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Thursday, March 31st, 2011

New admin of Landa: Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza)
Shermann Easterwood is retired admin and still member of the High council.
Dokis Beck is new commander of Landa.

Merchant of Gor Tournament in Landa

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

Isle of landa

New Rules and Laws in Landa

Wednesday, March 30th, 2011

New rules and laws in Landa! [read more…]

Commander admiring the skyline

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

Isle of landa

Bank of Landa opened!

Monday, March 28th, 2011

landa bank

Most cities have a Street of Coins, an area where banking is done. “Sometimes, of course, certain areas specialize in, or are known for, given types of services or products. Each city usually has, for example, its “Street of Coins.” On such a street, or in such an area, its banking will largely be done. Similarly most cities will have their “Street of Brands,” on which street, or in which area, one would expect to find the houses of its slavers. (Fighting Slave of Gor)

Landa has its own bank and coins now. The bank is privately owned, but the company got a banking license from the city of Landa, the mint too.
The Bank of Landa accepts and converts
Coins of Port of Victoria
Coins of Treve (Tarn system)
Coins of Oasis of Klima
Coins of Vonda (made by Jarvis Quan)
Coins of Thentis
Coins of Port Kar
Coins of Sais
City of Turia
Coins of Tafa Trading Post
Coins of Besnitt

The Landa Times, vol, 1, issue 1

Monday, March 28th, 2011

The Landa Times, vol. 1, issue 1

New Coins of Landa

Saturday, March 26th, 2011

landa coins

The mint of Landa made new coins; the citizens will get their wallet very soon!

Kanwal cleans the bakery and does a great sacrifice

Saturday, March 19th, 2011

kanwal cleaning the bakery

[12:52] Yuroki Uriza: kanwal come here
[12:53] Desire Linette: yes Master
[12:53] Yuroki Uriza: i have not seen the lady baker for more than one week, this is her bakery, she had problmes with urts, i want you to clean the bakery right now
[12:53] Desire Linette: yes Master as you wish
[12:56] Desire Linette looks at the bakery, this command is of course better than to clean the prisons! the bakery smells so sweet..
[12:56] Desire Linette stands on her legs, hard works is starting, she will do her best
[12:57] Desire Linette looks around, finds a broom, first thing to do, broom the room
[12:57] Desire Linette starts by the corner near the fire, usually so dirty for the smog, then better to start here
[13:00] Desire Linette collect soon a lot of dirty here, coal, ash, *mhh so much, then looks at the fire.. a nice idea in her, through the firty on the fire, it will burn soon the coal and dirty
[13:01] Desire Linette continues to broom around, , unter the counters, near thesacks
[13:01] Desire Linette stops looking admired the pasties!
[13:02] Desire Linette: mhhh the Mistress is so expert to cook! so smelling sweet the sweet cakes!
[13:02] Desire Linette: the Master has told, that the Mistress is far from some days! may be the cakes are no more good!
[13:03] Desire Linette looks around, thinking….
[13:03] Desire Linette: mhh so sweet seem the cakes
[13:04] Desire Linette: if they are acid, *me giggles whit a strange idea in her mind.. if they.. are not fresh.. the free can become ills!
[13:05] Desire Linette smilels malizious, why so not do a.. brave action
[13:06] Desire Linette: Kanwal search to convince herself, that what she will do is for the healt of the free!
[13:06] Desire Linette: she will eat a piece of each cake! a little portion! Kanwal licks her lips
[13:07] Desire Linette: if she will stay well, the cakes are good
[13:07] Desire Linette: Kanwal giggle, finishes to broom the room, leave the broom, goes to wash carefully her hands
[13:08] Desire Linette looks well each cake, mhh so inviting, yes! she will do this sacrifice
[13:09] Desire Linette: Kanwal searches for a cake knife, gently starts to cut the first cake, a very little piece!
[13:10] Desire Linette: Kanwal closes her eyes, enjoying the sweetness of the piece cutted. Yummmm this is good! I am happy for the free! Then moves to the second cake, a fruit cake, ramberries! *Kanwal licks her lips.
[13:12] Desire Linette: Better to clean the knife, before to cut this other cake, Kanwal washes the knife, cut a little piece of ramberry cake, eat it. It is good! I am happy really, the free will enjoy with it!
[13:13] Desire Linette: The second cake, Kanwal finishes to lick her lips, then cut the little piece from the third cake, so soft! The smell of the cake is so sweet even if the cake has been cooked days ago!
[13:14] Desire Linette: Kanwal eats, feels the sweet taste, surely the cake is good, ohh yes, so good!
[13:14] Desire Linette: Now, the more dangerous cake! Kanwal arrives near a very high, white, a mountain of cream on this cake!
[13:15] Desire Linette adores with her eyes this last one, yes, she will do the last sacrifice!
[13:16] Desire Linette: Kanwal says to herself.. this.. of course is the more dangerous.. the cream soon may become acid! Perhaps I will need to taste two litlle pieces!
[13:18] Desire Linette: Kanwal giggles, moans near the cake as a good slave moans when is in love with the Master! Is it a special serve that she is doing? Of course, she is risking her life! Kanwal explain to mherself the right to do! the sacrifice will be done! Soon cut a generous piece of the beautiful cake, closes her eyes, eat it, slowly, trembling for theexcitation, so sweet! so soft!
[13:20] Desire Linette: Kanwal searches for a paper, then writes on it: Masters, Mistresses, these cakes are good! please enjoy with them, I tested each one and am well and happy!

Exploring the Canyons south of Besnitt

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

tarn ride

The Besnitt Grand Kajira Dance Contest

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Besnitt Dance ContestBesnitt Dance Competition

Picture the floor of the arena as a meadow, decked with flowers, ……. the lush kajira blooms,…….. the delicate, stately FW traceries, surrounded by the grim Northern male firs, the broad, sturdy, temperate hardwoods. And in the centre, a stage wheron transient petals flutter in the air. This was the scene on Sunday.

There was a short delay whilst the band arrived and set up. Some disagreements about the arrangements were resolved, with a minimum of fighting, and the dancing began.Fifteen people were present at the beginning,one a huntress!!! and an equal number of kajiri. By half way through the land was full. Besnitt was well represented, but so were the other lands, Wild Venn, Port Kar, Port Bravery, mercenaries……..

First to dance was our own Tracy, dancing ‘the smell of desire. ‘Only the sweetness of the flute, the rumbling beat of the drum. soothes as she catches the dancing glare of the sun’s rays reflecting off the walls surrounding this one’. She wove such a spell that the audience wa spell bound. The applause at the end of her dance was delayed whilst her spell evaporated.

Second up was cheryl, dancing with a string of beads as her costume.the dance was called ayami bik. ‘The moon glowed dreamily against the black sky and beneath it, awash in the moonlight, the slave girl danced. She was deliciously naked, wearing only a sparkling silver chain around her waist while shimmery bracelets glittered on each wrist, as she swayed and swirled seductively in the camp clearing.’

The next performer was our slave dina. Her dance was called ‘unfulfilled’ . ‘ Desirae Summers waited, knee bent, her heel with the bells attached. raised. as she felt the music call to her body. Dressed in sheer silks, decorated with cheap coins, meant to attract attention to her lush body, as they caught candle light and flashed golden.’

Fourth was eva, Girl of Besnitt. who danced a dance called ‘Grace’. Starting statuesquely……’ and there she was in her silks again her hands starting to smooth over her skin, esploring and wandering with such discomfort… a silent story that drips over her curves, her expression one of unfamiliarity, her once naked skin reacting to the lush silken coverings making her shiver’.

FG saarah entered. totally nude.’This beast alone on her knees, slightly spread apart in the sand pit, her long slender body reacting to the beat of the drums far away, thinking of her Master wishing he was here. The beast long flowing red hair sweeping across her half naked tanned body, her sparkling blue eyes shining in the moonlight and a sultry smile upon her lips’.

Fia was the final competitor who danced the whip dance ,again uncostumed, except with a collar and anklets. ably assisted by Erick our popular slaver. ‘The Master raises the whip. Fey Falconer pauses, poised. Then there is a sudden *CRACK* as the whip flashes out towards her, and in a flurry of movement the slender girl throws her head back, body arching as though it has struck her from behind. With a look of sudden terror on her face, she starts to dance’.

Ubar BULL then spoke a few words though the PA system was faulty, he said, on being approached…. I pretty much thanked all the girls for their performance – fia, sar, tracy, eva, dina, cheryl

The judges felt the top two places were tied and opted for an impromptu danceoff to the same music.

Fia went first. ‘Fey Falconer rolls on the ground, her body arched and offered up, the desperation in her eyes translating to a sensuous expression within the slave’s body.. she offers herself in the sands, the music carrying her to the Master’s feet .’

Finally it was dina’s turn.’ Desirae Summers stands ready to dance her heart out, the music sinking into her soul, the hidden passions bubbling up as from a spring of clear water in a dry desert. Desirae Summers eyes sparkle like the shimmering stars above, her breasts and bottom glow in the candleligth like the three moons of gor, as her body slips and sways to the primal beat.’

The verdict of the jury was after a VERY long competition
: For Third place we have Cherylsue
: In second place, fia
: and the winner, dina

Thanks must be extended to Tracy and her helpers. who organised the event and set the scene,the judges for their expert discrimination, the dancers for their dedication.

Your reporter: Lady Vikki

Greetings All,

i would like to thank each of You that came out to support the girls and i hope that All enjoyed the talent that was showed earlier today…. the girls were Great and so was each of You that helped by being there

saarrah, and eva well done to you as well …..fiery serves to you all always