The Port of Venna


The port of Venna. Venna is a resort city west of Voltai and 200 pasangs north of Ar, between Ar and the Vosk River on the Viktel Aria. It is well known for it’s tharlarion races, luxury, and Bath houses. It is a common locale for the villas of the rich, usually from Ar.

“The three moons were now high. We could hear insects in the hedged gardens beneath and beyond the balcony. We could see the lights of Venna, too. The baths were still open. The house of the Mistress was in the Telluria section, which is in the northwest part of the city, on a hill. It is the preferred residential section of Venna. The house, situated as it was, provided us with a lovely panorama of the small city.”
(Fighting Slave of Gor)

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