Heard Through the grape vine – local gossip

Disclaimer – These are RUMOURS only and nothing of what’s written here has been confirmed. Everything written here is things heard through the grapevine. So don’t shoot the messenger!

Is Lady Trish, citizen and fine physician of Besnitt, handing out candy spiked with kanda to unsuspecting victims? A visitor was seen stumbling out from the infirmary after a quick session with said lady, and high as a kite he murmured about candy and kanda. He MIGHT have spoken of his two slaves who were waiting for him further down the street, but our informant insists there was something funny with the sweets handed out.

The Ubar’s behind seems to have taken on amazing proportions as of late. Our informants assure us it has nothing to do with Lady Baker’s sticky buns. Or her pastries. It’s the lack of physical exercise that is to be blamed. A daily run throughout the city to work off some of that extra energy, perhaps Sir Ubar?

The Rolling-pin-thief has struck again. Two more important tools have vanished from the Bakery. One has been found, apparently near the waterfalls. Anyone with a clue to who the thief might be should contact the Lady Baker herself. A reward awaits you!

Keely, the enslaved barbarian of Besnitt Kennels, was caught swearing like a sailor after being asked to do a boring task. Our informant was hiding in the shrubbery and overheard a horrendous tirade of words. A note was made to inform the slaver about her behavior. The swearing is not such a big deal, but she was stomping her foot too! Outrageous!

The rumor has it that Lady Angelica Lyric, prosperous Merchant recently arrived in Besnitt, has a soft spot for gloves. Especially the ones in a glossy material. Ever so often she’s seen wearing the most exquisite of gloves and woe the slave who fails to bring her an eating prong when serving her! Hell hath no fury!

Sir Bounty with his abundance of slaves. Don’t you find it curious? Perhaps it is the same with him as it is with men of earth: the more cars and the more expensive they are, the more you are compensating for certain body parts? Is it the same with our popular Administrator? That his long chain is a sign that he’s trying to compensate for something? Feel free to interview his slaves about it. I’m sure every woman in the city is just DYING to know!

The kajirae are whispering amongst themselves: a certain old Trader, often seen smoking kanda….is…And brace yourselves now women! – is still a VIRGIN! His name shall not be revealed to spare him the embarrassment. His slave seems to be a lustful one and we all pity her in her need as she possibly can’t be getting any. It’s no wonder the slaves’ eyebrows are raised since the man in question is well of age and probably was here long before Tal Carlbot was even born!

The newest in slave-fashion: earrings made out of Tospit slices. Ask the kajira named Cheryl for more information. She’s all too happy to show you how pretty this particular piece of jewelry looks like when worn!

By accident, an esteemed freewoman of Besnitt, has apparently found out that our skilled Slaver is wearing…a wig! This has not yet been confirmed, so the order goes out to all slaves to give Sir Erick’s hair a firm tug next time you have the chance. Results to be reported to the Besnitt Times.

Lady Lena was apparently spotted through the window of her house, dancing. Modestly clad she was, but the dance, oh the dance! It was hot enough to burn the beard off any man coming close. Luckily it was a slave who caught her in the act and not a man or she might have been thrown over his shoulder and carried off into the sunset – wearing a new, shiny necklace of sorts.

That was all for this time, folks!

If YOU hear or see something interesting in the City, please contact the Besnitt Times. There just might be a small reward for good tips and news!

❤Regards, your sweet and ever loving….urh…Mistress A.N. Onymous❤

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