New HoY Bank in Tharna



by Wendie (Lemon)

It was a bright clear day when a crowd assembled in the market square of Tharna.

The noise of the crowd showed its eager anticipation for the momentous occasion. It was not everyday their beloved Tatrix was to address their citizens.

A lone man ascended the steps to address the crowd.

“I am Rarius Yuroki, the owner of the HoY Company. The House of Yuroki Bank is a privately owned company. It employs its own bankers, merchants and guards, all of the highest quality. The House of Yuroki Bank has branches in Tarnwald, Tharna, Landa and in Saleria. More branches are under construction. I am very happy that the Tatrix of Tharna allowed us to open a bank here… and lady Vicky, my banker in Tharna, is very happy and thankful too.”

The banker then descends the steps and bows to the Tatrix and escorts her to the head of the steps tom address her people. This was the speech of the Tatrix:

“Greetings citizens of Tharna, visitors and diplomats of sovereign cities, and federations. We welcome you to the glorious city of silver, Tharna.”

The Tatrix then waits for the applause to die down.

“What brings us all together is living history. Events of the past have consequences, and today we celebrate these consequences, and enjoy the fruits of our labors, without judgment or blame on actions taken in the past. Rather acknowledging them, and their results to our lives.

Yet, before I speak of the future, let me speak of the past.

I’m sure most of us know that during the, what we in Tharna speak of as, Silver Mask era, the production of precious metals in Tharna, gold and copper, but mainly silver, reached untold capacities.

This production of precious metals in Tharna, the majority precious metals producer of our world, created in most all of Gor, vitality in trade and commerce unknown in all our history. Those were times where most all of us prospered.

Yet, the Silver Mask era closed in a revolt that shut down all the mines in Tharna. Many remained closed, often collapsed and filled with water. Death traps to any who entered them.

With Tharna mining at a standstill, not only Tharna’s and the Vosk/Olni region’s economy shuddered to an almost standstill, the effect was felt even in the remotest parts of our planet. Our economies, once at the peak of vibrancy, fell into a great depression within just a mere turning of the Central Fire.

The war we call the Silver War broke out. [Enacted on SL-Gor in 2008] Yet this war, and the peace treaty after it, did nothing to solve the problem of Tharna returning to being once again the majority producer of precious metals on Gor.

It took events within Tharna, and another revolt, to catalyze real change in Tharna, that set my predecessor back on the Golden Throne of Tharna, and promoted the production of precious metals, so needed in our economies.

It is therefore, that I proudly stand before you today, and declare that while we in Tharna have not reached the capacities in precious metal mining of the Silver Mask era, and may never wish to do so, we are producing far more than enough precious metals for the economies of our Gorean cities, and even stock-piling reserves, for events where they may be needed.

Thus we come to this event. In the treaty after the Silver War, Tharna was to become a neutral city-state, a city of sanctuary. A city, where even merchants of warring parties could meet freely under the laws of Tharna, and merchant law. An enlightened city, following the principles of the Sardar Fairs.

Therefore, we celebrate and welcome the House of Yuroki’s Bank to Tharna. Yet another part to Tharna’s willingness to comply with the Treaty of the Silver War, and become that enlightened city of Sanctuary to all of Gor.

May peace be with you, and all of yours.”

Great applause and chearing was heard throughout the crowd.

Rarius Yuroki thanks the Tatrix for her words. He then decends the steps throws one of the chests at the bottom of the stairs to reveal a bag of coins: “citizens of Tharna all of you will recieve a similar chest as a gift from the Tatrix and my bank.”

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