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The First Day of En’kara

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

new year

[16:16] Yuroki Uriza clears his throat and begins with steady voice “Welcome citzens of landa”
[16:16] Sherman Easterwood catches the undteadiness of the Lady Amelia out of the corner of his eye and decides to watch her closely
[16:16] Yuroki Uriza: welcome fellow Landarians to this our temple
[16:17] Yuroki Uriza: Today is the day we have waited for. The first day of En’kara, is upon us.
[16:20] Yuroki Uriza: your city administrator welcomes the sun, throws open his arm as the sun rises over the horizon
[16:21] Yuroki Uriza: As the sun lights the ocean its rays seeking out the shore he commands: “Citizens and beasts of the city hear me ”
[16:21] Yuroki Uriza starts to recite with loud melodious voice:
[16:21] Yuroki Uriza: From the ice we are freed, the stream and brook,
[16:21] Yuroki Uriza: By the Springs enlivening, lovely look;
[16:21] Yuroki Uriza: The valley’s green with joys of hopes;
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: To bring light to this our home our boats.
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: Hark! Sounds of Landas joy arise;
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: Landa is our paradise
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: The Risen sun we celebrate,
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: For we ourselves have now arisen
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: From lowly houses’ mustiness,
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: From Brak bush doors that are our prison,
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: From the roof and gables that oppress,
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: From the bystreets’ crushing narrowness,
[16:22] Yuroki Uriza: From the temples venerable night,
[16:23] Yuroki Uriza: We are all brought out into the light
[16:23] Yuroki Uriza bows to the crowd
[16:23] Yuroki Uriza shouts: I your sometimes grumpy administrator command you to burn the brack on the open fire, the paga is free, the food is free, today we celebrate our first year and new year.
[16:24] Lilith Lindley laughs with joy and happiness as the sun rises at the horizont over the sea
[16:24] Retief Elkhart: Ta Sardar Landa!
[16:24] Yuroki Uriza: we can return the the inn and the tent now…the new year has begun now…the fist day of the month of En’Kara
[16:25] Yuroki Uriza: Ta Sardar landa!