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The Tarn of the Voltai

Tuesday, December 4th, 2012


The House Of Hoy Yuroki (HoY) Bank has moved to the Village of Minus

Monday, September 24th, 2012

The House Of Hoy Yuroki (HoY) bank has moved, following the destruction of Landa. Rarius Yuroki, the Lady Wendie, scribe and accountant of the HoY, and three Kajira have now settled in the village of Minus.

Arriving in Venna

Arriving in Venna

Yuroki has built a house on the outskirts of the village with apartments for the scribe and a Kennel for the kajira. In the village a small strong room has been built to hold the Bank and Mint of Yuroki. The main reserves of the bank are held elsewhere in the Voltai for security reasons.

Arriving in Minus

At the docks of the village of Minus

The first transaction of the bank was to petition the Ubar Of Treve the famous city deep within the Voltai. The Hoy Bank has offered to mint new coins for the city, as coins of Treve are most commonly used in Minus. This service would be free to the city, reasons for this offer are confidential and known only to the Ubar and the bank. The Bank awaits the reply of the Ubar.

Arriving in Minus

The first paperwork of Lady Wendie

The Hoy bank now recommends to convert one hundred new copper tarsks, for one common silver tarsk. This is common on Gor.

The Bank also waits for new commissions for the minting of coins, all coins minted by the bank carry a set weight and are easily exchanged with other cities on a one for one basis. Making trade so much easier. Older coins will be taken in exchange and then re minted with the new design.

Arriving in Minus

Opening of the HoY Bank

All coins minted are to the customers own design this example is one of the Landa silver Tarsks before being melted down and re minted. It depicts the outline of the city with its emblem in the foreground.

Arriving in Minus

View of the Voltai Mountains
Written by Wendie