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Hot Buns Bakery

Thursday, December 8th, 2011


Landa got a new baker, lady Clara.

When You enter the Landa, you be hit with the warm scent of fresh bread baking in the over. The natural grains of the SaTarna are milled , baked and served with an affection that will make you fell as if you are…Home at last.


Brownie s ~ made from the finest cocoa that has been imported from Earth mixed with the verr butter and touch of spice unique to the bakery

Date Squares ~ A crumbly but still-slightly-warm square,that is filled with sweet, buttery, oaty goodness and red clay dates imported from the city of Tor.
A Pure and Simple treat. Served with a glass of cold bosk milk, it is a perfect treat in the afternoon.

Verr Butter Tarts ~ another delicious sweet created by the bakery freshly made verr butter that is churned in the bakery each morning mixed with a sweet syrup and hints of dried Sa Ta grapes from the Isle of Cos cooked in a light flaky pastry shell a favourite for anyone that wants something to help satisfy that sweet craving.

Ramberry Tarts ~ only the finish berries is yoused, The berries are simmered with the unique spice to the bakery and then filled in a light flaky pastry shell and then baked

Larma Tarts~ Larma tarts have a hint of sweet taste but when simmered in the spice unique to ArBakery and Café it melts in the mouth of the Free. Again this mixture is filled in a light flaky pastry and baked to perfection.

Topsit Tarts ~a filling for the Free that enjoys a pucker when enjoying a tart. The topsits offer a sour tangy taste when baked in a light flaky pastry.

Muffins & cookies – both whit eider nuts, berrues or cocoa


SaTarna Bread (yellow bread)
Baked in flat, round loaves; usually with eight divisions per loaf, sometimes with four divisions.

Six Grain SaTarna Bread
Baked in a round load pan. This wholesome bread is made with barley, oats, millet, corn, rye and wheat. Served usually with eight divisions but available with four as well.

Cheese Pull-A-Part Bread
Our delicious dinner rolls baked-in aged verr cheese in the dough and placed in a loaf with plenty of butter -.

Garlic Gor Sourdough Bread
Our sourdough round bread topped with garlic spread, parmesan verr cheese and basil and oregano seasoning

Cinnamon Bread
Baked in a round loaf pan. This sweet dough, swirled with cinnamon sugar, is great toasted or enjoyed warmed with verr butter.

Cinnamon dried TaGrapes Bread
Baked in a round loaf pan. This sweet dough, swirled with cinnamon sugar and plump golden dried tagrapes, is great toasted.

Cinnamon Date Bread
Baked in a round loaf pan. This sweet dough, swirled with cinnamon sugar and sugared red clayed date pieces from the City of Tos, is great toasted.
Fruit Nut Bread

Baked in a round loaf pan. This sweet dough is filled with candied fruit and nuts. A real favorite around the festival celebrated around the lands. Excellent served with verr cream cheese.

Jalapeno-Cheese Bread
Wonderful cheese bread filled with jalapeno peppers, corn and spicy seasoning. .

Six Grain Raisin Nut Bread
Our six grain bread packed with raisins and nuts to make a delicious breakfast bread.