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Oase der vier Palmen – 15 Jahre I

Wednesday, October 12th, 2022

Oase der 4 palmenOase der 4 palmenOase der 4 palmen

After the celebrations, residents and guests of the Oasis of the Four Palms meet in the cafe and are served. Nach den Feierlichkeiten treffen sich Bewohner und Gäste der Oase der vier Palmen im Cafe und lassen sich bewirten.

A Mysterious Man

Sunday, February 13th, 2022

Oasis of Klima

Three merchants from the Oasis of Four Palms arrived at the Oasis of Klima after a grueling trek. In the tavern they met a mysterious man who did not want to reveal his name. He said he was a simple-minded salt merchant…

Oasis of Klima by night

Saturday, January 29th, 2022

oasis of Klima

“The Tahari is perhaps most beautiful at night. During the day one can scarcely look upon it, for the heats and reflections. During the day it seems menacing, whitish, shimmering with heat, blinding, burning; men must shade their eyes; some go blind; women and children remain within the tents; but, with the coming of the evening, with the departure of the sun, there is a softening, a gentling, of this vast, rocky harsh terrain. It is at this time that Hassan, the bandit, would make his camps. As the sun sank, the hills, the dust and sky, would become red in a hundred shades, and, as the light fades, these reds would become gradually transformed into a thousand glowing tones of gold, which, with the final fading of the light in the west, yield to a world of luminous, then dusky, blues and purples. Then, it seems suddenly, the sky is black and wide and high and is rich with the reflected sands of stars, like clear bright diamonds burning in the soft, sable silence of the desert’s innocent quietude.”

Oasis fo Four Palms

Friday, October 15th, 2021

Oasis of Four PalmsOasis of Four Palms

Oasis of Four Palms

Saturday, August 28th, 2021

oasis of four palmsoasis of four palmsoasis of four palms

Oasis of Four Palms.

he march of Hassan had as its object not Red Rock, northwest of Klima, but Four Palms, a Kavar outpost known, to him, which lay far to the south of Red Rock. Unfortunately Four Palms was farther from Klima than Red Rock. On the other hand, his decision seemed to me a sound one. Red Rock was a Tashid oasis under the hegemony of the Aretai, enemies of the Kavars. Furthermore, between Klima and Red Rock lay the regions patrolled by the men of Abdul, the Salt Ubar, who had been known to me as Ibn Saran. Beyond this, though Four Palms lay farther from Klima than Red Rock, its route, it seemed, would bring one sooner out of the dune country than the route to Red Rock, and into the typical Tahari terrain of rock and scrub, where some game might be found, occasional water and possible nomadic groups not disposed to hostility toward Kavars. (Tribesmen of Gor)