First Girl Lilith


She opened her eyes and squinted against the bright sun wondering why she had woken up so early. She thought about how to please her Master this morning and decided to run to the kitchen to prepare the breakfast for him. She smiled picturing Master´s gaze seeing her up so early. She walked to the door and at the next moment she found herself laying on the floor. The water bucket she had forgotten to clean away the last evening rattled over the floor. Swearing at herself about her laziness she took the bucket. She hoped the noise didn´t wake up anyone. She opened the door carefully and peered along the floor. Tiptoeing down the floor she knew she had to take back the bucket before the slaves overseer missed it. Slowly she walked round the next corner and….. stood in front of Uta, the slaves overseer. In her fright she dropped the bucket which rattled over the floor. Behind Uta she saw three other girls on all fours cleaning the floor. Uta smirked and said: “Lilith wants to help us cleaning the floor!” She called one of the girls to her side and told her to take the bucket. After that she commanded the girl to run to the kitchen and to prepare the breakfast for Masters and Mistresses. “Lilith will take your place now” she said. With a sigh she lowered herself to her knees and took the scrubber and the bucket of the other girl.. It took a long time to clean the floor, and the chore was a tedious one, but that wasn’t important. All that was important to her was to know that it would please her Master walking along the floor and see it clean and glossy. She smiled thinking of her Master and kissed the cold tiles of the floor, wondering if her Master thinks about the girls who clean his floor.

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