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Torvaldsland! Thor’s Oath!

Saturday, August 26th, 2023

Inlet of Green cliffsInlet of Green cliffsInlet of Green cliffsInlet of Green cliffs

Torvaldsland – Inlet of Green Cliffs – Thor’s Oath


Saturday, August 26th, 2023


Hellvegen, Torvaldsland

En’Kara Fair, final

Sunday, April 2nd, 2023

enkara 2023enkara 2023
Gorm Runo

[13:04] Darius Wilberg: Tal Administrator
[13:04] Gorm Runo shouts: Ten days ago, we gathered at the Temple in front of the Sardar Mountains, to formally open En’kara23 and ask the blessings of the Priest-Kings on our efforts. It appears our prayers were answered as the Fair unfolded without major disruption, and our goals were mostly met to advance the entire SL community.
[13:04] Fidelio Matador: stands and salutes the Administrator
[13:04] Gorm Runo shouts: One of the things that has attracted me to Gor, and kept me fascinated over these many years is the tiered approach to our responsibilities. Even those communities that do not recognize “Home Stones” follow this approach.
[13:04] Gorm Runo shouts: It says that the most important Home Stone is our individual one. We are most responsible for ourselves, and those we care for. If all is not in order “at home”, we are no good to anyone else.
[13:05] Gorm Runo shouts: And when our own personal situation is under control , we turn to the next level. Our City, our Holding, or our Tribe. We are able now to accomplish something positive on that level.
[13:05] Gorm Runo shouts: And when our City, Holding, tribe, or group is doing well, we look to the final level. Gor. Which we are told means., Home Stone in all the known languages of the planet. We are all bound together in a common humanity. Marcus of Ar, many years ago, wrote an essay that suggested this idea. “When any of us improves in any way, the sum total improves, and the chances of our survival becomes better
[13:06] Gorm Runo shouts: “And when any of us grows weaker, the sum total is now weaker, and the chance of survival less.”
[13:06] Gorm Runo shouts: That is the true spirit of En’kara.
[13:06] Gorm Runo shouts: I would to begin the ceremony today by making two special awards. These awards do not have anything to do with this year’s Fair, but rather recognize the contributions of two leaders of our community.
[13:07] Gorm Runo shouts: We have chosen to call these awards, “Cornerstone of SL Gor awards, because Second Life Gor has been built on their work and their efforts, not over the last ten days, but for many years.
[13:07] Gorm Runo shouts: It is our hope that this award gets picked up by our friends in Genesian Port , as they assume the leadership role for next year., and becomes an En’kara tradition that will produce a sort of “SL Gor Hall of Fame” as the years go on

enkara 2023
Lucy Bronet (left), Ubara of Olni

[13:07] Gorm Runo shouts: For our first CornerStone award, we have chosen a Free Woman of Gor. Next month, she will celebrate her 15th anniversary in Second Life. I have always considered the role of Gorean Free Woman as one of the hardest in our World. Over the years, very few have understood this role as well as our first awardee.
[13:08] Gorm Runo shouts: She has served our community as a sim administrator, and most importantly as a role model, and mentor , to a whole generation of Gorean role players. I can never recall a single instance when her name was not mentioned with the greatest respect and admiration.
[13:08] Gorm Runo shouts: I am pleased to award the first CornerStone of SL Gor award to the Lady Lucy Bronet of the city of Port Olni in gratitude for all the time and effort she has given to our community for those 15 years.
[13:08] Vαяη (varndavar.magic): >>>applause<<<

enkara 2023enkara 2023enkara 2023

[13:12] Gorm Runo shouts: Our second CornerStone of SL Gor award goes to a man who, just before the Fair began, celebrated his 18th year in Second Life Gor. He was present when the very first Gorean sim was opened, and he picked up the pieces when it was destroyed after a short time. For years, and years, he has hosted the Wednesday discussion from Glorious Ar, and served as a moderator as well. Every other Friday night, he hosts a tournament at his city. For year , after year, and week after week, he has faithfully supported those activities, and been a beacon of Honor and Loyalty to all who know him.
[13:12] Gorm Runo shouts: I am pleased to award the CornerStone of SL Gor award to Fidelio Matador, the Administrator of Glorious Ar, and I am proud and humbled to say, my Friend.
[13:14] Fidelio Matador shouts: I am deeply touched to be so honored; however, in truth I would ask that you award this honor to another man who deserves it more.
[13:15] Fidelio Matador shouts: I refer to Scar Statosky, who has maintained not only a city but an active community in Ko-ro-ba for only a couple weeks shorter time than Ar. I honestly believe that Scar has done more for our community than I have, and I do not yet understand why the Hell his city has not come to this fair. I intend to find out. In the meanwhile, please respect my wish and award this honor to Scar in my place. Thanks! Over.

enkara 2023
Nicholas Eel, Administrator of Sais (right)

enkara 2023
Fairgoer Lady Luella, also director of the Oasis Dancers

[13:23] Gorm Runo shouts: Ok, now lets turn our attention to En’kara23. We had a couple of awards that were voted on by the attendees of the Fair.
[13:23] Gorm Runo shouts: The first is for “Friendliest Campsite” And the winner is.
Tarn Ridge!!
[13:24] Gorm Runo shouts: We were so pleased with the many rp stalls spread over the Fair this year. They added so much to the Fair experience. It was really a close race for the Best RP market stall, but the winner is Lady Sabine’s Perfumes,
[13:25] Gorm Runo shouts: Caste day, was a new idea for the Fair. Devoting one whole day to each Caste, allowed us to build just one “Caste tent” to help free up space, and help in the fight against lag. I was very pleased with the response of the Castes to this idea. I suspect next year, they will come even better organized and more prepared to highlight the advances, and issues of their Caste.
[13:25] Gorm Runo shouts: However, the winner for “Best Caste Day” presentation goes to the Physicians, Lady Agrika Carver HOC.
[13:27] Gorm Runo shouts: and our final people’s choice awards goes to the “Friendliest Fairgoer” I do not think this was even close. The winner was everywhere during these ten days, supporting, helping, and making people smile, while also had a lot of responsibilities as a member of the Fair Staff
[13:28] Gorm Runo shouts: The winner of the Friendliest Fairgoer goes to our own, Mews Lowell.
[13:29] Gorm Runo shouts: I had the honor of helping judge a building competition held by the Builders Caste. My thanks to Atticus, who served as our HOC for this.
[13:30] Gorm Runo shouts: With a score of 56, the diorama detailing The Marchers from Explorers of Gor, by Leelah, wins first place and a prize of 10,000L in store credit from Studio Skye.
[13:31] Gorm Runo shouts: Earlier in the week, the staff selected Lar-Torvis as the best campsite, (determined by the most visually welcoming and useful using the allotted prims) We have their trophy available now.
[13:32] Gorm Runo shouts: And our final award, and perhaps most prestigious of all, is the Spirit of Enkara23 award. It is awarded to the person who best embodies the En’kara spirit all week long.
The winner this year, certainly deserves it. He was everywhere, helping with everything all week. I never heard him say no, and his positive, “lets do it” attitude was infectious.
The winner this year, certainly deserves it. He was everywhere, helping with everything all week. I never heard him say no, and his positive, “lets do it” attitude was infectious.
[13:32] Gorm Runo shouts: I am pleased to award the Spirit of En’kara23 award to. drum roll
[13:33] Gorm Runo shouts: Halvard Raskstal of the City of Genesian Port!!

enkara 2023

[13:36] MadShepard Fyrewik shouts: I have to give thanks to Administrator Gorm for trusting me with this immense project and showing faith when it got difficult…and to my girl Twinkie for every effort and tireless mile she ran to do everything I asked of her and more…and of course to Raven who worked consistently and constantly when others weren’t able…she stepped up when others couldn’t and has done so many things behind the scenes! Of course I also can’t go without mentioning the one who has been keeping the audio running through the various events and musical performances, our own GCR Station Manager, Elric Elvehjem, Thank you for Juggling all the Audibles this year once again! Also thank you Cole Cervantes who headed our Marshals and insured the peace was kept (probably one of the toughest jobs). I simply can’t thank you all enough!
[13:37] MadShepard Fyrewik shouts: I also want to acknowledge and thank every single fairgoer who attended this year for making it the most successful En’kara to date! Your stories in our rich culture are why this event happens and is the reason we do everything we can to make it the best we can make!
[13:38] MadShepard Fyrewik shouts: I think I’ve talked long enough and it’s time to pass the torch as they say, so once again I give you the Administrator of the Free port of Caer Cadarn, and En’kara 2023 Liaison Gorm Runo! We love you all and we can not wait to see you next year!
[13:38] Gorm Runo shouts: And now, I am going to declare En’kara23 officially closed, but in the spirit of what we hope to become a new tradition, I call upon the entire Second Life Gorean community to gather next spring here at the base of the Sardar mountains for En’kara24.

Northern Lights, revisited

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

dorf helsund

Village of Helsund (Dorf Helsund, german BTB)

Northern Lights

Saturday, December 3rd, 2022

dorf Fjell

Village of Fjell (Dorf Fjell, german BTB).

Gorean Panthers

Saturday, August 13th, 2022


Gorean Panther girls in their natural habit.

(Sim: Rive de Bois)


Tuesday, April 26th, 2022


Skol, Torvaldsland

Somewhere near Mirkwood Forest

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021

Mirkwood Forest

Mirkwood Forest – Sa’Pasheen Panthers – deep on the forest. It could be dangerous there.

In the Mountains of Thentis

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2021


“I grinned, and washed down the eggs with a swig of hot black wine, prepared from the beans grown upon the slopes of the Thentis mountains. This black wine is quite expensive. Men have been slain on Gor for attempting to smuggle the beans out of the Thentian territories.”
(John Norman: Beasts of Gor)

Jofurr Berg

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Jofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr Berg

Jofurr Berg, Torvaldsland