Pick Pocket of the Ubar

pick pocket

She drifted in as the mist might, wafted apon the docks of the city beyond. The great city of Besnitt. She, with deep crimson conceilment robes swaddling her beauty, protecting the treasure that is beneath. Laughter bellows from the writer’s mind, for once you hear this tale, you surely will see that more than one treasure is hidden, buried near her beauty.

Picture our strong Ubar standing regally, in deep conversation with a sword brother. Two men, as if chiseled from metal, steal or iron. One that would define their hardened, trained, warrior’s physic. Both voices boomed when thy spoke. The echoes of their words pounded out onto the waves and met the crashing water with equal decibels.

A smile laced the lips of the traveling beauty, wrapped in red. For the warrior’s voices masked her tiny footsteps. Thus allowing her closer. She seemed to float, with an elegance of a trained dancer, warrior, or in this case; thief. Surly no one had seen her arrive on the docks, she convincingly thought to herself. With each step, she was closer to her target.

To the untrained eye, the thief looked innocent enough. More like just another lady on a stroll at the tenth ahn, enjoying the weather. But she was not one of them. For she had rolled her hair up using bottles of ka-la-na, and was about to steal the Ubar’s tarsks. She slid her slender arm out as she came up beside him, and brushed her black leather glove covered hands to the Ubar’s waist, sliding her long, delicate fingers down the seam of his trouser leg when….

…..”Yes, M’lady,” smiling is the Ubar as he grasps her slender wrist, “You just found out the Ubar’s pants have no pockets?” patting the pouch on his weapon straps, hearing the tarsks jingle merrily there.”You think you might make another attempt, now that you see that which you are after?” A grin apparent now on his face as the ka-la-na bottled lady scowls for getting caught, not red-handed, but empty-handed!

The End.

((What happened to the thief, you ask? Well you have to wait until next week’s issue to find out. ))

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