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Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

Rose Harlow

Lady Rose Khaos [Rose Harlow], head physician to the Port City of Olni

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: This new subspecies of the famous Cosian Wingfish (Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus) causes a kind of shock if it was prepared incorrectly: How do Gorean physicians treat a shock? What has to be done first?

Lady Rose Khaos: Well it all depends on the kind of shock. If it is mental then it is best to try to relax the patient and get them to relax, if it is more of a power surge through the body then it is best to just let them recover slowly and watch their vital signs. But I have found if it is a male who is in shock send in about five female slaves and let them have their joys with the man.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Symptoms and side effects of the poison of the fish are hallucinations and nightmares. What do mind healers do against that kind of illness?

Lady Rose Khaos: Well you know that is honestly a good question, most would probably use herbs and such or do a lobotomy on them as for me I would most likely turn them loose in a raid and let them defend a city.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Some symptoms of the hallucinates are similar to the effects of the frobicain injection. Mostly this takes the form of hysterical weeping, threats, demands for explanation, screaming and such. These symtoms have been found in the tavern of Vonda where they offered the red Cosian Wingfish and where several citizens of Vonda amd even a member of the black caste have eaten the fish. What do you recommend against that?

Lady Rose Khaos: Next time I would say have the bosk I have heard it is amazing with a nice aged paga and after that have a nice bowl of fruit and a good nap.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 156


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014


Zinkan Dewoitine, retired head physician of Melicerus

by Rarius Yuroki, editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR and Verona Lorgsval, senior writer

Interview with Zinkan Dewoitine, one of the most famous physicians of Gor who has learned medicine with the great Pastorius himself

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: We gave you this strange red wingfish to examine. What did you find out?

Zinkan Dewoitine: First let me inform you what we did. We made a water chemistry analysis, a live exam with external tissue biopsies, a necropsy because all the red fish in the basket were dead, a bacteria identification, histology, virology and other tests. We all know that our beloved Gor knows some strange and very dangerous animals. I even heard rumors about a talking giant spider….

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: The fish, please?!

Zinkan Dewoitine: This is one of the most interesting creatures I have seen in my life, a new subspecies of the Cosian Wingfish which was unknown until your man has found it in the Olni River near Vonda. We named it Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus of the family Beloniformes, class Actinopterygii. We will add “Yurokiensis” perhaps (smiles). The normal Wingfish also known as songfish is blue, but this subspecies is red, it has only two tiny slender spines in its dorsal fin, which are very poisonous. Not only that: If the fish is not prepared properly, it causes several strange effects… We made some experiments to confirm that.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: What kind of strange effects?

Zinkan Dewoitine: The person who has eaten the fish shows the symptoms of a shock for several hours: cool, pale arms and legs, very low temperature, little or no urine, palpitations, agitation, lethargy, or confusion, shortness of breath and skin rash or discoloration.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Some of our readers are simple minded. Would you please make this sophisticated scientific reports shorter?

Zinkan Dewoitine: The sick person suffers from hallucinations and nightmares for several days and a constricted field of view also known as “tunnel vision”.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Constricted field of view? What does that mean?

Zinkan Dewoitine: For example: Men think slaves are standing although they are kneeling and vice versa (4). The buildings of a town seem to be very squeezed although they are nicely built and so on. Symptoms of the poisoning are similar to the frobicain injection (5). Mostly this takes the form of hysterical weeping, threats, demands for explanation, screaming and such.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: That is similar to the description of a drama..

Zinkan Dewoitine: The green caste of Gor needs to examine this new kind of fish very accurate: I have the suspicion that intrigues, bad behavior and hysteria in Gorean cities very often were caused by consuming the Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus. We did not know that before, a very interesting discovery in Saleria.

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: We have been told that his warrior from Olni who was laying on the ferry claimed to have killed citizens of Vonda and that the slave was catatonic?

Zinkan Dewoitine: The warriors was hallucinating for sure, a typical symptom of the sickness. But this slave…

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: The slave was dead?

Zinkan Dewoitine: Probably not, because the poison of the Parexocoetus brachypterus Cosinus decreases the blood circulation almost to zero for a while, a kind of temporarily hibernation. You could even survive a cut-throat of the knife or dagger was a small one and if you would find a Gorean physician very soon. The green caste of Gor is skilled somehow… (smiles)

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: What do you recommend to do first?

Zinkan Dewoitine (smiles): I recommend to whip the tavern (6) master in Vonda who bought the fish and did not prepare it properly. The tavern needs to be cleaned and perhaps disinfected. The people who have been there too…

THE NEW VOICE OF GOR: Thank you for the interview, Physician.

(4) [2014/04/17 21:36] Colton -Alexzander- Dark (Khampoh Resident): would look at the slave, then to the woman “since she looks to be with you, why dont you have her kneel Lady Ashtin, she seems to be drooling, I will fix that for her” then looking at the beast “kneel girl, before I forget I am a kind old man”
[2014/04/17 21:37] Teal Razor: ~sucks the crumbs off her fingers….Yes, Master…Straightway….
[2014/04/17 21:37] Teal Razor: Sits up to await orders….like a good soldier should…..
[2014/04/17 21:39] Ashtin (Ashtin Oanomochi): seeing movement from the corner of an eye.. She turns to look upon teal fully. Notes that the girl is in towering. Shoots an awkward expression toward Colton “Killer, the girl is kneeling. ”
[2014/04/17 21:39] Teal Razor: ~continues to gaze around at the beauty that is Vonda but smells the paga in the satchel and drifts off in a reverie….
[2014/04/17 21:40] Colton -Alexzander- Dark (Khampoh Resident): would look at the vase, eyeing the girl’s head and the opening of the vases, choosing the middle size “you going to kneel, or besides being a wise ass you are also ignoring me?” my eyes on the slave as I move to her and place the vase on her head “until you are in the city, so you do not drool all over you will wear this” then I would say to the woman with her “I wish you well Lady Ashtin, you should find yourself a better slave to travel with”
[2014/04/17 21:41] Teal Razor: Mistress…do you wish that I wear this chapeau? Hears her own voice echoing in the vase.

(5) “They seem very quiet,” I observed.’We permit them,” said Flaminius, deigning to offer a bit of explanation, “five Ahn of varied responses, depending on when they recover from the frobicain injection. Mostly this takes the form of hysterical weeping, threats, demands for explanation, screaming and such. They will also be allowed to express their distress for certain periods at stated times in the future.”
(Assassin of Gor)

(6) [2014/04/17 20:46] Teal Razor: Mistress, the Master said there is plenty of food and drink for weary traveler’s here. Shall we sit?

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 156


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014

tancred's Landing

Tancred’s Landing

by Rarius Yuroki, editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR

As I was sorting through the scrolls which threatened to crash my desk, I heard the bell ringing. I stopped and walked to the balcony to see what was happening. Thick fog hovered over the dock and as I strained my eyes to peer through it I saw the messenger arrived from Olni delivering the scrolls written by that slave Teal, our correspondent in Olni.

But this time something was strange. When I enfolded the scrolls I could not even read some letters, they were scrawly and badly written. I found unknown words from an unknown language too as if the writer was suffering from a mental illness. This slave Teal who is the property of Siri Emerald Jr., a Captain of Olni Scarlet’s, is well known for her writing skills and elegant style. Something must have happened.

As I was in a hurry I did not read everything, but sent out a bunch of scrolls of the NEW VOICE OF GOR to be put on the message boards in the Village of Abydos, in the city port of Olni, in Tharna, in New Tancred’s Landing, in the library of Tampica Woods, in the city of Victoria, in the city of Vonda and in the Port of Alsium.

When I had the time I started to read the column “The Slave’s Corner” and was horrified: The slave was insulting the fine city of Vonda, described their honorable citizens as jerks and ended with “delenda est Vonda”. The NEW VOICE OF GOR apologies for that. That should never had happened.

I shook my head considering to send a mind healer (1) to examine that slave and interrogated the messenger to find out more about the circumstances. He told me: The slave Teal and her owner Siri were laying on the ferry between Olni and Vonda (2), showing all symptoms of a shock: rapid, shallow breathing, clammy skin, weak pulse, their eyes appeared to stare, bluish lips and fingernails. The slave did not response at all, her throat was cut somehow and full of blood, but she was still breathing. The warrior was rolling his eyes and stammering that he has killed several free women in Vonda.

The messenger had found the scrolls which were intended for the newspaper and a basket which seemed to belong to a tavern of Vonda. Inside this basket there were three fish which looked like Cosian Wing Fish (3). This Wing Fish a tiny blue salt-water fish with four poisonous spines on its dorsal fin; found in the waters off Port Kar; its liver is considered a delicacy in Turia. We all know that parts of the Cosian Wing Fish are poisonous. But the Wing Fish inside the basket were red, not blue.

tancred's Landing

The unknown red wingfish in the infirmary of Tancred’s Landing

The strange fish has been taken to the infirmary of Tancred’s Landing for further examinations. A messenger was send out to inform the famous physician Zinkan who lives near Laura. Zinkan came to Tancred’s Landing. The NEW VOICE OF GOR made an interview with him about the results of his examination of the fish. (see above)

(1) He was Iskander, said once to have been of Turia, the master of many medicines and one reputed to be knowledgeable in certain intricacies of the mind. (Slave Girl of Gor)
(2) Vonda was one of the four cities of the Salerian Confederation. The other cities of this confederation were Ti, Port Olni and Lara. All four of these cities lie on the Olni River, which is a tributary to the Vosk. (Fighting Slave of Gor)
(3) Near her, one night, lying off her shore, silently, I heard the mating whistles of the tiny, lovely Cosian wingfish. This is a small, delicate fish; it has three or four slender spines in its dorsal fin, which are poisonous. It is called the wingfish because it can, on its stiff pectoral fins, for short distances, glide through the air, usually in an attempt to flee small sea tharlarion, who are immune to the poison of the spines. It is also called a songfish, because, in their courtship rituals, males and females thrust their heads from the water, uttering a kind of whistle. Their livers are regarded as a delicacy.
(Raiders of Gor)

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 156