The Trip – where is he going?


Picture: Shipwreck, near the mouth where the Olni river flows into the Vosk

by Teal Razor, slave of Captain Siri Emerald Jr., Port Olni

I am making preparations for a trip that my Master is to embark upon and taking me with, but I am not being told where he is going. To be sure, my Master knows, the Priest-Kings know but as I look around the city, there is no one else who knows anything more about this. On my way to the market I dropped by the docks to inquire of the captain of the ship ‘Lucy’ where his floating emporium of ripe smells would be headed in the next few days. The captain, one Philomen of Cos, looked as though he had gastric problems and did not answer my inquiry. There was a small boy, a cabin boy, who told me that they were sailing down the Olni, to the mighty Vosk and out into the waters of gleaming Thassa.

I felt panic since I am a white knuckle traveler on the shipping lanes of Gor. The hazards are myriad, from man eating sea sleen to river tharlarion. If you have never seen a free woman or man fall overboard and meet their death by one of these creatures, you haven’t lived. I would prefer that my Master hire a tarn to take us wherever he is traveling to.

Now that I knew the direction in which he was proceeding I conjectured that he might be travelling to Port Cos. It was probably going to be a long river and Thassa journey and that is why the provisions he had me buy were many and varied. I took out clean piece of rence paper and wrote down the ever growing list that my Master was insisting I purchase.

It was a little disconcerting because many of these provisions needed to be cooked which means I had to pack a large stew pot and other vessels used for steeping and baking. I have travelled before. Sometimes I have stayed at inns around Gor while accompanying the Master. This is the best way to travel. There is something to be said about staying in a four star inn and having room service. The proprietors of these inns, my Master books on travels, are very knowledgeable of the type of service my Master expects.

He is sent the best foods the area has to offer and the cutest of slave boys for me to flirt with. These Inn Keepers are not blind to MY needs in that department. While my Master is sleeping with a sumptuous repast in his tummy, I am off playing Strip Zar with the slave boys. This beats traveling to a place where I have to use someone else’s kitchen to set up shop to prepare my Master’s meals.

Now that we are travelling on a ship I will have to use the galley of the vessel and try to get my Master’s meals prepared before the ship’s cook comes in to prepare the bread, onions, and peas for the crew. I always hesitate to use the galley’s on ships my Master embarks on. The small spaces that are allocated to these floating kitchens make excellent traps where the cooks can grab me and have a go.

I must be off shopping for now and will finish telling this on going story next week.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.3 Issue 141

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