SHE WHO MUST OBEY ~ Or My Life as a Warrior PART 4

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SHE WHO MUST OBEY ~ Or My Life as a Warrior PART 4

By Teal Razor, slave of Captain Siri Emerald Jr., Olni
My chronicle of abduction, collaring, branding, and subsequent ownership by various free males caused me to relive some very sad moments in my life on the planet Gor. As I repeated aloud these unwanted adventures to my Master, it evinced the strong feelings I had while suffering through them. But, to use an old Earth expression, I soldiered on. This story only took me a night to reveal to my Master but writing about it has taken longer. I apologize to readers of The Voice of Gor for such lengthy explanations.
I left off with the Master most called, “the roaming dude”. The first day that I misbehaved in the commons he had me in a headlock underneath the table. It kinda looked like I was performing fellatio out in public but it was not anything like that. My head was in a vise grip under his legs and feet. When the free women left the table, Master Dude dragged me to the jails and beat me senseless. I refused to make a whimper which proved how stubborn I was. All I wanted was to be given back my weapons so I could clear this place of these backward and ignorant people whom I considered “the enemy”.
After the beating, this Master took me to the outskirts of a city called the Oasis of Seraphina. There he had pitched a tent outside the city’s high protective walls. It was a nice place really. The tent was laid out beside a watering hole containing palm type trees. I am constantly amazed when I look at houses, villages, towns and great cities on Gor. They all look like a set designer had thought them into being. It was that way with the tent. I inhabited that tent for 3 days, on and off. I grew to love it and felt very rich being there. The sand was covered with priceless handmade carpets and the colorful tent that was erected above them was brilliant against the beige sands of the oasis.
Well the “Dude” took off. I then started to worry about what would happen to me. I decided that I would go up into the Oasis of Seraphina, the entrance of which was at the top of a long flight of stairs. At the wooden gate I was faced with some forbidding guards. They let me through with some minimal questioning. While walking through the streets, I met the Pasha of the Oasis. I asked him if I could perform some service to him, and in exchange I would be permitted to live in the tent at the foot of the high walls.
I am just chomping at the bit to digress here. I was inside a city that was built with the sole purpose of letting people be what they wanted. Free women would come to this city to shed their “robes” and run around naked performing slave “duties”. You never saw the reverse there. By that I mean, slave’s going to the oasis to experience being a free woman. Also, free women and men, who were not companioned, met in clandestine trysts. The free woman, who was companioned to another, would make herself a naked slave just to experience the lust she had wanted with her actual companion but could not attain. It was a city of love, that is for sure. So you see asking the Pasha if I could perform some service could have bought me a place on his streets, accommodating any and all as a coin slut.
Gratefully, that was not the case. He told me I could live there as long as I needed. In exchange he wanted me to look after three of his prize desert kaiila. I accepted the position warily. I prayed that I would be able to provide them food, water, and happiness every day so that they would maintain their health. I took to sleeping next to them almost every night. I believe they liked it when I told them stories of my home planet. To be sure I had to bathe every morning.
I did this for about a month or so, when one day, during a sandstorm, a Master burst into my tent wielding a scimitar in his sword hand. I had tied the tent flaps down to keep the sand out which prevented him from seeing anyone who might be inside the tent. He jumped blind into a situation that could cause his demise. When he saw me he relaxed and sheathed his weapon. He saw I was a slave sans a Master and so collared me on the spot.
I continued to live in the tent with my new Master, Master Ubik, at the foot of the high walls. After only 4 days, he left, telling me he had to take a caravan on a trade route. He never came back.

I decided to go ask the Pasha if he would sell me in the slave market. I really wanted a stable situation. He took me to his slave house and had the auctioneer take bids from the gathered citizens. I was sold for a pittance to a warrior from Port Olni who was at the Oasis to be with his female companion. It was later discovered that she was having all kinds of relations with free men up and down the Vosk. She went by many names but her identification scrolls all contained similar elements.
And so the free man from Port Olni, who name rhymes with Dum-Dum, took me back to the city I came from just a few months before. Master DD was quite a few years older than me. I mean quite. He was constantly in the commons dozing off in between sips of ale. He conversed with hardly a person. One day the Ubara of Olni ordered some guards to take my Master back to his couch since she was sure he had either lapsed into a coma or died.
It was quite an embarrassment to me which quickly turned into a massive case of boredom. I was forced to sit by the couch of my Master while he was deep in the throes of a pre-dementia stupor. I was glad when the Ubar of Port Kalana spied me at a sword tournament in Sais. He came over and asked my Master, Dunce-Dunce, if he could “borrow” me for a while but instead I was actually sold to him. I was taken to Port Kalana. Thirty-two hours later, the Ubar went absolutely berserk. He departed the city and left a scroll containing all the grievances he felt were nagging him. The angry citizens, converged on the Ubar’s palace and found me practicing in the armory with a Gladius . I was tied up immediately, taken to the jail and questioned for hours. I gave only my name rank and serial number, which they did not understand. They wanted to know what I had “done” to the Ubar and how I had driven him to the point of madness. I pointed out, not to my benefit, that the Ubar was insane to begin with.
I thought I was going to be able to finish my tale to my Master in this column but alas it is not to be. My memory is being flooded with details of my exploits and I feel impelled to note them down.

From the NEW VOICE OF GOR v.4 Issue 178

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