Gorm Runo shouts: and our final people’s choice awards goes to the “Friendliest Fairgoer” I do not think this was even close. The winner was everywhere during these ten days, supporting, helping, and making people smile, while also had a lot of responsibilities as a member of the Fair Staff
[13:28] Gorm Runo shouts: The winner of the Friendliest Fairgoer goes to our own, Mews Lowell.
[13:29] Gorm Runo shouts: I had the honor of helping judge a building competition held by the Builders Caste. My thanks to Atticus, who served as our HOC for this.
[13:30] Gorm Runo shouts: With a score of 56, the diorama detailing The Marchers from Explorers of Gor, by Leelah, wins first place and a prize of 10,000L in store credit from Studio Skye.
[13:31] Gorm Runo shouts: Earlier in the week, the staff selected Lar-Torvis as the best campsite, (determined by the most visually welcoming and useful using the allotted prims) We have their trophy available now.
[13:32] Gorm Runo shouts: And our final award, and perhaps most prestigious of all, is the Spirit of Enkara23 award. It is awarded to the person who best embodies the En’kara spirit all week long.
The winner this year, certainly deserves it. He was everywhere, helping with everything all week. I never heard him say no, and his positive, “lets do it” attitude was infectious.
The winner this year, certainly deserves it. He was everywhere, helping with everything all week. I never heard him say no, and his positive, “lets do it” attitude was infectious.
[13:32] Gorm Runo shouts: I am pleased to award the Spirit of En’kara23 award to. drum roll
[13:33] Gorm Runo shouts: Halvard Raskstal of the City of Genesian Port!!

enkara 2023

[13:36] MadShepard Fyrewik shouts: I have to give thanks to Administrator Gorm for trusting me with this immense project and showing faith when it got difficult…and to my girl Twinkie for every effort and tireless mile she ran to do everything I asked of her and more…and of course to Raven who worked consistently and constantly when others weren’t able…she stepped up when others couldn’t and has done so many things behind the scenes! Of course I also can’t go without mentioning the one who has been keeping the audio running through the various events and musical performances, our own GCR Station Manager, Elric Elvehjem, Thank you for Juggling all the Audibles this year once again! Also thank you Cole Cervantes who headed our Marshals and insured the peace was kept (probably one of the toughest jobs). I simply can’t thank you all enough!
[13:37] MadShepard Fyrewik shouts: I also want to acknowledge and thank every single fairgoer who attended this year for making it the most successful En’kara to date! Your stories in our rich culture are why this event happens and is the reason we do everything we can to make it the best we can make!
[13:38] MadShepard Fyrewik shouts: I think I’ve talked long enough and it’s time to pass the torch as they say, so once again I give you the Administrator of the Free port of Caer Cadarn, and En’kara 2023 Liaison Gorm Runo! We love you all and we can not wait to see you next year!
[13:38] Gorm Runo shouts: And now, I am going to declare En’kara23 officially closed, but in the spirit of what we hope to become a new tradition, I call upon the entire Second Life Gorean community to gather next spring here at the base of the Sardar mountains for En’kara24.

O Musico!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2022


Victor Jarvis ( observa as pessoas chegando, entre elas Fred e sua FC e lança outro verso “vejo chegando um casal de vermelho, Fred, nosso grande comandante, e sua FC, que de suas qualidades se torna um espelho”

Victor Jarvis ( gentilmente ajoelha enquanto toca, em referencia ao casal de nobres que gastam um pouco de seu tempo para ouvir sua humilde música “Tal Ubar e Tal Lady”

Fred Garous (freddsk) Chegando na praça escuta uma boa melodia, olhando e observando os demais presentes, avista o amigo de PortCos e a Doutora Ranna, juntamente o musico a entoar uma canção!! Tal amigos “eu disse”

Victor Jarvis ( continua a trovar, sempre com sua voz acompanhando a melodia de seu alaúde “A que devo a honra de ter em minha presença tal nobre casal? Vieram apreciar ou aos artistas como eu apenas vieram dizer tchau?”

Fred Garous (freddsk) Sorri ao amigo, viemos apreciar sua musica, alegrar os nossos ouvidos com uma bela canção, eu repondo”

Fenwith (qaldyari): “Who doesn’t enjoy a tune to brighten even the most beautiful of nights?”
“Quem não gosta de uma música para alegrar até as noites mais bonitas?”

Victor Jarvis ( dedilhando continua a trovar “isso me deixa bastante feliz, nos contos do norte é dito que da sua lamina, panteras, talunas e Kurii temem o encostar apenas de um tris”

Lady Valentina (valvalente) caminha ao lado de seu FC quando vê um homem com um instrumento em mãos, entoando uma canção no meio da praça principal da vila, aos poucos todos que passam vão parando para apreciar a canção que ele entoa em versos e prosas, então sussurra para seu companheiro: – veja, um homem da casta dos músicos se apresentando, eu gostaria de parar para assistir, meu FC . depois olha ao redor e reconhecendo alguns livres os cumprimenta acenando e dizendo: – Saudações.

Victor Jarvis ( “indeed my fellow Fen, to write down some songs is just need a lute and a pen”

Fenwith (qaldyari): “Alas there I am not gifted. I can always appreciate the beauty of a well played song, but my fingers would never coax out the notes to make anything more than a sleen squeal.”
“Infelizmente, eu não sou dotado. Eu sempre posso apreciar a beleza de uma música bem tocada, mas meus dedos nunca persuadiriam as notas para fazer algo mais do que um guincho de sleen.”

Victor Jarvis ( continua a trovar “vejo que Fred e sua lady são um casal bem amado, justo que eles que de sua casta vemos o vermelho encarnado”

Victor Jarvis ( troves “every single man is gifted at least, or we could be compared to a regular beast”

Fenwith (qaldyari): Laughs. “Oh I have my talents, just not in the art of music.”
“eu tenho meus talentos, mas não na arte da música.”

Fred Garous (freddsk) Junto com sua FC, começa a se alegar, é de costume se alegrar com paga nas tavernas, e as pulseiras nos tornozelos de escravas, mas os simbalos tambores e musica dos músicos também trazem alegria,”

Victor Jarvis ( começa a desacelerar o ritmo das músicas, chegando a um fim “já toco por horas, meus dedos doem e minha voz some, mas com tão nobre público não posso parar apenas por que sinto fome”

Victor Jarvis ( dança e caminha um pouco abaixo da praça, andando entre a multidão dances and walks down the square walking towards the crowd

Fenwith (qaldyari): I reach in my pouch and pull out a silver tarsk. I flip it up in the air towards the minstrel. “Your art is appreciated good sir.”
“Eu alcanço minha bolsa e tiro um tarsk de prata. Eu o viro no ar em direção ao menestrel. “Sua arte é apreciada, bom senhor.”

Fred Garous (freddsk) parabens amigo, sempre gostei das melodias de Gor que vem dos músicos,, realmente não tem nada melhor em vê-lo por aqui entoado suas canções, sorri olhando discretamente para sua FC

Victor Jarvis ( knees and appreciate the offer of the noble Fenwith

Victor Jarvis ( se sente comovido por ser elogiado pelo Ubar em pessoa, também ajoelha e faz sinal de gratidão, não deixando de tocar seu alaúde

Lady Valentina (valvalente) fica entusiasmada ouvindo o músico e sorri sob o véu de rua escarlate, o artista alegrava a pequena vila com sua arte e deixava a todos alegres e satisfeitos, então fala novamente com seu companheiro: – talvez devesse colocar uma moeda na mão dele, meu FC .

Victor Jarvis ( reduzindo ainda mais o andamento da música canta um verso final “já canto há horas e minha garganta esta seca, e desafinado o meu alaúde, irei beber um pouco e a todos vocês desejo toda a saúde”

Fred Garous (freddsk) Alegre em ver toda aquela melodia, também aceno para o Musico, lhe desejo o bem meu bom amigo!!

Victor Jarvis ( “Obrigado a todos os presentes, vocês fizeram o dia de um humilde trovador mais feliz. Me sinto honrado por ter minha apresentação vista pelo grande Ubar e sua valorosa FC. Obrigado a todos” e curva-se como um artista após sua apresentação

Council Meeting: Inauguration of an Ubar

Friday, January 21st, 2022


O Roxo e o medalhão

Athena Kips deixo a sala preparada pra reunião do Alto conselho e percebo a chegadas dos representantes das castas de Rarir “Saudações à todos!” e os vejos encaminhando-se para seus assentos. Da mesma forma também o faço.

Ranna Vallona (ranavalunna) Havia recebido um pergaminho de convocação para uma reunião extraordinária do Conselho. No horário aproximado, sai do hospital seguida por Tabs que aguarda no saguão da Casa dos Escribas. Acena pra ele e sobe as escadas , com passos decididos entra na sala apropriada. Os presentes já se cumprimentavam dando por iniciada os assuntos do dia. Tomo assento e os cumprimento – “Saudações a todos”. – Olho na direção de cada um com sorriso contido na face.

Fred Garous (freddsk) Mediante isso o alto conselho pode nomear um chefe de Guerra, e será um das casta dos guerreiros, nao vejo nenhum outro aqui em nossa frente visto que eu sou o comandamte e estive como braço direito do Magistrado” também enfrentamos alguns perigos que rodearam a vila, e estamos sobre aviso, nada ainda acabou. me considero apto para assumir a vila como Ubar, se assim o conselho votar é claro ou posso me nomear Ubar e esperar que o povo o aceite. sorrindo consigo mesmo”

LeliaLeal sorri satisfeita com o voto do Alto Conselho que elege o Ubar por unanimidade, então ouvindo o que era falado na reunião olha para o Comandante, queria aproveitar para informar sobre os assuntos de sua Casta então fala- meu Ubar, certamente teremos as comemorações mas temos muitas obras em andamento, como o portão das muralhas que está em construção, peço sua autorização para dar prosseguimento a este investimento e contribuir assim com a segurança da nossa Home Stone.

Ranna Vallona (ranavalunna): “Mesmo sendo algo normal e corriqueiro de minha Casta eu não posso deixar de notar a cosntancia com que os Rarius chegam feridos à enfermaria com a luta que travam para manter a Home Stone de pé”- Coloca as mãos espalmadas na mesa e corre a ponta de um dos dedos perseguindo um veio da madeira -“Mais certo que o Vosk nos traga a presença de piratas é que as suas águas sempre vão desaguar no Thassa” – Sorri e continua -“Tão natural quanto isso é que Rarir volte a ser um Ubarato neste momento e que venham os dias de gloria e louvor”.

Fred Garous (freddsk) Vou lhes contar uma historia; para que eu deixe o conselho bem ciente do meu proposito, em uma época nas florestas fora de Brundisium, um famoso bandido chamado Clearchus proclamou sua área de operações como Ubarate, proclamou-se seu Ubar, e então passou a impor impostos e cobrar pedágios. Curiosamente, com o tempo, várias cidades concederam esse reconhecimento diplomático de Ubarate, geralmente em troca de concessões sobre os impostos e pedágios. Finalmente, uma grande força de mercenários, na contratação da casta mercantil, em uma campanha que durou vários meses, pôs fim ao espúrio reino de Clearchus, expulsando-o da floresta e dispersando seus homens. e geralmente concedido, no entanto, que se Clearchus tivesse mais homens, ele poderia ter se tornado o fundador de um estado. eu nao quero fundar nada aqui na vila nem tão pouco trazer guerra, apenas protege-la de futuras ameças, que fique bem claro, a vila de Rarir sempre foi e sera melhor do jeito que esta! ouvindo a Lady da casta dos contrutores acena para ela dizendo – isso realmente é necessario um portão de entrada eu concordo e aprovo.


We made the march to Klima

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Oasis of Klima

At the gates of Teehra: [14:00] Lysander (davie.frequency) makes his way through the stand on surprisingly steady feet for one clearly not of the area. Still, the people themselves aren’t familiar to him, and he grunts as he moves up a few feet behind Zaahir, hand resting on the pommel of his sword loosely – he’s certainly not expecting trouble at this, of all places, but best to be safe. “Salaam,” he says simply, eyes scanning the horizon before returning to the others and dipping his head in a nod.
[14:01] zazu (ioneus.trill) closes his hand and brings his fist to his chest. As the greetings were given. He then turned towards the one who spoke of the endurance of his Thalarion. “Alas you are correct, only kaiila will get us across the Dune Sea to see the new Salt Ubar”.

Oasis of Klima

[14:12] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): points at the walls: “that seems to be the exchange point! Here is red and white salt from Klima… they brought it here,,, and food for Klima. But where is the oasis itself?
[14:14] Lysander (davie.frequency) grunts, muttering something to Zaahir about how he’s not paid to be charming, then lifts the long black cloth up to cover his mouth and nose as he ducks his head and follows the others through the sands.
[14:14] Jonathaneus con Kassau (jonathaneus): …gone with the wind….he scratches his neck…all on his skin was sand….sand…and….sand….*
[14:14] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): “I see footsteps over there, look at the dunes!” He points at the direction of the dunes behind the wall….
[14:14] zazu (ioneus.trill) gasps as their guide lead them to a trade post. “You mean you dont know?”
[14:14] Aisha Zohra Bukhara-Namaar (sarynaga) she sniffs the air, “I do not smell….water” she wrinkled her nose again, and was glad she had packed bota’s of water for both herself and for Kemal
[14:14] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): here are footsteps…

Oasis of Klima

The salt in solution is obtained in two ways, by drilling and flush mining and, in the deeper pits, by sending men below to fetch the brine. In the drilling and flush mining, two systems are used, the doublepipe system and the separate-pipe system. In the double-pipe system fresh water is forced into the cavity through an outer pipe and the heavier solution of salt and water rises bubbling through the second pipe, or inner pipe, inserted within the larger. In the separate-pipe system, two pipes, separated by several yards, are used, fresh water being forced through one, the salt water solution, the salt being dissolved in the fresh water, rising through the other. The separate-pipe system is, by most salt masters, regarded as the most efficient. An advantage of the double-pipe system is that only a single tap well need be drilled. Both systems require pumping, of course.

Oasis of Klima

[14:23] Kemal Reis Bukhara (indrakalo): “The control of the mines of Klima, and to keep the raiders and other bad companies at bay, can be risky, and the Sultanate, if necessary, proposes to send an armed representation, if necessary, to help in the defense of the place. ” I rise my hand once more
[14:24] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): crosses his arms and makes a curious face…glaring at Anvar, a small grin appears on his face, he adds in a calm tone: I will not speak out the name of the Salt Ubar
[14:25] Zaahir al Qadir (spiceandsong): “Farad,” Zaahir intones. “Will send men to stand alongside those of the Sultanate in defense of the mines.” This, at least, is a promise he can easily make on the behalf of the Pasha.
[14:26] Aisha Zohra Bukhara-Namaar (sarynaga) she pulls off a boot and dumps some sand out of it, and then repeats with the other boot. She shakes her veil as well, watching the sand and salt grains fly about. the sun catching all like a cloud of diamonds about her. She pulled out her bota, and took a long drink of water and then offered it to Kemal
[14:28] Lysander (davie.frequency) glances up at Zaahir, surprise flickering in his gaze, but he simply nods firmly, turning his attention back to the man he presumes is the Salt Ubar and listening to the proceedings, his gaze periodically circling the crowd gathered.
[14:28] Sheikh Anvar Jaziran (anvarra.alecto): “I can also say with all honor and confidence that Jabari Pasha will defend the mines as well ..even if I have to kick his butt to get the young boy to keep the caravan travelways secure” chuckling and winks to Yuroki and likes the image of the young Jabari having a fit over being told again what he has to do …”children growing into men must always learn from us older generations”
[14:29] Kemal Reis Bukhara (indrakalo): I take the bota, nodding, as a thank you, to my covered companion, drinking a controlled sip of Water, but just enough, returning the bota to her “Aisha, my Companion, we will soon verify the availability of sending a garrison, in full cooperation, with Farad and in defense of this treasure “I point to everything around us” We will look for volunteers .. more or less forced, if necessary.”

Oasis of Klima

[14:19] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza) shouts: “We have made the march to Klima!”

The Fair of Se’Var

Friday, January 5th, 2018

fair of se'varfair of se'varfair of se'var

“The fairs incidentally are governed by Merchant Law and supported by booth rents and taxes levied on the items exchanged. The commercial facilities of these fairs, from money changing to general banking, are the finest I know of on Gor, save those in Ar’s Street of Coins, and letters of credit are accepted and loans negotiated, though often at usurious rates, with what seems reckless indifference. Yet perhaps this is not so puzzling, for the Gorean cities will, within their own walls, enforce the Merchant Law when pertinent, even against their own citizens. If they did not, of course, the fairs would be closed to the citizens of that city.”
(“Priest-Kings of Gor” page 11)

“It is little wonder then that the cities of Gor support and welcome the fairs. Sometimes they provide a common ground on which territorial and commercial disputes may be amicably resolved without loss of honor, plenipotentiaries of warring cities having apparently met by accident among the silken pavilions.
Further, members of castes such as Physicians and Builders use the fairs for the dissemination of information and techniques among Caste Brothers, as is prescribed in their codes in spite of the fact that their respective cities may be hostile. And as might be expected members of the Caste of Scribes gather here to enter into dispute and examine and trade manuscripts.”
(“Priest-Kings of Gor” page 9)

“The fairs, too, however, have many other functions. For example, they serve as a scene of caste conventions, and as loci for the sharing of discoveries and research. It is here, for example, that physicians, and builders and artisans may meet and exchange ideas and techniques. It is here that Merchant Law is drafted and stabilized. It is here that songs are performed, and song dramas. Poets and musicians, and jugglers and magicians, vie for the attention of the crowds. Here one finds peddlers and great merchants. Some sell trinkets and others the notes of cities. It is here that the Gorean language tends to become standardized. These fairs constitute truce grounds. Men of warring cities may meet here without fear. Political negotiation and intrigue are rampant, too, generally secretly so, at the fairs. Peace and war, and arrangements and treaties, are not unoften determined in a pavillion within the precincts of the fairs.”
(“Beasts of Gor” page 44)

Free Companionship Ceremony

Saturday, November 4th, 2017

free companionshipfree companionshipfree companionshipfree companionship

[14:16] Sherman Easterwood: Rarius Yuroki, please honor Sabina with your vows.

[14:16] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): clears his throat and speaks in a formal tone
[14:16] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): I, Rarius Yuroki, claim you, Sabina, as my Free Companion. I vow to love, honor and protect you for as long as we both shall live. I have waited long for someone like you. When all was dark you came into my life and the sunshine returned. My love for you grows stronger with each day. As we take these first steps together, I see one set of footprints in the sand where there once was two. We are one, now and forever. My love for you, Sabina, will never die.

[14:16] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): removes a purple rose from the vase on the table and holds it out to Sabina

[14:17] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): Sabina, I present to you this purple rose as a symbol of the bonding of two of different castes. Me, merchant and once of the warriors, you of the merchant caste. I will honor your caste as I know you will honor mine. Accept this rose in the spirit of that union

[14:17] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) takes the rose from Rarius Yuroki with a smile behind her veils

[14:18] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) clears also her throat and answers: I accept this purple rose in the spirit of that union and promise to honor your caste as I know you will honor mine.

[14:18] Sherman Easterwood: Sabina, now please honor Rarius Yuroki with your vows.

[14:19] Sabina (Tremlays Resident): Just as I was about to resign myself to never knowing the joys of companionship, you came back into my life with just one tiny chance meeting. I vow from this day forward that I will honor your name, house, and being as your free companion. I promise to be always honest yet respectful with you. While I regret all those lost hours that we could have gotten to know each other in the past, I believe fate has given us another chance and I vow to never make following our hearts a regretable decision. I love you Rarius Yuroki and as we take these beginning steps in our combined paths, it is my solemn vow to take each step with you whenever I am permitted to.

[14:19] Sherman Easterwood: And now we will seal you union and your legal bond with the drinking of wine.
[14:20] Sherman Easterwood nods to Sabina to proceed

[14:21] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) turns to her protector, the Ubar, with a smile

[14:23] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) smile graces her red lips as she carefully gathers the length of silks to stand up, smoothing them down, making them presentable.
[14:24] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) turns on her heels with a gentle shift towards the golden chalice and bottle of kalana on the table.
[14:25] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) hands take the bottle with ease, peeling away the wax seal, prying the cork, and letting it release from the bottle without stress.
[14:25] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) tilts the chalice slightly as she begins to pour the Ka-la-na, the rich delicate ruby wine, with its fragrant bouquet permeating the area.
[14:25] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) twists the bottle so as to not let the last drop fall, settling the bottle back to its rightful place on the table.
[14:26] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) turns with the chalice held in a gentle grip and stands with the beautiful vessel supported with both hands.

[14:27] Sherman Easterwood takes the golden chalice from Sabina saying “Drink of this wine to seal your pledge.”

[14:28] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) raises the cup to her lips, takes a small, delicate sip and hands the chalice back to the Ubar

[14:28] Sherman Easterwood turns to Rarius Yuroki, and hands him the chalice. “Drink of this wine to seal your pledge.”

[14:28] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): raises the cup to his lips and drinks quickly and deeply of the wine, emptying the chalice and handing it back to the Ubar

[14:29] Sherman Easterwood takes the chalice and sits it aside and then clears his throat and says
[14:29] Sherman Easterwood: You each have a copy of your legal contract, and agree to the terms within it?
[14:29] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): yes
[14:30] Sabina (Tremlays Resident): Yes
[14:30] Sherman Easterwood: Raise your bond hands once more.

[14:30] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): raises the hand looking at Sabina

[14:31] Sherman Easterwood unbinds their hands, and taking a quill hands it to Sabina. “Please sign the contracts.”
[14:31] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) raises her hands to looking to Yuroki

[14:31] Sabina (Tremlays Resident) takes the quill, dips it in the blood wincing lightly and slowly signs her scrawling mark on each copy. She hands the quill to Rarius Yuroki.

[14:31] Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza): nods and takes the quill from Sabina, dipping it in the blood on his own palm, and signs his own flourishing mark on the copies too, handing the quill back to the Ubar

[14:32] Sherman Easterwood takes his dagger, makes a quick light cut in his own palm, and dipping the quill in it, signs the contract

[14:32] Sherman Easterwood: A copy of this contract will be stored in City of ianda on the Isle of Landa for any one to see who may question this Companionship

[14:33] Sherman Easterwood: Let no one come between these two, who are now as one, in the eyes of the Priest Kings and the laws of Gor. If you harm or dishonor one, you harm or dishonor both.

[14:33] Sherman Easterwood: Rarius Yuroki and Sabina, may your union be blessed and happy. I wish you peace, joy and bountiful love.

[14:34] Sherman Easterwood: I present to you the Free Companions, Rarius Yuroki and Lady Sabina!

In-na’s memorial ceremony

Friday, July 29th, 2016

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