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Rence Paper from the Vosk Delta

Friday, February 10th, 2012

rence paper

Tar has recently acquired a large shipment of rence paper from the growers in the delta of the Vosk. The delta is located in close proximity to Port Kar known for its pirates and cruel slavers. Raiders from Port Kar often enter the marshes and for what purpose is another story. There are eight grades of quality rence paper produced by the hardy dwellers and growers in these marshes. The shipments that are available now are the lowest grade and the highest grade.

Rence paper is made by slicing the stem of the rence plant, that grows in the marsh, into thin, narrow strips, especially those near the center of the plant. Two layers of the these strips are placed crisscross together and then soaked in water. This releases a gluelike substance from the fibers, thus melding the two surfaces into a single, rectangular sheet. These formed sheets are then hammered and dried in the sun. They are made smooth by polishing with a smooth shell, or a small piece of kailiauk horn, or the side of a tharlarion tooth. The sheets are attached together in one long roll usually about 20 sheets to a roll.

These rolls of rence paper have been acquired by merchants that entered some several pasangs into the delta to negotiate their acquisition. The merchants that Tar has negotiated with met with the growers on the western edge of the delta that borders the Tamber Gulf.

Citizens of Landa may wonder how these growers live in a marsh filled delta. They harvest the rence plants during fall and winter and weave large mats. The quality of the plants harvested at this time is such that it cannot be used for paper but is ideal for making the large islands upon which the growers live. The mats are placed layer upon layer and a large island is constructed that reaches to the bottom of the marsh. They are tied off on the corners so they do not drift and remain relatively stable. New layers are added each year as the bottom layers deteriorate and the upper layers being constantly replaced.

Written by Tar
[Information gathered from “Raiders of Gor”]