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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Rose Harlow

Lady Rose Khaos [Rose Harlow], head physician to the Port City of Olni

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: This new subspecies of the famous Cosian Wingfish (Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus) causes a kind of shock if it was prepared incorrectly: How do Gorean physicians treat a shock? What has to be done first?

Lady Rose Khaos: Well it all depends on the kind of shock. If it is mental then it is best to try to relax the patient and get them to relax, if it is more of a power surge through the body then it is best to just let them recover slowly and watch their vital signs. But I have found if it is a male who is in shock send in about five female slaves and let them have their joys with the man.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Symptoms and side effects of the poison of the fish are hallucinations and nightmares. What do mind healers do against that kind of illness?

Lady Rose Khaos: Well you know that is honestly a good question, most would probably use herbs and such or do a lobotomy on them as for me I would most likely turn them loose in a raid and let them defend a city.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Some symptoms of the hallucinates are similar to the effects of the frobicain injection. Mostly this takes the form of hysterical weeping, threats, demands for explanation, screaming and such. These symtoms have been found in the tavern of Vonda where they offered the red Cosian Wingfish and where several citizens of Vonda amd even a member of the black caste have eaten the fish. What do you recommend against that?

Lady Rose Khaos: Next time I would say have the bosk I have heard it is amazing with a nice aged paga and after that have a nice bowl of fruit and a good nap.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 156


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014


Zinkan Dewoitine, retired head physician of Melicerus

by Rarius Yuroki, editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR and Verona Lorgsval, senior writer

Interview with Zinkan Dewoitine, one of the most famous physicians of Gor who has learned medicine with the great Pastorius himself

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: We gave you this strange red wingfish to examine. What did you find out?

Zinkan Dewoitine: First let me inform you what we did. We made a water chemistry analysis, a live exam with external tissue biopsies, a necropsy because all the red fish in the basket were dead, a bacteria identification, histology, virology and other tests. We all know that our beloved Gor knows some strange and very dangerous animals. I even heard rumors about a talking giant spider….

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: The fish, please?!

Zinkan Dewoitine: This is one of the most interesting creatures I have seen in my life, a new subspecies of the Cosian Wingfish which was unknown until your man has found it in the Olni River near Vonda. We named it Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus of the family Beloniformes, class Actinopterygii. We will add “Yurokiensis” perhaps (smiles). The normal Wingfish also known as songfish is blue, but this subspecies is red, it has only two tiny slender spines in its dorsal fin, which are very poisonous. Not only that: If the fish is not prepared properly, it causes several strange effects… We made some experiments to confirm that.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: What kind of strange effects?

Zinkan Dewoitine: The person who has eaten the fish shows the symptoms of a shock for several hours: cool, pale arms and legs, very low temperature, little or no urine, palpitations, agitation, lethargy, or confusion, shortness of breath and skin rash or discoloration.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Some of our readers are simple minded. Would you please make this sophisticated scientific reports shorter?

Zinkan Dewoitine: The sick person suffers from hallucinations and nightmares for several days and a constricted field of view also known as “tunnel vision”.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Constricted field of view? What does that mean?

Zinkan Dewoitine: For example: Men think slaves are standing although they are kneeling and vice versa (4). The buildings of a town seem to be very squeezed although they are nicely built and so on. Symptoms of the poisoning are similar to the frobicain injection (5). Mostly this takes the form of hysterical weeping, threats, demands for explanation, screaming and such.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: That is similar to the description of a drama..

Zinkan Dewoitine: The green caste of Gor needs to examine this new kind of fish very accurate: I have the suspicion that intrigues, bad behavior and hysteria in Gorean cities very often were caused by consuming the Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus. We did not know that before, a very interesting discovery in Saleria.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: We have been told that his warrior from Olni who was laying on the ferry claimed to have killed citizens of Vonda and that the slave was catatonic?

Zinkan Dewoitine: The warriors was hallucinating for sure, a typical symptom of the sickness. But this slave…

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: The slave was dead?

Zinkan Dewoitine: Probably not, because the poison of the Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus decreases the blood circulation almost to zero for a while, a kind of temporarily hibernation. You could even survive a cut-throat of the knife or dagger was a small one and if you would find a Gorean physician very soon. The green caste of Gor is skilled somehow… (smiles)

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: What do you recommend to do first?

Zinkan Dewoitine (smiles): I recommend to whip the tavern (6) master in Vonda who bought the fish and did not prepare it properly. The tavern needs to be cleaned and perhaps disinfected. The people who have been there too…

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Thank you for the interview, Physician.

(4) [2014/04/17 21:36] Colton -Alexzander- Dark (Khampoh Resident): would look at the slave, then to the woman “since she looks to be with you, why dont you have her kneel Lady Ashtin, she seems to be drooling, I will fix that for her” then looking at the beast “kneel girl, before I forget I am a kind old man”
[2014/04/17 21:37] Teal Razor: ~sucks the crumbs off her fingers….Yes, Master…Straightway….
[2014/04/17 21:37] Teal Razor: Sits up to await orders….like a good soldier should…..
[2014/04/17 21:39] Ashtin (Ashtin Oanomochi): seeing movement from the corner of an eye.. She turns to look upon teal fully. Notes that the girl is in towering. Shoots an awkward expression toward Colton “Killer, the girl is kneeling. ”
[2014/04/17 21:39] Teal Razor: ~continues to gaze around at the beauty that is Vonda but smells the paga in the satchel and drifts off in a reverie….
[2014/04/17 21:40] Colton -Alexzander- Dark (Khampoh Resident): would look at the vase, eyeing the girl’s head and the opening of the vases, choosing the middle size “you going to kneel, or besides being a wise ass you are also ignoring me?” my eyes on the slave as I move to her and place the vase on her head “until you are in the city, so you do not drool all over you will wear this” then I would say to the woman with her “I wish you well Lady Ashtin, you should find yourself a better slave to travel with”
[2014/04/17 21:41] Teal Razor: Mistress…do you wish that I wear this chapeau? Hears her own voice echoing in the vase.

(5) “They seem very quiet,” I observed.’We permit them,” said Flaminius, deigning to offer a bit of explanation, “five Ahn of varied responses, depending on when they recover from the frobicain injection. Mostly this takes the form of hysterical weeping, threats, demands for explanation, screaming and such. They will also be allowed to express their distress for certain periods at stated times in the future.”
(Assassin of Gor)

(6) [2014/04/17 20:46] Teal Razor: Mistress, the Master said there is plenty of food and drink for weary traveler’s here. Shall we sit?

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 156


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

tancred's Landing

Tancred’s Landing

by Rarius Yuroki, editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR

As I was sorting through the scrolls which threatened to crash my desk, I heard the bell ringing. I stopped and walked to the balcony to see what was happening. Thick fog hovered over the dock and as I strained my eyes to peer through it I saw the messenger arrived from Olni delivering the scrolls written by that slave Teal, our correspondent in Olni.

But this time something was strange. When I enfolded the scrolls I could not even read some letters, they were scrawly and badly written. I found unknown words from an unknown language too as if the writer was suffering from a mental illness. This slave Teal who is the property of Siri Emerald Jr., a Captain of Olni Scarlet’s, is well known for her writing skills and elegant style. Something must have happened.

As I was in a hurry I did not read everything, but sent out a bunch of scrolls of the NEW VOICE OF GOR to be put on the message boards in the Village of Abydos, in the city port of Olni, in Tharna, in New Tancred’s Landing, in the library of Tampica Woods, in the city of Victoria, in the city of Vonda and in the Port of Alsium.

When I had the time I started to read the column “The Slave’s Corner” and was horrified: The slave was insulting the fine city of Vonda, described their honorable citizens as jerks and ended with “delenda est Vonda”. The NEW VOICE OF GOR apologies for that. That should never had happened.

I shook my head considering to send a mind healer (1) to examine that slave and interrogated the messenger to find out more about the circumstances. He told me: The slave Teal and her owner Siri were laying on the ferry between Olni and Vonda (2), showing all symptoms of a shock: rapid, shallow breathing, clammy skin, weak pulse, their eyes appeared to stare, bluish lips and fingernails. The slave did not response at all, her throat was cut somehow and full of blood, but she was still breathing. The warrior was rolling his eyes and stammering that he has killed several free women in Vonda.

The messenger had found the scrolls which were intended for the newspaper and a basket which seemed to belong to a tavern of Vonda. Inside this basket there were three fish which looked like Cosian Wing Fish (3). This Wing Fish a tiny blue salt-water fish with four poisonous spines on its dorsal fin; found in the waters off Port Kar; its liver is considered a delicacy in Turia. We all know that parts of the Cosian Wing Fish are poisonous. But the Wing Fish inside the basket were red, not blue.

tancred's Landing

The unknown red wingfish in the infirmary of Tancred’s Landing

The strange fish has been taken to the infirmary of Tancred’s Landing for further examinations. A messenger was send out to inform the famous physician Zinkan who lives near Laura. Zinkan came to Tancred’s Landing. The NEW VOICE OF GOR made an interview with him about the results of his examination of the fish. (see above)

(1) He was Iskander, said once to have been of Turia, the master of many medicines and one reputed to be knowledgeable in certain intricacies of the mind. (Slave Girl of Gor)
(2) Vonda was one of the four cities of the Salerian Confederation. The other cities of this confederation were Ti, Port Olni and Lara. All four of these cities lie on the Olni River, which is a tributary to the Vosk. (Fighting Slave of Gor)
(3) Near her, one night, lying off her shore, silently, I heard the mating whistles of the tiny, lovely Cosian wingfish. This is a small, delicate fish; it has three or four slender spines in its dorsal fin, which are poisonous. It is called the wingfish because it can, on its stiff pectoral fins, for short distances, glide through the air, usually in an attempt to flee small sea tharlarion, who are immune to the poison of the spines. It is also called a songfish, because, in their courtship rituals, males and females thrust their heads from the water, uttering a kind of whistle. Their livers are regarded as a delicacy.
(Raiders of Gor)

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 156

ASK TEAL – Dubious advice to Goreans

Tuesday, April 8th, 2014


Pictures: Docks of the city of Olni – Saleria

ASK TEAL ~ Dubious advice to Goreans
By Teal Razor

By Teal Razor, slave of Captain Siri Emerald Jr., Port Olni Warrior

Here is my problem. I have a fast approaching pre-arranged companioning with one of the my caste; the caste of warriors. I recently witnessed him denouncing his superior and refusing to defend his Home Stone while the city was under attack. His actions have chilled me to the bone. I want to escape the coming ceremony that I have no control over. It seems my mother and father are adamant that this one is a “keeper” and have elaborate plans costing a sack of gold tarns which my family can ill afford to spend. It might ruin my family. Do you have a suggestion?

Let us delve into your dilemma. I perceive that you are a free woman since you mentioned an upcoming companioning ceremony and that you are of the honorable warrior’s caste. So I am certain you know the codes as any honorable Gorean and would be distraught at someone defecating on them. I can say, as a slave, I would not want a traitor to darken my doorstep and I cast a dim view on the outcome of this event. The worse that can happen is that you will need to stick around and endure his personal shame for a year. Then when the anniversary of your ceremony comes due, you will choose not to renew. Then “you’re home free baby!”

Sorry, I forgot you do not know that term. It was effective communication on earth. I have to keep reminding myself that there is a little blue ball out there called earth. A place I have some fond memories of. But, such is life and one must make the best of it.

I am getting off track. Back to the copious piles of gold that will be spent on this catered affair. It seems to matter not if you run from the affair or stay and be a party of the companioning to this spitting image of bosk dung, you probably WILL, if companioned, leave your companion after a year, (that poor excuse for a meat suit) which will cause your parents to lament the day your were born. If you run pre-companioning, your parents would not only regret ever knowing you, they might lose their retirement. Either way your parents lose even though you will come out about even. So let’s see what can be done to let your parents back out of this dubious “celebration” with good graces and seem heroic for having done so.
It will be up to you to mount a grass roots campaign to declare your “future companion” unfit. All of Gor needs to know of the “warrior” who defecated on his caste codes. Gor must be warned when this type of mental illness creeps on board. No self-respecting free woman would allow the progeny of this psychotic to exit from her womb let alone enter her womb.

Again, I digress. So, in mounting a crusade, you will be vindicated. Your parents will be proud that you stood up for true caste members where ever they may be, and you will be relieved of the guilt and shame of causing the ruination of your parents.

By the way, if you need a campaign manager, I am available on short notice.


I am a slave. I used to live in the northern climes of Gor. There, we called our masters, Jarls. We did not have to kneel in the presence of the free. We could walk by them and not be concerned that the free would want a report of who we were and where were we going. We had too much work to do to be kneeling down and relaxing. I was bought by a new Master and he lives in a southern clime. In the new city, I have to kneel constantly in the presence of the free, I have to say Master this and Master that. I am not happy with all this regimentation. I do not want to run away. Do you have a solution for me?

You seem to know little about how things are done around here. I appreciate that you come from a land that you have good feelings about. I too know of such feelings myself. Here is what I don’t do, though. I don’t kneel all the time in the presence of the free. Think about it, if you got on your knees to every free person you passed, even though they may not give a rosy red urts ass as to the reason you are walking around , you would never be able to accomplish tasks.

I do kneel when I am speaking to them or they are speaking to me or if I am serving them. Otherwise a slave does not have to spend their lives on their knees. It is a bad habit in any case and can cause prepatellar bursitis. So if you are cooking, cleaning, and marketing, etc. you obviously, should be on your feet. It is always a good idea to get on your knees when your own Master enters your presence.

I also don’t do this. I don’t vocalize the sentiments that my previous place of residence was superior to my present city. This kind of talk can lead to a good cuffing or at the very least, being captured and abused. When in Treve, do what the Trevian’s do. For example, in Treve, you might see slave’s spitting in the pots of food awaiting the free. You see that this slave is not being admonished or punished in anyway and continues to get away with this detestable act. Does this mean you join in and jump over the cliff like the rest of the lemmings. This kind of insubordination spreads like wildfire. It is called anarchy. Turning a blind eye to one infraction will, down the road, leave plenty of space for other noxious practices. Maybe slaves will take up swords against the free and defy their Masters, threatening them with death.

Start practicing saying the word Master or Mistress. It is just a small contribution to stave off certain anarchy. Then practice and perfect a graceful kneel. Make it a game with yourself. Tell yourself to “mean it” when you do kneel. Don’t give one of those, “toss back your hair, utter an audible word of disgust at having to do this kneeling thing, and look up into the eyes of the free with a nauseous look and tell them in a sarcastic manner that you would be only too “happy” to comply with whatever they are asking you.” Give them a heartfelt kneel and response. Is it too awful to suggest that? You will be surprised at how much candy you will be tossed.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 153


Tuesday, April 1st, 2014


Pictures: Village of Abydos

Who were these men…Strange strangers at the gate

By Teal Razor, slave of Captain Siri Emerald Jr., Port Olni Warrior

I had a “run-in”, of sorts, this week and when it was over, I retained bad feelings about the whole encounter.

My Master was on gate duty and he was having some rather odd interaction with a few questionable Gorean males. They spoke a strange dialect, which made the questioning even more difficult than normal.

These strangers at the gate were acting like urts, looking like urts, and boy did they smell ripe. Oh excuse me; I am not to criticize the free. Now, there is no way I will try to soften that. I mean picture a bosk; picture all the long hair on that wondrous mammal. Now think about the heat at the highest point of La Torvis on a day in the middle of En’Var. The bosk has been lying down in its filth. Now if you inhale deeply you will have the scent of these strangers at the gate. My eyes were starting to water and so I excused myself from my Master’s side, feigning some malaise or other. I ran to the gate that took me to the inside walls where I climbed 3 flights of stairs to get to the top of the walls. Once up there, I inhaled deeply of the cool breeze that was blowing off the Olni River. I stayed on the wall until my eyes cleared and my stomach stopped churning.

I came around to my senses and went back down the walls and into the gate keepers fortress and peeked through the notch to observe the going’s on at the gate well out of range of my olfactory’s. The exchange between these male stink machines and my Master was not heading in any plausible direction. I came out and knelt by the inside commons gates. It was about as close as one could get without passing out from the noxious off gassing from their collective personages. I looked above to the landing of the warrior’s hall and there stood Captain Atlas with a bemused look on his face. I wanted to shout to him to get closer to the action down below, thinking that I would see a very different look on his face once he breathed deeply of the fetid cloud that surrounded these strangers.

They claimed to be from Vonda. I found that fact ludicrous. I have been to Vonda and all I can remember was the scented oils and delicious food smells. Vonda’s citizens appeared bright and shiny in their clean robes and tunics. The slave’s seemed well arranged and sweet smelling. How were these escapee’s from the cesspool related to those lovely folk in Vonda? I immediately thought, “These men are from Treve and they have come to case the joint.” My jaw dropped when my Master, having no reason to keep them out of Port Olni, opened the gate, checked them for bows, and opened the gate to the commons.

Another slave came to join me. Since this slave was newly acquired by the House of Spiritweaver, her name was 3040. This 3040 knelt next to me and wanted to know the skinny on the gate hubbub. I started to tell her when the strange, malodorous trio came over to 3040 and myself. They loomed large in body and in scent. I looked over to the other kajira and I could see her eyes start to water from the stench. I could not help but laugh and I was immediately chastised by one Master Fetid. If that wasn’t his name, it should have been. I immediately offered my services to bring them hot food and drink. They ignored this offer and just stood there making grunting noises. The vocalizations emanating from the pie holes in their faces went something like this: “ahhhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhh, piss piss, piss piss, hog, and hog hog.” They also kept putting a “Z” in front of every noun. For instance, “Z” slut, “Z” gate, “Z” ale, etc. I kept wondering who the hell “Z” was.

This was all confusing to say the least. They stopped all their grunting to demand that they be taken to the tavern. This I dutifully did. I watched my Master through the bars of the gate, frowning at him as I passed. I mean, I loved serving in the commons; you get to meet so many travelers, it gives you a chance to hobnob with the good citizen’s of Olni. But…in the tavern, Gorean males usually have other needs which I was not willing to fulfill at the moment. I was not disappointed in my supposition, for once the doors of the tavern slammed, the odor crew demanded sexual acts. The slave 3040 was a little disconcerted and I was glad she was there to help “relieve the burden”. One of the strangers, who were ostensibly from Vonda, was mute because of having his tongue sliced off. It is really too bad he did not have his tongue, it might have been better if he had lost his nose. The mute one kept saying, “ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh, ahhhhhh…” while forcing the head of 3040 into his lap. The other two, amused themselves with pouring ale over my head for kissing the side of the tankard and deciding which one was going to use my mouth first.

I have poured over the scrolls of the historian Master Norman as my Master has directed me in his lessons. I realize that this tavern travesty was not unknown in the past on the planet Gor. Gorean males are sexy beasts to be sure. Please forgive me for using the word “beast” but it is an apt descriptor of Gorean man meat. Furring is usually on their minds. Although, it has been my experience that when a free man uses me, he turns into a romance machine. These men desire bathing in hot scented pools of water and being massaged with delicious oils. It is a delight to pleasure them at these times. The historian writes of males who take what they want, when they want. This is as it should be and I do remember that the historian admonished, “If it is not beautiful, it is not Gorean.” It appears that the historian, Master Norman, has put us all on notice. We all need to have within us, exquisite beauty. I mean really, what are we all residents of Port Kar or Treve? I think not. We are people of cosmopolitan thinking, for the most part. On earth there was a word being popularized among the dwellers. It was a “made up” word to define a male cosmopolite. The word was “metro sexual”. I think I have translated it into the Gorean with sufficient aplomb.

Not to say that Gorean males should go around carrying a fresh pair of panties in their back packs, but rather be groomed for the odd occasion that may present itself when searching for someone to couple with. Every slave thinks fondly of such encounters with males who manscape and smell like a fresh breeze off Thassa.

Once again, I digress. You see, this humiliating show was witnessed, through the foggy window by passers by. I wondered if my Master would appear through the doors to oversee this episode in my life. I was unaware that his duties increased at the gate and he was detained. I felt ill-treated by these fish-monger’s bastards. This is one of the few times since arriving here that I was in fear for my life. They made veiled references to our displeasing them and the punishment that they could reign down on 3040’s head and my own.

When they tired of amusing themselves with us, they made a beeline for the gate and to the docks.

I followed my Master as he opened the gates. He closed them after the gas clouds left. He stood looking out the gate and I sat in silence. After a few ehn he turned to me and looked down as if to say, “Oh, you’re here.” He said, “Something is wrong, you seemed vexed.” I was happy that my change in tone, resorting to my “Mr. Roboto” voice, caught his attention. I was mumbling things under my breath; some of them caught the eardrums of Captain Atlas. When that warrior asked if I had said anything, I told him I was remarking about the lovely new flowers on the hills. My Master knew better than to buy into my deception. After the warrior left, my Master started using the third degree on me.
“My slut”, he said, “those men were of Vonda, and they would not dare to hurt you. And I pray that you pleased the free as you know you should.” I snorted at the “Vonda” part.
He went on to say, “I do not wish you to be harmed in the least and I am pretty certain that I have expressed my love for you. Do you doubt that?”
I replied, “I try not to think on it too much my Master. Since a slave should not be curious about whether someone loves them or not. It is unbecoming to a slave. I serve you to the best of my ability. I serve with passion and try to live up to my slave paces. I am not required to do any more I believe. I am your property after all.” I could tell that this cut him to the quick. It was impudent of me to give such a cold answer after the kindnesses he has extended to my unworthy self.
He cleared his throat, lifted my chin and said quietly, “Teal, I love you with all my heart. You are my love slave. There is no other and that is my final word on that.”
I know my Master to be a Gorean of integrity. I knew he was telling me the truth. I said happily…”My Master lets go home and soak in the tub and then afterward……..”

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 152


Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

Tancred's Landing

Picture: The harbour of Tancred’s Landing

Spring and I am alive

By Teal Razor, slave of Captain Siri Emerald Jr., Port Olni Warrior

The time of En’Kara came in on a kur’s back and commenced to spawning a battalion of evil. One may say, “What’s got Teal’s panties in a wad?”

With all I have been through at the beginning of the Gorean New Year, I must look back and say how grateful I am. I am still here. I am able to once more serve my Master and all free. I am permitted to go on with my purpose in life. Back on earth there is an expression, “Into every life a little rain must fall.” The wording makes you think that travails are experiences that are nothing more than going outside on a warm summer’s day and being sprinkled by a passing shower. This cannot be further from the truth.

Platitudes have never been my cup of Bazi tea. I would prefer someone smile and nod and not utter a single word rather than pollute the air with the breath from their lungs with a banality. Before this escapes me, I must say that recently I have heard the most incredible words out of the mouths of citizens and slaves of Port Olni. It all has to do with my five weeks in the infirmary cylinder in my Master’s city.

I contracted what I thought to be the of Bazi plague. The Physicians of Olni, some of the finest healers around, noticed that there was a twist to this “so- called” Bazi plague that I appeared to have. I had very high fevers but no pustules (yuck!). I did have a yellowing of the whites of my eyes but the head physician chalked that one up to my paga drinking, which most have witnessed, sad to say.

I lay in fevers for six days in my Master’s home in Olni Var, before he decided to take me to the infirmary. When he delivered me into the capable hands of our smart physicians, he was chastised for not bringing me in sooner. I should have been the one verbally flogged since I was petrified to leave my Master’s side to be cooped up in the infirmary and begged him not to take me there.

My diagnosis at one point looked grim and I drifted in and out of hallucinations. Every time I opened my eyes I was greeted by my Master sitting by my bedside holding my hand. He told me of the free and slaves in Port Olni stopping by the infirmary to leave food, funny scrolls to read to me, and flowering plants that I might enjoy. In fact, when I came home to my Master’s house, the front veranda was awash with blooming plants that the concerned had left. No, these were not platitudes that I received; they were positive and loving thoughts being expressed in my direction. Pretty heady stuff for me since I am only a slave and do not deserve anything.

My only regret is that I can’t properly thank each Gorean that sent positive thoughts and love my way. In the infirmary I kept drifting in and out of consciousness…things that were not there appeared real, and I began living in two worlds, reality and delusion. In this altered state I could not remember what was real and what wasn’t. I saw and talked to many in Port Olni, although I now realize there was no such meeting with anyone. But that was how I felt the unfeigned concern of good citizens and slaves.

It is quite nice that I now have my mind back, although my Master would debate you on that one, and I am pushing forward. I hope to serve you in the commons if you are free and I hope to help you serve and clean if you are a slave very soon.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 151

New Voice of Gor No. 144-151

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

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