Trade Report No. 3

The following is a report on banking and trade activity with the cities of Torcadino, Turia and Port Kar.

I have traded medicinal goods with Torcadino and Turia. I got copper from Torcadino and I got gold and silver from Turia. I learned that Turia has its own bank and currency and they are willing to become part of the large currency compatibility system we are developing. And Torcadino is interested in our banking system. The visit Port Kar is to see if we can befriend their banking system there too.

I aquired the medical products from a source I learned when I was an information broker. A slaver called CHI and a veteran warrior called Vini helped me ‘retrieve’ the items from a group of pirates. These items for trade were stocked for some time in a camp in the southern margin of the Lower Fayeen River, near Kasra. These products were split into two caravans. I refer to them as the northern caravan and the southern caravan. The latest using a camp in the outerskirts of Kasra as homebase; The former has no homebase. It is a dismemberment of the original caravan.

This northern caravan is heading to Torcadino from Kasra now with:
40 Kanda leaves barrels
10 marigold barrels
20 ka-la-na wine barrels

I have traded with Torcadino many products for 100 copper ingots. I think this is copper for a good many coin mint batches.

The following amount of 20 talu barrels carried on kaiila back have already been paid for the copper:
4 matchweed barrels
1 hemp barrel
1 capture scent barrel
2 kanda root barrels
20 cayenne pepper barrels

I had to pay for the caravan camping outside the city:
1 purple verminium perfume oil for hand washing barrel

I also gifted one barrel of green paga as a present for the city head slaver; he was my contact there and I was there when he got himself a free companionship.

I left Torcadino by tarn and met my caravan and checked if all was right. It was. Headed to Turia – long legs in this part of the trip. Not able to produce many pasangs a day since I couldnt change tarn every few hundred pasangs as i do near our city. Reached Turia and traded the following:
6 black pepper barrels
6 cayenne pepper barrels
8 green paga barrels
4 green herbal powder
8 kanda leaves barrels
8 kanda root barrels
for (believe me):
60 silver ingots
and 5 gold ingots!

The entire operation is costly. We are talking about caravans, many tarns to be used in almost non-stop travels, messages to Besnitt and the supplier. I will use some of the ingots to keep up with the costs.

I will ask for escort of our own swords next time. I don´t trust hired sword for such a mission… What I did this time was the following. I had the barrels refilled with unimportant material to look like I was trading my products for Turia´s production – not precious metals. This way I wouldn´t be robbed by my own escort… And to keep secrecy, I killed all the slaves I used to refill the barrels.

I went to Port Kar just to find out you had already reached them. It happens. So I went to Besnitt and worked my banking duties there for a day and left.

I am looking for coins minted by other cities to insert them in our city since currency is needed there. It seems a moron (who is well known to be a spoiled kid who enjoys to think of himself as a loose cannon) decided he would pay a silver ingot for damaging a slave and now the city´s economy needs 50 silver tarks to balast that ridicoulous non-gorean action.

By the way, how did one like that ever come across a silver ingot?

second banker

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