Lost in the desert

Oasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of KlimaOasis of Klima

A group of merchants got lost in the desert and met two kaiila riders. These saved them from dying of thirst and led them to a small oasis…

(…) Nods and looks at the group one after the other: We will bring you to safety, it is a couple of days’ march to an oasis where there is enough water, the way back would be much longer for you, you would not survive that, we are several pasangs away from the Oasis of Red Rock, I wonder how you have managed so far without a guide, that was extremely reckless

… looks at the man who have come with him and speaks to him in a rare dialect of the desert: “It is better if we don’t let anyone disappear, there are too many, they will be looked for and they will try even more to find the way, so we lead them to the oasis through the salt mines, then they can rest and we can bring them back again, they won’t remember the way…”

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