Ianda on the Island of Landa

Ianda on the isle of LandaIanda on the isle of LandaIanda on the isle of Landa

Ianda on the Isle of Landa.

“I suspected, from the use of the hands and beads, had been trained in Ianda, a merchant island north of Anango.”
(Explorers of Gor: Gor Book 13)

“I saw the Voltai Range, and Glorious Ar, and the Cartius, and, far to the south, Turia, and near the shore of Thassa, the islands of Anango and Ianda, and on the coast, the free ports of Schendi and Bazi. There were, on this map, hundreds of cities, and promontories and peninsulas, and rivers and inland lakes and seas.”
(Tribesmen of Gor: Gor Book 10)

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