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Oasis of Khalida

Saturday, February 27th, 2016


500 pasangs east of Tor deep in the desert sands of the Tahari the Oasis of Khalida sits like a dazzling emerald in a sand colored setting. Located in the farthest reaches of the desert nestled against the foothills of the southern Voltai range the people of Khalida work hard to survive but enjoy the pleasures of life fully. Welcome to the land where the only thing that burns hotter than the sand is the bellies of our kajira, where the wine flows hot and black and the passionate hospitality of our people is legendary.

Khalida is ruled by the Kenzai tribe and led by the High Pasha Arda. Known for its medicinal (and recreational) kanda, salt, date bricks and the most beautiful and passionate dancers in the Tahari the oasis is a popular stop on the eastern caravan routes. Khalida its market, traders, kanda tents, tavern, dance pits and water is open and available to all.

I was there recently, but beware of the fierce sandstorms of the Tahari desert!