Second Salt Decree Declared!



Declared and confirmed by the high assembly of STA members

Second day of the fourth hand of the sixth month of the year 10167 Contasta Ar

To: All Gorean Merchants
Concerning: Tahari Salt decree by the SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE

In order to guarantee the fine quality of Tahari Salt only the following oases and cities of the Tahari are allowed to have their salt trademarked as Tahari Salt :

1. City of Tor
2. Oasis of Sand Sleen
3. Teehra
4. Oasis of Two Scimitars (Oases der Zwei Scimitare, German )

All merchants who want to trade with red or yellow salt of the Tahari need to visit the City of Tor or the Oasis of Sand Sleen or Teehra to get it. Red and Yellow salt without a valid receipt from Tor or Sand Sleen or Teehra will be treated as smugglers. The STA declares the trade with red and yellow salt illegal except from certified merchants from Tor or Sand Sleen or Teehra or the Oase der zwei Scimitare.

The true SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE will control the salt trade of all Tahari Salt. Only members of the SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE (STA) are allowed to sell the salt of the above mentioned four places out of the Tahari and each sale should include the SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE seal. Merchants of all gorean cities are hereby informed that Tahari Salt without the seal is considered as smuggling, with all due consequences as a result.

Only salt bags of red and yellow salt which have a valid certifications from Teehra (or former Kasra/Fayeen), Sand Sleen or Tor are valid.

The true yellow and red salt delivered by STA merchants is only for your own consumption. You are NOT allow to resell it.

This decree will be effective as today.

May you always have water, may your water bags never be empty!


Sealed by:

Doc Grun, Vizier of the Taharian city of Tor, former High Pasha of the Oasis of Nine Wells

Jabari Adheem Ibn Yusuf (hideogarvan) , Pasha of Teehra

Imani bint Saran (zayla.whitesong), representing ibn Saran, salt Ubar of the Kasbah

Angel Firethorn, High Pasha of the Oasis of Sand Sleen

Ulric Merlin, Head merchant Oase der Zwei Scimitare

Witnessed: Rarius Yuroki (Rarius Yuroki), STA ambassador, head merchant of Ianda

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