Lost caravan – why?

January 22, 2023

Oasis of Klima
Rarius Yuroki talking to guards of the dunes.

[Roleplay event: Saturday, 21th of January, 1 pm SLT, 9 pm gmt]

A large caravan from the Oasis of Klima has disappeared without a trace. However, there are no reports that the Kurii have reappeared. There must be another reason. What’s particularly strange is that a few lesser kaiila from this caravan showed up at the Oasis of Lame Kaiila, but they weren’t carrying salt or saddles. We need to know the reason for this and will search the desert up to the exchange point of Klima.

Oasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of Klima

We were attacked by a group of bandits near the exchange point of Klima. The fight went on for a long time as we had to force our way through the rock gate under heavy fire. We took prisoners, there were numerous wounded. The bound bandits were taken to the salt mines of Klima.

Oasis of Klima

A high-ranking delegation from the Oasis of two Scimitars marched with us to Klima and supported us in the fight. Negotiations started in Klima about the accession of the Oasis of two Scimitars to the Southern Trade Alliance (STA) and about a cooperation between the Gorean Merchant Association and the STA. The negotiations lasted into the night.

Oasis of KlimaOasis of Klima


Oasis of Lame Kaiila

January 15, 2023

oasis of lame Kaiila

Caravans from the Tahari arrive almost every day at the Oasis of Lame Kaiila.




oase der vier palmenoase der vier palmen

An official delegation from Isfahan visited the Oasis of Four Palms (Oase der vier Palmen).

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Isfahan, gossiping again



Rarius Yuroki and his free companion Sabayna in the wonderful gardens of Isfahan


Northern Lights, revisited

December 3, 2022

dorf helsund

Village of Helsund (Dorf Helsund, german BTB)

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Northern Lights


dorf Fjell

Village of Fjell (Dorf Fjell, german BTB).

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silver stone desert oasis

Sitting in the inn of the Silver Stone Desert Oasis gossiping.

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The Port of Venna



The port of Venna. Venna is a resort city west of Voltai and 200 pasangs north of Ar, between Ar and the Vosk River on the Viktel Aria. It is well known for it’s tharlarion races, luxury, and Bath houses. It is a common locale for the villas of the rich, usually from Ar.

“The three moons were now high. We could hear insects in the hedged gardens beneath and beyond the balcony. We could see the lights of Venna, too. The baths were still open. The house of the Mistress was in the Telluria section, which is in the northwest part of the city, on a hill. It is the preferred residential section of Venna. The house, situated as it was, provided us with a lovely panorama of the small city.”
(Fighting Slave of Gor)

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The Hoy Companies moved to the Silver Stone Oasis

November 22, 2022

silver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasissilver stone desert oasis

The House of Yuroki Companies gave up their headquarters in Kargash and moved to the Silver Stone Oasis. Masked mercenaries protected the huge caravan and the tharlarions with the valuable goods.


Rank of Caste Tournament


rank of Caste tournamentrank of Caste tournament

Impressions from the Rank of Caste tournament in the Silver Stone Oasis.

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