[16:28] Petra Weksler (Petra) had returned to her work. She picked the censer out of the bucket, still smoking and waved it back and forth in small movements before the opening of the hive, calming the bees so she could harvest the honey without being stung, at least, without being stung too much. She kept her ears open to try and hear what was spoken, even as she lifted the top of hive to begin pulling the honey dripping frames, one by one, shaking the slow moving bees off them and then dropping them into the bucket that sat at her feet, you know, the one that the censer had been sitting in. Hearing the squeak coming from the long grass, she glanced over, paused her work long enough to pinch off just a small corner of honeycomb and tossed it toward the snow lart, hoping to tempt it a little with the sweet chew. She didn’t react at all to the Jarl directing the merchant to another man, simply continuing with her work, though she strained her ears to hear, glancing over when mead was mentioned. (…)

[16:38] Petra Weksler (Petra) paid no attention to the slave girl, as was her habit when dealing with bonds, unless she needed some use of them for heavy lifting. She glanced from the corner of her eye toward the lart, keeping her smile at the behavior hidden by keeping her face turned away from the others, trying to blend into the background by keeping herself busy. She’d greet the Jarl’s kin when the time was right, and that was not this time. (…)

[16:45] Morrgain Blackhawk (мσяяιgαη ÐąŗĸŦǔȓɏ) perked a brow watching the odd slave stand there like a scarecrow, Morrigan would glance at her mate and then to her son keeping her thoughts to herself. She did however reach into the bag her mate held and took a date from it. Popping it in her mouth, it wa sa decent flavor to say the least. Her mate stated what she thought was odd and she simply nodded her head in silence.

[16:45] Petra Weksler (Petra) replaced the full frames with empty ones, taking her time so she could listen, but there was a point where it would become obvious and she did have a lot of work to do before the end of the day if she was going to keep her promise to the Jarl to have a fresh batch of mead within three weeks so, she picked up the bucket of full honeycomb frames and walked into the brewery.

[Playing an animal:]
[16:48] Ignis Wildmist (Mjallhvít) she would enjoy the little honey she would manage to lick from the honey comb that laid at the ground and her dark snout would glistering with a trail of honey and it would seem the little lart had found a new kind of food to her liking. Then she would notice some more humans standing close to her and suddenly she would dash away again as fast she could into the tall grass (…)

[16:55] Petra Weksler (Petra) had woven a fresh reed sieve the night before and had soaked it and let it dry to tighten the reeds so she could press the honeycomb into it and silently sighed as she realized that even though the slats through the wooden walls were wide enough to easily see what was beyond, she couldn’t hear because of the buzzing in the hives now that bees were waking up again from their earlier smoking. Nothing she could do about that so no use grumbling about it. Focusing on her work, she carefully began extracting the honey from the comb.

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