City of Tharna and Port of Gimli Treaty Signing

tharna gimli

From the office of the Gimli Ambassadress.

I am pleased to announce that a Treaty has been agreed between Gimli and Tharna for mutual defence, the fostering of cultural exchanges and the fostering of trade. As mentioned, it is defensive in nature only, and is concerned with mutual security from would be bullying aggressors. No city should be alarmed as both Tatrices assure everyone that there is no aggressive intent. The Alliance, however, reserves the right, by any means, to remove such aggressors from the face of Gor, if necessary.

Should any other city be interested in discussing such an arrangement with this Alliance, please contact the embassies of either city. We welcome all those who come in peace but will resist to the utmost tyrants and aggressors.

Lady Viktoria, Ambassadress of Gimli.
1st Day,3rd hand,5th Moon, 10172 C.A.

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