Feather prepares a meal for her Master and the Free of Landa


Feather gets busy and prepares a meal for her Master and the Free of Landa, bosk stew and corn muffins with a dessert of larma dumplings.

Tears the bosk meat into bite size chunks since she is not allowed a knife to cut it up. Asks the kitchen Master to please cut up some suls and turnips in bite size pieces…promising him exquisite pleasures later in the evening before he heads to bed. She then breaks some carrots up and peels an onion, tearing it into strips. She browns the chunks of meat in bosk butter and onions, then adds water and lightly salts the mixture before adding in the vegetables. Sets the large kettle on the hearth to cook for a few ahn while she prepares the rest.

Mixes the corn meal with a bit of flour, two vulo eggs, and some soured bosk milk. Dollops it out into a pan and places them into the oven to bake while she prepares the larma dumplings.

Feather mixes a few cups of flour with some bosk lard…kneading and punching it until it is completely mixed together. Rolls it into a large ball…then takes a large empty goblet and rolls out the dough into a large flat 1/4 inch piece. gathers up the larma bites that she also had the kitchen Master to cut up…pinching off a piece of the dough and wrapping up a piece of the larma inside. she does this until all the dough is used up then puts on a large kettle of water…sweetened with sugar and a bit of kalana…then drops the rest of the larma into the water and cooks it on the hearth until all the larma has disolved into mush. watches the steam roll out of the kettle, she then drops the larma doughballs into the hot mixture and allows them to cook for a few ehn before taking the kettle off the hearth and setting it aside so the mixture will thicken as it cools.

Sprinkles a little flour into the stew to thicken the gravy…smiling as she smells the savory combination of bosk meat and veggies. Pushes the kettle over to a lower part of the hearth fire just so it will stay warm, then takes out the perfectly browned muffins from the oven…placing them into a basket.

Feather then asks one of the kitchen slaves that can write Gorean to pen a note to her Master of the duties she has done and hopes the food is pleasing to Him and the Free of Landa.

Feather (Rilua Nightfire)

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