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Heard Through the grape vine – local gossip

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Disclaimer – These are RUMOURS only and nothing of what’s written here has been confirmed. Everything written here is things heard through the grapevine. So don’t shoot the messenger!

Is Lady Trish, citizen and fine physician of Besnitt, handing out candy spiked with kanda to unsuspecting victims? A visitor was seen stumbling out from the infirmary after a quick session with said lady, and high as a kite he murmured about candy and kanda. He MIGHT have spoken of his two slaves who were waiting for him further down the street, but our informant insists there was something funny with the sweets handed out.

The Ubar’s behind seems to have taken on amazing proportions as of late. Our informants assure us it has nothing to do with Lady Baker’s sticky buns. Or her pastries. It’s the lack of physical exercise that is to be blamed. A daily run throughout the city to work off some of that extra energy, perhaps Sir Ubar?

The Rolling-pin-thief has struck again. Two more important tools have vanished from the Bakery. One has been found, apparently near the waterfalls. Anyone with a clue to who the thief might be should contact the Lady Baker herself. A reward awaits you!

Keely, the enslaved barbarian of Besnitt Kennels, was caught swearing like a sailor after being asked to do a boring task. Our informant was hiding in the shrubbery and overheard a horrendous tirade of words. A note was made to inform the slaver about her behavior. The swearing is not such a big deal, but she was stomping her foot too! Outrageous!

The rumor has it that Lady Angelica Lyric, prosperous Merchant recently arrived in Besnitt, has a soft spot for gloves. Especially the ones in a glossy material. Ever so often she’s seen wearing the most exquisite of gloves and woe the slave who fails to bring her an eating prong when serving her! Hell hath no fury!

Sir Bounty with his abundance of slaves. Don’t you find it curious? Perhaps it is the same with him as it is with men of earth: the more cars and the more expensive they are, the more you are compensating for certain body parts? Is it the same with our popular Administrator? That his long chain is a sign that he’s trying to compensate for something? Feel free to interview his slaves about it. I’m sure every woman in the city is just DYING to know!

The kajirae are whispering amongst themselves: a certain old Trader, often seen smoking kanda….is…And brace yourselves now women! – is still a VIRGIN! His name shall not be revealed to spare him the embarrassment. His slave seems to be a lustful one and we all pity her in her need as she possibly can’t be getting any. It’s no wonder the slaves’ eyebrows are raised since the man in question is well of age and probably was here long before Tal Carlbot was even born!

The newest in slave-fashion: earrings made out of Tospit slices. Ask the kajira named Cheryl for more information. She’s all too happy to show you how pretty this particular piece of jewelry looks like when worn!

By accident, an esteemed freewoman of Besnitt, has apparently found out that our skilled Slaver is wearing…a wig! This has not yet been confirmed, so the order goes out to all slaves to give Sir Erick’s hair a firm tug next time you have the chance. Results to be reported to the Besnitt Times.

Lady Lena was apparently spotted through the window of her house, dancing. Modestly clad she was, but the dance, oh the dance! It was hot enough to burn the beard off any man coming close. Luckily it was a slave who caught her in the act and not a man or she might have been thrown over his shoulder and carried off into the sunset – wearing a new, shiny necklace of sorts.

That was all for this time, folks!

If YOU hear or see something interesting in the City, please contact the Besnitt Times. There just might be a small reward for good tips and news!

❤Regards, your sweet and ever loving….urh…Mistress A.N. Onymous❤

Scrambled Vulo Breakfast

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

Scrambled Vulo Breakfast

Scrambled Vulo eggs, cooked in verr butter, mixed with peppers and topped with salt and crushed pepper .
Fresh Hot Golden Satarna bread , lots of verr butter melting on top.
Ramberry sauce for dipping
Tarsk sausages
Picture of Bosk Milk or drink of Your choosing

Trade Report No. 4

Saturday, February 26th, 2011

I am back to Besnitt. Much has happened. I have found my lost daughter! And i found out I am a grandfather!

I also aquired another two slaves. Very good quality; amazing beauty. I mean it! And they come with intelligence and charisma like I haven´t seen in a long time. When I returned to Besnitt I gave my slave I left in the city the name River. That way she matches the other two new ones Valley and Hill.

Port Kar wasnt very interesting. I never managed to get myself a meeting there. I have a meeting in Port Cos, though.

My daughter is a scribe. She was hired by myself and will be payed out of travel expenses. She will write down the treaties and trade agreements for me.

I have developed trade with panthers through a contact… And with black caste too. That comes in handy many times.

second banker of Besnitt
tarn rider

Mia cleans Besnitt’s Bank

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

i was walking through Besnitt’s city square when i came across The Master of Many Talents, Master Yuroki. i must confess i could not help admiring how handsome His features were, i was drawn like a magnet to his carefully groomed dreadlocks and would have happily sat dreaming over His looks while appearing to be attentively waiting for permission to continue on my way, when i was surprised out of my reverie by His command for me to follow Him.

i was curious, for i knew His tasks were always slightly out of the ordinary. He called me into Besnitt’s Banking office, a place i had never entered before. i casually looked around; one of it’s bare stone walls was decorated with a classic painting while another had a gorean calendar clock quietly ticking away; today was the 5th day of the second hand of the twelfth month of the year 1017. The Master, ever businesslike, ignored my rather obvious curves and ordered me to open a heavy metal door, one whose significance i quickly realised once i had entered and heard it close very firmly behind me.

i was told by Master Yuroki, in a cold, distant voice through the door, “i want you to clean the strong room and the bank, we had to build a lot in the last days and had a lot of customers, everything is dirty”

i had barely heard His words, for my eyes were drawn to a glowing crate at the far end of the room, its contents unmistakably filled with gold. i stood in awe, knowing that as a slave who owned nothing and had no use for coin, i was in a place where many a Free longed to be.

i could see builder’s dust everywhere, and my small nose tickled by it, longed to sneeze. Instead, i picked up a duster and started from the ceiling downwards, not missing the tops of the windows, shifting clouds of dust downward, watching them fall in spirals as i worked my way around the strong room and office.

When finished, i brushed the dust off my slender shoulders, knowing only a bath in the river would remove the dirt which had settled on the tip of my breast, left exposed by my worn, white camisk. i sighed, knowing as a city slavel i had little hope of ever wearing anything but threadbare camisks made of old rep cloth.

i swiftly looked for a broom and started to sweep, humming a familiar song in my head. Before i even realised it, i was dancing around the long handle, my feet skipping over and around its base, while i teased the handle, circling around it before finally giving in and, with my back to its pole, slid up and down it.

i heard it clatter to the ground as i stood up. i realised
no sweeping would get done if i continued to fool around, So, somewhat more soberly, i picked up the broom and continued sweeping until the floor was dust free.

i walked to the well and filled a bucket with water and collected a clean rep cloth from the kennels, then returned to the bank. On my hands and knees, my rounded buttocks heralding my movements around the bank, i scrubbed and cleaned the floor until it sparkled.

i looked around, genuinely pleased with the gleam of polish that was evident throughout the bank. i said a silent prayer to the Priest Kings, thankful that i had been chosen for such a task and that the many brave…and extremely handsome… warriors of Besnitt who protected our Homestone, would remain safe in their battles while doing so.

Finally, i locked the door of the strong room, and firmly closed the door on my way out of the bank, taking my cleaning tools with me. i was hopeful that the Master of Many Talents would be pleased with me.

Pick Pocket of the Ubar

Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011

pick pocket

She drifted in as the mist might, wafted apon the docks of the city beyond. The great city of Besnitt. She, with deep crimson conceilment robes swaddling her beauty, protecting the treasure that is beneath. Laughter bellows from the writer’s mind, for once you hear this tale, you surely will see that more than one treasure is hidden, buried near her beauty.

Picture our strong Ubar standing regally, in deep conversation with a sword brother. Two men, as if chiseled from metal, steal or iron. One that would define their hardened, trained, warrior’s physic. Both voices boomed when thy spoke. The echoes of their words pounded out onto the waves and met the crashing water with equal decibels.

A smile laced the lips of the traveling beauty, wrapped in red. For the warrior’s voices masked her tiny footsteps. Thus allowing her closer. She seemed to float, with an elegance of a trained dancer, warrior, or in this case; thief. Surly no one had seen her arrive on the docks, she convincingly thought to herself. With each step, she was closer to her target.

To the untrained eye, the thief looked innocent enough. More like just another lady on a stroll at the tenth ahn, enjoying the weather. But she was not one of them. For she had rolled her hair up using bottles of ka-la-na, and was about to steal the Ubar’s tarsks. She slid her slender arm out as she came up beside him, and brushed her black leather glove covered hands to the Ubar’s waist, sliding her long, delicate fingers down the seam of his trouser leg when….

…..”Yes, M’lady,” smiling is the Ubar as he grasps her slender wrist, “You just found out the Ubar’s pants have no pockets?” patting the pouch on his weapon straps, hearing the tarsks jingle merrily there.”You think you might make another attempt, now that you see that which you are after?” A grin apparent now on his face as the ka-la-na bottled lady scowls for getting caught, not red-handed, but empty-handed!

The End.

((What happened to the thief, you ask? Well you have to wait until next week’s issue to find out. ))

Besnitt Times vol. 1 issue 4

Monday, February 21st, 2011

Besnitt Times vol. 1 issue 4

Local Gossip

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

Local Gossip, brought to you by your sweet and ever loving Baker

The citizens of Besnitt has noticed that as of late the Ubar’s behind seems to be growing. The reason? Too many sticky buns. We urge all kajirae to give our Ubar an extra slap on the behind each time you see him – it looks nice and soft doesn’t it, girls?

A note on the noticeboard clearly states that the Ubar and Ubara of Vonda suck a certain animal’s more intimate body part. What brought that on? What has the poor Baker been forced to go through that caused such an outburst? Lets all give her our support!

It’s been noticed as of late that the men of Besnitt have stinky feet. The odor spreading as boots come off is nauseating. Thus, we urge our fine Physicians to look into the matter, because Free Companions and slaves alike are suffering in the furs when the men’s footwear come off!

Sir Omar, Second Sword of Besnitt , was spotted by a slave one late night as he snuck into the empty infirmary. His business? Our informant tells us he nicked candy from the jar the physicians keep in the building – he almost emptied the entire pot! Who’s got a sweet tooth, hm?

During the latest raid it was said that our Butcher lost his arm. Chopped off by the shoulder apparently. The gruesome event is nothing but tragic. So please good folks of Besnitt, if you see the Butcher about, lend him a hand will you?

Our new Tavern Master Tristan is apparently down on his luck. The outrageous costs for a mere bowl of water charged by him leads us to believe the poor fellow is in need of money. Spare him a copper tarsk next time you see him – we do not want the Tavern to go under!

Something’s cooking! One of Besnitt’s Blue, the Scribe Lady Lena, seems to be wearing bigger and bigger gowns. What’s hiding under all them skirts? Has she been doing things she’s not supposed to do? Or has her love for baked goods finally begun to leave it’s traces on her?

The beast named Fia (Fey Falconer) has a secret. Well, it’s not a secret anymore. Apparently she can’t swim. When ordered by the Baker to take a dip, she got in the water, but just stood there, unmoving. Outrageous!! Every slave needs to learn how to swim! Who volunteers to give swimming classes to the slaves? Contact Besnitt Times if interested.

That was all for this time, folks!

If YOU hear or see something interesting in the City, please contact the Besnitt Times. There just might be a small reward for good tips and news!

❤Regards, your sweet and ever loving Baker Nadija❤


Trade Report No. 3

Sunday, February 20th, 2011

The following is a report on banking and trade activity with the cities of Torcadino, Turia and Port Kar.

I have traded medicinal goods with Torcadino and Turia. I got copper from Torcadino and I got gold and silver from Turia. I learned that Turia has its own bank and currency and they are willing to become part of the large currency compatibility system we are developing. And Torcadino is interested in our banking system. The visit Port Kar is to see if we can befriend their banking system there too.

I aquired the medical products from a source I learned when I was an information broker. A slaver called CHI and a veteran warrior called Vini helped me ‘retrieve’ the items from a group of pirates. These items for trade were stocked for some time in a camp in the southern margin of the Lower Fayeen River, near Kasra. These products were split into two caravans. I refer to them as the northern caravan and the southern caravan. The latest using a camp in the outerskirts of Kasra as homebase; The former has no homebase. It is a dismemberment of the original caravan.

This northern caravan is heading to Torcadino from Kasra now with:
40 Kanda leaves barrels
10 marigold barrels
20 ka-la-na wine barrels

I have traded with Torcadino many products for 100 copper ingots. I think this is copper for a good many coin mint batches.

The following amount of 20 talu barrels carried on kaiila back have already been paid for the copper:
4 matchweed barrels
1 hemp barrel
1 capture scent barrel
2 kanda root barrels
20 cayenne pepper barrels

I had to pay for the caravan camping outside the city:
1 purple verminium perfume oil for hand washing barrel

I also gifted one barrel of green paga as a present for the city head slaver; he was my contact there and I was there when he got himself a free companionship.

I left Torcadino by tarn and met my caravan and checked if all was right. It was. Headed to Turia – long legs in this part of the trip. Not able to produce many pasangs a day since I couldnt change tarn every few hundred pasangs as i do near our city. Reached Turia and traded the following:
6 black pepper barrels
6 cayenne pepper barrels
8 green paga barrels
4 green herbal powder
8 kanda leaves barrels
8 kanda root barrels
for (believe me):
60 silver ingots
and 5 gold ingots!

The entire operation is costly. We are talking about caravans, many tarns to be used in almost non-stop travels, messages to Besnitt and the supplier. I will use some of the ingots to keep up with the costs.

I will ask for escort of our own swords next time. I don´t trust hired sword for such a mission… What I did this time was the following. I had the barrels refilled with unimportant material to look like I was trading my products for Turia´s production – not precious metals. This way I wouldn´t be robbed by my own escort… And to keep secrecy, I killed all the slaves I used to refill the barrels.

I went to Port Kar just to find out you had already reached them. It happens. So I went to Besnitt and worked my banking duties there for a day and left.

I am looking for coins minted by other cities to insert them in our city since currency is needed there. It seems a moron (who is well known to be a spoiled kid who enjoys to think of himself as a loose cannon) decided he would pay a silver ingot for damaging a slave and now the city´s economy needs 50 silver tarks to balast that ridicoulous non-gorean action.

By the way, how did one like that ever come across a silver ingot?

second banker

Job Offer: Merchant Caste

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

I need a merchant who makes a written agreement with the merchant caste of Sais that they will accept our coins there, ask Rarius Yuroki for more details. ONE SILVER!

Foreign Currency Exchange Rates, update

Saturday, February 19th, 2011

The Bank of Besnitt accepts and converts

Coins of Port of Victoria
Coins of Treve (Tarn system)
Coins of Oasis of Klima
Coins of Vonda (made by Jarvis Quan)
Coins of Thentis
Coins of Port Kar
Coins of Sais (only copper)

Fluctuations in exchange rates are possible.