Oasis fo Four Palms

October 15, 2021

Oasis of Four PalmsOasis of Four Palms


Treve & Minus


Treve & MinusTreve & MinusTreve & MinusTreve & MinusTreve & Minus

Treve & Minus (closed)

“Treve was a warlike city somewhere in the trackless magnificence of the Voltai Range. I had never been there but I knew her reputation. Her warriors were said to be fierce and brave, her women proud and beautiful. Her tarnsmen were ranked with those of Thentis, famed for its tarn flocks, and Ko-ro-ba, even great Ar itself.”
John Norman: Priest-Kings of Gor, Page 60

“Treve was alleged to lie above Ar, some seven hundred pasangs distant, and toward the Sardar. I had never seen the city located on a map but I had seen the territory she claimed so marked. The precise location of Treve was not known to me and was perhaps known to few save its citizens. Trade routes did not lead to the city and those who entered its territory did not often return. There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city.”
John Norman: Priest-Kings of Gor, Pages 60 – 61

“Yes, I knew the reputation of Treve. It was a city rich in plunder, probably as lofty, inaccessible and impregnable as a tarn’s nest.
Indeed, Treve was known as the Tarn of the Voltai. It was an arrogant, never-conquered citadel, a stronghold of men whose way of life was banditry, whose women lived on the spoils of a hundred cities.”
John Norman: Priest-Kings of Gor, Page 63

“There was said to be no access to Treve save on tarnback and this would suggest that it must be as much a mountain stronghold as a city.”
John Norman: Raiders of Gor, Page 60

“Indeed, there was little known even of the city of Treve. It lay somewhere among the lofty, vast terrains of the rugged Voltai, perhaps as much a fortress, a lair, of outlaw tarnsmen as a city.
It was said to be accessible only by tarnback. No woman, it was said, could be brought to the city, save as a hooded, stripped slave girl, bound across the saddle of a tarn. Indeed, even merchants and ambassadors were permitted to approach the city only under conduct, and then only when hooded and in bonds, as though none not of Treve might approach her save as slaves or captive supplicants.
The location of the city, it was said, was known only to her own. Even girls brought to Treve as slaves, obedient within her harsh walls, looking up, seeing her rushing, swift skies, did not know wherein lay the city in which they served. And even should they be dispatched to the walls, perhaps upon some servile errand, they could see, for looming, remote pasangs about them, only the wild, bleak crags of the scarlet Voltai, and the sickening drop below them, the sheer fall from the walls and the cliffs below to the valley, some pasangs beneath. They would know only that they were slaves in this place but would not know where this place in which they were slaves might be. It was said no woman had ever escaped from Treve.”
John Norman: Captive of Gor, Page 191

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Jofurr Berg


Jofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr BergJofurr Berg

Jofurr Berg, Torvaldsland

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Slave Market in Halin


slave market Halinslave market Halin

Slave market in Halin (german BTB).

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The March to the Oasis of Klima

October 12, 2021

march to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klimamarch to oasis of Klima

We made the march to Klima! The Salt Ubar administers and controls the salt districts primarily by regulating access to the districts, checking the papers and credentials of merchants, inspecting caravans, keeping records of the commerce, etc. The Salt Ubar’s men are customarily veiled as their allegiance is supposed to be to no tribe but to the protection of salt.

The Southern Trade Alliance (STA) hold a meeting in the Oasis of Klima guarded by heavily armed men who were veiled or masked. The membership of several cities and oasis had been confirmed by the assembly. The Salt Ubar was present and his deputy too.

[Thank you for everyone who participated the very interesting roleplay and thank you Sнaι’leιa Ͼeleѕтe Ḣuѕzan (shaileia) for the awesome and outstanding sim!]



September 4, 2021


The harbour of Kargash and the vineyard. Kargash is a town located on the western coast of Gor between Turia and the Anango Island. The town is a member of the Southern Trade Alliance (STA) and the main port for trade with northern Gor.


Oasis of Four Palms

August 28, 2021

oasis of four palmsoasis of four palmsoasis of four palms

Oasis of Four Palms.

he march of Hassan had as its object not Red Rock, northwest of Klima, but Four Palms, a Kavar outpost known, to him, which lay far to the south of Red Rock. Unfortunately Four Palms was farther from Klima than Red Rock. On the other hand, his decision seemed to me a sound one. Red Rock was a Tashid oasis under the hegemony of the Aretai, enemies of the Kavars. Furthermore, between Klima and Red Rock lay the regions patrolled by the men of Abdul, the Salt Ubar, who had been known to me as Ibn Saran. Beyond this, though Four Palms lay farther from Klima than Red Rock, its route, it seemed, would bring one sooner out of the dune country than the route to Red Rock, and into the typical Tahari terrain of rock and scrub, where some game might be found, occasional water and possible nomadic groups not disposed to hostility toward Kavars. (Tribesmen of Gor)



July 7, 2021


Arriving at Tetrapoli by boat. A large Vosk River city which began as four separate cities; Tetrapoli in Gorean means “Four Cities” or “Four Towns.”

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Vonda at the Olni River



Vonda am Olni (Suedland, Saleria, german BTB)

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Mint of Teehra


Mint of Teehra

Minting coins in the mint of Teehra.

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