Trade Report No. 4

I am back to Besnitt. Much has happened. I have found my lost daughter! And i found out I am a grandfather!

I also aquired another two slaves. Very good quality; amazing beauty. I mean it! And they come with intelligence and charisma like I haven´t seen in a long time. When I returned to Besnitt I gave my slave I left in the city the name River. That way she matches the other two new ones Valley and Hill.

Port Kar wasnt very interesting. I never managed to get myself a meeting there. I have a meeting in Port Cos, though.

My daughter is a scribe. She was hired by myself and will be payed out of travel expenses. She will write down the treaties and trade agreements for me.

I have developed trade with panthers through a contact… And with black caste too. That comes in handy many times.

second banker of Besnitt
tarn rider

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