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Journey to Olni

Saturday, September 29th, 2012



by Lady Wendie, HoY scribe in Olni

Leaving Minus in the dead of night, the three boats loaded independently with a share of the bullion and coin of the bank of Hoy. Guards in the employ of the bank are trusted men who have served the house for years never the less there was a nervous feeling before the boats set sail.

A short run down river saw us enter the lake skirting the Swamp forest then taking the verl river.The three ships had to be rowed due to the slow patches of the river. Passing Tabuk’s Ford in the early hours of the morning the only city which had to be skirted.

The trip so far had been uneventful as the three well armed ships moved at a good pace to the outskirts of Iskander .There in the fields alongside the river was a caravan of sluggish Tharlarion, the high wheeled carts were soon loaded. With a crack of the whip the caravan began their way in land crossing the prairie. Three days later the caravan camped outside of Vonda for the night before moving on to the city of Port Olni. A remarkable journey made all the more remarkable in that the caravan was not attacked, not a single Tarsk bit was lot .

Before the gates of Olni Yuroki gave thanks to the priest kings.

To the members of the caravan I thank you for your dedication and hard work that has bought the House of HoY safely to Olni and the NEW VOICE OF GOR is back to its Homestone to honor the tradition and work of the old Voice of Gor mady by Lady Verona, scribe in Olni.

The House Of Hoy Yuroki (HoY) Bank has moved to the Village of Minus

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The House Of Hoy Yuroki (HoY) bank has moved, following the destruction of Landa. Rarius Yuroki, the Lady Wendie, scribe and accountant of the HoY, and three Kajira have now settled in the village of Minus.

Arriving in Venna

Arriving in Venna

Yuroki has built a house on the outskirts of the village with apartments for the scribe and a Kennel for the kajira. In the village a small strong room has been built to hold the Bank and Mint of Yuroki. The main reserves of the bank are held elsewhere in the Voltai for security reasons.

Arriving in Minus

At the docks of the village of Minus

The first transaction of the bank was to petition the Ubar Of Treve the famous city deep within the Voltai. The Hoy Bank has offered to mint new coins for the city, as coins of Treve are most commonly used in Minus. This service would be free to the city, reasons for this offer are confidential and known only to the Ubar and the bank. The Bank awaits the reply of the Ubar.

Arriving in Minus

The first paperwork of Lady Wendie

The Hoy bank now recommends to convert one hundred new copper tarsks, for one common silver tarsk. This is common on Gor.

The Bank also waits for new commissions for the minting of coins, all coins minted by the bank carry a set weight and are easily exchanged with other cities on a one for one basis. Making trade so much easier. Older coins will be taken in exchange and then re minted with the new design.

Arriving in Minus

Opening of the HoY Bank

All coins minted are to the customers own design this example is one of the Landa silver Tarsks before being melted down and re minted. It depicts the outline of the city with its emblem in the foreground.

Arriving in Minus

View of the Voltai Mountains
Written by Wendie

New Voice of Gor No. 72 + 73

Monday, September 24th, 2012

New Voice of Gor, vol. 2, issue 73 (shorter online version)
New Voice of Gor, vol. 2, issue 72 (shorter online version)

The Ianda Times is to become the NEW VOICE OF GOR.

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

“There is a crowd ahead,” I said, “at the public boards.”
“They seem angry,” he said.
(Magicians of Gor)

The Ianda Times is to become the NEW VOICE OF GOR.

The reasons for this are the former VOICE OF GOR Is one of the oldest publications of second life Gor. Many Goreans have come to know it and its editor Verona Lorgsval.

Verona does not longer publish the Voice of Gor which was based in the city of Olni. Her mission statement for the paper was:

The Voice of Gor is a cross sim Gorean wide newspaper. It is designed to promote and increase Cross Sim Roleplay and communication. The Voice of Gor strives to ensure that all parties are contacted ahead of time; however, occasionally a city will object to what was written. Any city is free to write a rebuttal or send in their own news.

That same note will be used and the same conditions apply . This is especially important at the present time. By the book sims are closing and opening every day the voice of Gor will be just that a voice where people can contribute articles, and ideas how Gor can be improved for the people who play a role within the cities.

The NEW VOICE OF GOR is looking for correspondents all over Gor.

In a world of words, the quill is more powerful than the sword.

Rarius Yuroki
former Head Builder and Admin of Landa
Editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR
now merchant somewhere in the Voltai mountains

New Arrival Point of Landa

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012

new skybox of Landa

The Decision

Monday, September 3rd, 2012


“The walls were crowded, and I supposed many upon them used the long glasses of the Caste of Builders to observe the field of the stakes.” (Nomads of Gor, Book 4, Page 113)


After an earthquake below the mighty Thassa, a massive Tsunami rose up in the ocean as it came closer to Landa the sea retreated. Yuroki knew what was happening having seen one before he shouted his girls and they ran for the high ground the wave when it hit shook the island.

As the water drained back he was left with only two girls a third had perished, swept into the boiling maelstrom left behind as the wave retreated.

A corner of landa was destroyed the buildings were washed away, some trees and the hills were all that remained of this once beautiful scenic corner.

Looking about himself he thought he had angered the priest kings in some way and he must make amends, if he was not to follow his beautiful slave to the cities of dust.

He went to the main city not one stone had been damaged the buildings were untouched. The crowd welcomed him fearing he had been drowned Pray to the priestkings citizens he commanded.

Yuroki then went immediately to the temple prayed to the priest kings. Feeling saddened by this tragedy. Firstly he prayed for forgiveness, then gave thanks for the saving of the great city. Slowly he then walked to were his slaves waited on the terrace sat down and began to ponder the future.

In the warm sunshine he dozed, as he slept he had a vision: the kajirae held his hands. “Master master” they called thinking their master was ill. Startled awake, it was then he made his decision He almost ran to his office to make his plans. Notes were sent to the ruling class he would relinquish the Administrator and all the other officers he held. He would go back to his first love the builders caste. There was a lot of rebuilding to do after the tsunami so with compasses, dividers and square he set to work on the plans. The vision he had been given by the priest king as he dozed on the terrace was to become a reality.

written by Bee

New Administration in Landa

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

The former administrator and ubar in times of war, sends kind regards and great thanks to all citizens who supported him during his long reign. However all good things come to an end and now he needs to concentrate on different things at the moment.

I want to say a big thank you to all the warriors who helped defeat the allied armies of our enemies during the times of war. Our caste achieved great things, although no one expected that. It is these deeds which bought honor to our homestone.

We have good people in town, and only a few things will change. I trust Sherman as new administrator fully, because he was administrator before I came to landa (April 2001 barbarian calendar).

I know if we all get behind him he will lead us to a powerful Landa.

Rarius Yuroki,
Head builder and head of the yellow caste of Landa,
editor of the Ianda Times,
former Admin and Ubar of Landa

As we announced already, Landa is going through some changes.

Yuroki has stepped down and is the Head Builder. Since he is a wonderful builder, we are pleased to have him in that role. He will also continue the Landa Times and the HoY bank.

Sherman has accepted his position as Admin once again and will be working hard to move Landa into a positive direction.

We will need your help as well. I hope our citizens who have not been here in quiet some time, may want to look in again.

Lady Dez

The Honorable Admin of Landa, Sir Yuroki, has stepped down and wishes to work as Head Builder of Landa. I have once again taken on the position of Admin on a temporary basis, until Council choses to vote it permanently.

Sherman Easterwood

I feel a few words of thanks are necessary.
I would like to thank Yuroki for his loyalty to Landa, for his time and for all the hard work he has put into the city.
He build most of the buildings. He build the tunnels, he also landscaped both sims. He created the news paper and the bank. All this, while recruiting and running a city. One will be hard pressed to find a man so devoted to the task before him.
Thank you Yuroki. We appreciated your hard work and we are happy you will remain with us.

Lady Dez


Monday, September 3rd, 2012


The Ianda Times vol. 2, issue 63-71

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

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