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The Others

Saturday, November 27th, 2021


Seen near the Exchange Point of the Oasis of Klima. Beware!

“Surrender Gor”, reads a message sent from the Others, a mysterious people from the worlds of steel. Either the proud rulers of Gor submit or be destroyed.

Lost in the desert

Friday, November 19th, 2021

Oasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of Klima

A group of merchants got lost in the desert and met two kaiila riders. These saved them from dying of thirst and led them to a small oasis…

(…) Nods and looks at the group one after the other: We will bring you to safety, it is a couple of days’ march to an oasis where there is enough water, the way back would be much longer for you, you would not survive that, we are several pasangs away from the Oasis of Red Rock, I wonder how you have managed so far without a guide, that was extremely reckless

… looks at the man who have come with him and speaks to him in a rare dialect of the desert: “It is better if we don’t let anyone disappear, there are too many, they will be looked for and they will try even more to find the way, so we lead them to the oasis through the salt mines, then they can rest and we can bring them back again, they won’t remember the way…”

We made the March to Klima!

Sunday, October 24th, 2021

March to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of KlimaMarch to the Oasis of Klima

[Guard of the Dunes] looks at the men who have come with him and speaks to them in a rare dialect of the desert: “Ele olha para os homens que vieram com ele e fala com eles em um raro dialeto do deserto.
É melhor não deixarmos ninguém ir, são muitos, vão ser procurados e vão tentar ainda mais encontrar o caminho, por isso os conduzimos ao oásis através das minas de sal, aí podem descansar e nós pode trazê-los de volta, eles não vão se lembrar do caminho.” (…)

[Guard of the Dunes] shields his eyes with one hand and looks around, there are no signs and no plants, then he briefly looks at the position of the sun and the shadows of the dunes, he nods and points to the right valley: We have to, and stay always on the left edge of the dunes, do not run down, there is quicksand! (…)

[Guard of the Dunes] Stop, I have to think about it .. he looks around to make sure no one has been lost and examines the group, who are already looking quite exhausted, he makes a gesture to the other guardians of the dunes to hold everyone together, then he picks up a Gorean compass Hand: Rim, no Ror, yes, we have to go there (…)

[Guard of the Dunes] holds his palm over his eyes again and scans the horizon, then he points straight ahead, a smile on his face: We are not far from the Exchange Point from the oasis, I recognize the rocks, it’s only a day from there until you are all safe and can rest and have enough water, as they say, you don’t need to know the name of the oasis… (…)

[Guard of the Dunes] stops at the pile of bones for a moment and looks at them, he mumbles more to himself: escaped slaves, or merchants who said they had to travel through the Tahari without a guide, he casts the group a sharp and disapproving look..

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Oasis fo Four Palms

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Oasis of Four PalmsOasis of Four Palms

The March to the Oasis of Klima

Tuesday, October 12th, 2021

march to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klima

We made the march to Klima! The Salt Ubar administers and controls the salt districts primarily by regulating access to the districts, checking the papers and credentials of merchants, inspecting caravans, keeping records of the commerce, etc. The Salt Ubar’s men are customarily veiled as their allegiance is supposed to be to no tribe but to the protection of salt.

The Southern Trade Alliance (STA) hold a meeting in the Oasis of Klima guarded by heavily armed men who were veiled or masked. The membership of several cities and oasis had been confirmed by the assembly. The Salt Ubar was present and his deputy too.

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Oasis of Four Palms

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

oasis of four palmsoasis of four palmsoasis of four palms

Oasis of Four Palms.

he march of Hassan had as its object not Red Rock, northwest of Klima, but Four Palms, a Kavar outpost known, to him, which lay far to the south of Red Rock. Unfortunately Four Palms was farther from Klima than Red Rock. On the other hand, his decision seemed to me a sound one. Red Rock was a Tashid oasis under the hegemony of the Aretai, enemies of the Kavars. Furthermore, between Klima and Red Rock lay the regions patrolled by the men of Abdul, the Salt Ubar, who had been known to me as Ibn Saran. Beyond this, though Four Palms lay farther from Klima than Red Rock, its route, it seemed, would bring one sooner out of the dune country than the route to Red Rock, and into the typical Tahari terrain of rock and scrub, where some game might be found, occasional water and possible nomadic groups not disposed to hostility toward Kavars. (Tribesmen of Gor)

Mint of Teehra

Wednesday, July 7th, 2021

Mint of Teehra

Minting coins in the mint of Teehra.

We made the march to Klima

Saturday, May 8th, 2021

Oasis of Klima

At the gates of Teehra: [14:00] Lysander (davie.frequency) makes his way through the stand on surprisingly steady feet for one clearly not of the area. Still, the people themselves aren’t familiar to him, and he grunts as he moves up a few feet behind Zaahir, hand resting on the pommel of his sword loosely – he’s certainly not expecting trouble at this, of all places, but best to be safe. “Salaam,” he says simply, eyes scanning the horizon before returning to the others and dipping his head in a nod.
[14:01] zazu (ioneus.trill) closes his hand and brings his fist to his chest. As the greetings were given. He then turned towards the one who spoke of the endurance of his Thalarion. “Alas you are correct, only kaiila will get us across the Dune Sea to see the new Salt Ubar”.

Oasis of Klima

[14:12] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): points at the walls: “that seems to be the exchange point! Here is red and white salt from Klima… they brought it here,,, and food for Klima. But where is the oasis itself?
[14:14] Lysander (davie.frequency) grunts, muttering something to Zaahir about how he’s not paid to be charming, then lifts the long black cloth up to cover his mouth and nose as he ducks his head and follows the others through the sands.
[14:14] Jonathaneus con Kassau (jonathaneus): …gone with the wind….he scratches his neck…all on his skin was sand….sand…and….sand….*
[14:14] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): “I see footsteps over there, look at the dunes!” He points at the direction of the dunes behind the wall….
[14:14] zazu (ioneus.trill) gasps as their guide lead them to a trade post. “You mean you dont know?”
[14:14] Aisha Zohra Bukhara-Namaar (sarynaga) she sniffs the air, “I do not smell….water” she wrinkled her nose again, and was glad she had packed bota’s of water for both herself and for Kemal
[14:14] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): here are footsteps…

Oasis of Klima

The salt in solution is obtained in two ways, by drilling and flush mining and, in the deeper pits, by sending men below to fetch the brine. In the drilling and flush mining, two systems are used, the doublepipe system and the separate-pipe system. In the double-pipe system fresh water is forced into the cavity through an outer pipe and the heavier solution of salt and water rises bubbling through the second pipe, or inner pipe, inserted within the larger. In the separate-pipe system, two pipes, separated by several yards, are used, fresh water being forced through one, the salt water solution, the salt being dissolved in the fresh water, rising through the other. The separate-pipe system is, by most salt masters, regarded as the most efficient. An advantage of the double-pipe system is that only a single tap well need be drilled. Both systems require pumping, of course.

Oasis of Klima

[14:23] Kemal Reis Bukhara (indrakalo): “The control of the mines of Klima, and to keep the raiders and other bad companies at bay, can be risky, and the Sultanate, if necessary, proposes to send an armed representation, if necessary, to help in the defense of the place. ” I rise my hand once more
[14:24] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza): crosses his arms and makes a curious face…glaring at Anvar, a small grin appears on his face, he adds in a calm tone: I will not speak out the name of the Salt Ubar
[14:25] Zaahir al Qadir (spiceandsong): “Farad,” Zaahir intones. “Will send men to stand alongside those of the Sultanate in defense of the mines.” This, at least, is a promise he can easily make on the behalf of the Pasha.
[14:26] Aisha Zohra Bukhara-Namaar (sarynaga) she pulls off a boot and dumps some sand out of it, and then repeats with the other boot. She shakes her veil as well, watching the sand and salt grains fly about. the sun catching all like a cloud of diamonds about her. She pulled out her bota, and took a long drink of water and then offered it to Kemal
[14:28] Lysander (davie.frequency) glances up at Zaahir, surprise flickering in his gaze, but he simply nods firmly, turning his attention back to the man he presumes is the Salt Ubar and listening to the proceedings, his gaze periodically circling the crowd gathered.
[14:28] Sheikh Anvar Jaziran (anvarra.alecto): “I can also say with all honor and confidence that Jabari Pasha will defend the mines as well ..even if I have to kick his butt to get the young boy to keep the caravan travelways secure” chuckling and winks to Yuroki and likes the image of the young Jabari having a fit over being told again what he has to do …”children growing into men must always learn from us older generations”
[14:29] Kemal Reis Bukhara (indrakalo): I take the bota, nodding, as a thank you, to my covered companion, drinking a controlled sip of Water, but just enough, returning the bota to her “Aisha, my Companion, we will soon verify the availability of sending a garrison, in full cooperation, with Farad and in defense of this treasure “I point to everything around us” We will look for volunteers .. more or less forced, if necessary.”

Oasis of Klima

[14:19] Rarius Yuroki (yuroki.uriza) shouts: “We have made the march to Klima!”

Oasis of Klima, revisited

Tuesday, May 4th, 2021

Oasis of Klima

The location of this Oasis is secret and very few people know the way for going to Klima. One of the major sites within the Tahari for obtaining salt are the brine pits of Klima, hidden deep within the dune country and its location is closely guarded. The guards of Dunes protect the Oasis and keep secret the road for coming from. The guards always wear a turban, so their face are hidden and they could not be recognized. They serve the Ubar salt, a secret lord, one of the most powerful Pasha of The Tahari. So how to get there? Where is the path to Klima?

Oasis of Klima

With the subsidence of, the sea and the shifting of strata, certain cubic pasangs of salt, in certain areas, became pressed into granite-like formations, through which one may actually tunnel. Some of these deposits are far below the surface of the Tahari. Men live in some of them, for weeks at a time. In other areas, certain of these solid deposits are exposed and are worked rather in the manner of open mining or quarries. In places these salt mountains are more than six hundred feet high.

Oasis of Klima

Klima has its own water, but it is dependent on caravans for its foods. These food stores are delivered to scouted areas some pasangs from the compounds, whence they are retrieved later by salt slaves. Similarly, the heavy cylinders of salt, mined and molded at Klima, are carried on the backs of salt slaves from storage areas at Klima to storage areas in the desert, whence they are tallied, sold and distributed to caravans.


Tuesday, March 30th, 2021