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Southern Trade Alliance Meeting in the city of Jasmine

Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


The monthly meeting of the true Southern Trade alliance (STA) took place at the city of Jasmine. at the Vosk river.

Present: Oasis of Klima, Kasbah of the Guard of the Dunes, Oasis of Sand Sleen, Oasis of Nine Wells, Kasra / Tyros, Tharna, Tabuk’s Ford, Phoenix Trading Company, House of Yuroki Company. As guests City of Jasmine, City of Victoria, Village of Abydos, Velox Delivery Service / Tancred’s Landing. Kasra / Fayheen excused.




[15:18] Rarius Yuroki [Yuroki Uriza]: lifts his hand shrugging: just a question: “are we able to control the kanda trade? Merchants who are trading with Kanda should get a receipt from us that they have purchased Kanda legally and not from smugglers…”

[15:21] SARAN [Ries Kurka] speaks loud and clear “it will be impossible to do that Yuroki, quantities involved is very limited, you can hide it in a kaiila’s ass even, how would you control the trade except if it is centrally bought, but we are spread all over the tahari and south of Gor?”

[15:22] Rarius Yuroki [Yuroki Uriza]: “I must admit that, and perhaps a decree about Kanda trade would make us ridiculous.”

[15:24] ƙʋʋɾʋʂ [SireLion Diabolito]: yes regulating but if you stop the kanda’s trade the war you would avoid could come
[15:25] ƙʋʋɾʋʂ [SireLion Diabolito]: you have to find a middle way

[15:31] Ɗąɱɨɛɳ Ǥřɛƴ [Kreon71 Resident] “I already told Abydos opinion, let the kanda flow and then we can conquer. we are getting fat sitting on our asses doing nothing and letting the merchants rule.”

[15:32] Rarius Yuroki [Yuroki Uriza]: “very well, i withdraw my proposal about a Kanda decree then, perhaps the Pasha of Nine Wells should recommend another kind of regulation the next time”

[15:32] SARAN [Ries Kurka] nods “I also support that view, no control on the kanda, Tharna can do as they wish in their territory”


The City of Victoria, the head quarters of the Vosk League, and and the City of Jasmine are new full members of the true Southern Trade Alliance. They have been voted unanimously in.