Landa Dance Competition

Landa Dance Competition

[12:19] Dezire Sciarri: Our next dancer is Kira Swordthain, slave of Wulf Thorgaard. Her dance is “Rapture of Fire” to the song Invocation by Medwyn Goodall.

[12:20] Kira Swordthain ‘s muscles strain under the weight of the wood she carries to the hearth. Dipping low, auburn silk drapes over her shoulder as she lays each log in place. Amber eyes full of anticipation glance fervently to the door, a soft sigh slips over pink lips as her attentions return to the fire.

[12:20] Kira Swordthain emits a low growl, the fire’s embers wane as each log is placed. Slender fingers pull back thick curls of red silk, her body bends low, head tilts as she blows on the smoldering ashes. Gasps and sputters as the ashes cover her in their sooty blanket. Suddenly, her body stiffens, a slow movement of her head, auburn curls tumble over her a slender shoulder as she turns to look behind her. Trembling, she tucks limber legs tightly under her bottom, a hesitation in her voice “Greetings my Master”

[12:21] Kira Swordthain lowers her eyes, trembles as His voice fills the room “I have guests in the hall. You are to entertain them with your beauty. Prepare yourself and HARTA!” limb over limb she crawls to His boots cowering as she feels His look of disdain fall upon her. “Yes my Master” In careful preparation, small hands scrub fiercely at the soot, gently mint green silks float over each curve of her body accentuating the smallness of her waist, enhancing the swell of ample breasts that rise and fall with each deep breath.

[12:22] Kira Swordthain gracefully, she enters the hall. Soot and ash replaced with soft sensual smells of lavendar oils permeating the air. Soft brown eyes lock with His of emerald green, a curt nod of His head and she takes the floor. Obediently she anchors herself. Long lashes flutter over golden flecked eyes.

[12:22] Kira Swordthain draws a deep breath steadying herself. A slight shiver rocks her lithe frame; arms and legs float through the air in time with the music as she sashays about the floor

[12:23] Kira Swordthain ‘s willowy arms stretch over silken locks of auburn, ample breasts strain against the thin fabric as she moves about the floor; diaphanous silks flutter about her, revealing hints of well toned legs as she dances for Him.

[12:24] Kira Swordthain ‘s crimson nails enticingly trace the curves of her body; muscles in her abdomen tighten with each pass of her fingers. Long sinuous legs extend outwards, fawn eyes look up from beneath dark lashes as she watches Him; searching the strong lines of His face, yearning in vain for the smallest sign of approval.

[12:24] Kira Swordthain ‘s exquisite face betrays none of the sorrow in her heart as He continues His conversations; completely oblivious to the passionate offering of her dance. Silken fabric clings to each curve of her sylphlike body. Pearls of persipiration trickle cover the oil sheened skin as they begin to dance between the valley of supple breasts. She glides in His direction eyes lock with each Master in passing.

[12:25] Kira Swordthain gasps suddenly, eyes of chocolate flash wide as a greasy hand reaches and strips her free of silks; revealing an opulent body. A low laughter of amusement echoes through the hall as she flashes a brief angry glare in the direction of the slovenly Master; shivers slightly, slipping from his eager hands and bends forward, beguiling hips gyrate, thrust, as nipples harden in the cool breeze.

[12:26] Kira Swordthain gracefully lowers to the floor, shimmering skin, accentuated by straining muscles, stretches tightly. Svelte arms reach overhead in supplication as she writhes upon the floor; brown eyes beseeching a sign of approval from her Master. A low gutteral growl slips past pink lips, still He makes no indication of approval towards the girl as she continues sensually dancing across the cold tile. The elegance of her movements and the sensuality of her dance betray nothing of the growing ache in her heart as she looks longingly to him.

[12:27] Kira Swordthain ‘s undulating hips move gracefully like the waves of the ocean. Her breathing heavy, chest rising and falling with each drawn breath; perspiration trickling down the svelte frame.

[12:28] Kira Swordthain , collapsing in sheer exhaustion as the music ends, giving a final look towards her Master, a dejected sigh over quivering lips as she is dismissed without the sought after approval. “la Kajira!” * she whispers*

Landa Dance Competition

[13:37] Dezire Sciarri: The final dancer in our competition today is Nimue (Luca Cadell), owned by Liam Whiteson of the CIty of Landa. Nimue will be dancing a “Magic of the Tavern” to Musica Romantica by Art of Noise.

[13:38] Luca Cadell eyes closed she breaths heavily with fear and desire as she waits for the beat and the rhythm of the drum. Her small delicate hands infront, the darkness of her hair mixing with that of the darkness of night that envelops her.

[13:38] Luca Cadell she stills her breath a moment as her eyes feast upon the crowd ,slowly bringing her hands up over her head wrists touching, she points a toe towards them with a soften gaze,as the gentle beating of her heart begins to embrace her .

[13:39] Luca Cadell her body a fiery gleam ,glistening it shines against the firepits of the tavern .The scent of strong paga igniting her senses ,a soft smile spreads across her luscious ruby tinited lips. Her eyes dart around the room she glares at the Masters eyes defiant ,her body trembling ,throbbing to the melodious, sensual command of the music .

[13:40] Luca Cadell she slides her soft hands along her belly her fires deep within her flickering as a deep growing passion is ignited stirring her soul.
Fear it lights her face and she drops to her knees twisting and turning fire dancing in her eyes that are as deep and blue as the Thassa sea. Her need rising within as she awakens all her senses her body bewitched her heart racing .

[13:40] Luca Cadell her hands trace the body letting them linger on top of firm breasts, finding comfort in the warmth of velvety skin listening to the sounds of the tavern .**SNAP** her hands grasp her head , long legs slightly spread moveing turning till the slender of her back is displayed .

[13:41] Luca Cadell she drinks in the music the sounds of the drums ,her hair deep auburn dancing and falling around her like the leaves of the spring willow trees. Her senses aroused flowing she dances …….the fight of her inner desires driving her mad .

[13:41] Luca Cadell sweat beads on her creamy flesh ,mystic air surrounds the room her hands lifting from her hair caressing her long slender limbs. Fruitless her efforts to fight…….lush hips swing ,they grind aluring as the eyes that are fixed upon her ,small mounds of supple swelling breasts lifting and falling as she drinks deeply the air that she breaths.
[13:41] Luca Cadell gasping tender lips part ,nostrils flare,her heat mixing with the sand in the pit ,small hands dance upon her silken flesh ,as delicate fingers grazing across its warmth her body arches ,head tilted back flowing tendrils of auburn mixing with the sand .

[13:42] Luca Cadell eyes wild and pleading drums beating the rhythm pulsating her body thrashing distorting under the oillamps ,shone with a sheen of sweet sweat , gasping for each breath ,her delicate body was beautiful ,curvaceous , alluring ……..

[13:42] Luca Cadell movements turning more fluid and sensual as she twists herself to face the Masters . Dipping low ,creamy thighs spead apart, hips grind ,back arched suductivly. Trailing graceful hands up over the taut defind stomach drawing attention to the bodies curves.

[13:42] Luca Cadell excitment rises deep within her core, the body provocative used to tease and intice. Leaning forward flirtatious inviting glances through dark lashes dancing entertaining the Masters.

[13:43] Luca Cadell stretching shapely toned alabaster flesh ,cheeks flush red eyes burning like fire ,soft wet tongue escaping .Explict moans erupting from pouting lips. She falls exhausted to her knees ,the tavern flames licking and danceing , fingers of crimson and yellow spilling into the night .She is at the mercy of the Masters her lilith body lies damp against the sands heaving as she dreams of how she will again please her Master ………….’ La Kajira”

Landa Dance Competition

[12:43] Dezire Sciarri: Melody (Nocturnal Melody) is our next dancer. She is the owned by Ardeesha Algoma of the City of Landa and will be dancing “Tile” to the song Dulcissima by Corvus Corax.

[12:44] Nocturnal Melody: the soft horizon light shimmers over the girl lying in the middle of the pit like a lover’s caress over her body, her long legs extend with toes pointed towards the sky as the light plays over her small frame… she lies there to compose herself, feeling the hot sands on her frame, her breathing is slow and slumberous..her breast rising and falling in a sweet rhythm as her Tile dance begins….

[12:45] Nocturnal Melody ‘s sensuously rises to her feet, every movement an invitation to dark delights, her own dark eyes glittering under long lashes she looks around at the crowd gathered, as she thinks back to a time when she was left in the care of a cruel Master, rythmically she starts to lose herself in the pounding rythmn, her own tiny feet stamping out a response to the incessant drumming, she moves back and forth

[12:45] Nocturnal Melody: slowly she moves her slender arms, they sway joyously, as she runs effortlessly though the long grass to meet her Master, her slave belly aching for his touch. Soon she reaches him and sinks low to his boots, her face bright and full of adoration as she looks up at him expecting to feel the affectionate of his powerful fingers through her long raven tresses.

[12:46] Nocturnal Melody: Her face falls, a look of deep dismay over her young face, her dark eyes suddenly downcast as he barks at her in his powerful Master’s voice “Girl I must travel, I will be away for several months, you will kennel with the Slaver”

[12:46] Nocturnal Melody: Her Master, leashes her and yanks her to his side, She has to run to keep up with his powerful strides. In the distance she sees him, the hated Slaver, the huge belly rolling over a thick leather belt, the bloodshot eyes from too much paga. Her heart sinks.

[12:46] Nocturnal Melody: Her leash exchanged, she’s His for what feels like an eternity. A hot tear rolls down her face leaving a streak of sorrow as she watches her beloved Master depart. The fat grotesque monster drags her, down, down, endless dark, dank stairs, to chain her alone in the dark, nothing but urts for company.

[12:47] Nocturnal Melody: By day he works her hard, she cleans, she serves, but thankfully never once does he lay a hand upon her delicate skin. By night she’s chained alone in the dark, neglected, her heart calls out to her Master, her mind filled with images and memories of him, of his touch, of his musk, her slave heart aches for him, longs for him….

[12:47] Nocturnal Melody: Day after tedious day rolls by, night after night of helpless torment, glistening tears roll down her cheek to pool on the red tiles of the dank dungeon floor. Her ache for her Master’s touch builds to a burning, then to a firey furnace of longing. Her tiny fingers creep down to her heat to console herself to ease the torment of neglect, she moans her mind consumed with images of his powerful frame.

[12:47] Nocturnal Melody: Late now, the early hours, none but the bats awake, fluttering from dank wall to dank wall keeping her awake. A footstep in the distance, a clunk as a thick key turns in heavy lock, a door creaks wide, her pounding heart fit to escape her chest, has the slaver come to satisfy his lust of her at last?

[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: A great shadow fills the doorway and envelopes her in its inky blackness she cannot see but a huge but strangly familiar sillouhette surrounded on all sides by the gleaming lights of the corridor outside of her prison.

[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: Then a voice she had longed to hear, that gruff controlling voice that she ached for “Mine, heel to me” Her heart leaped for joy as she scrambles to his boots, but the chain about her neck pulling her short, an agony of closeness to him a yearning to touch denied!!

[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: The months of neglect tormenting her soul, she reaches out to him, but he stands amused, not letting her feel his powerful fingers on her soft flesh.
[12:48] Nocturnal Melody: She cannot bear it a second longer, her fingers creep to her slave heat. The fire immeasurable in strength…raging like a torrent through her blood…hands clasping as if drawn by an unseen force…snatching at soft luscious flesh.

[12:49] Nocturnal Melody: Tiny hot slave body surrenders to her needs falling to the grainy sands…long thighs spreading and opening in display as glorious jet manes curl around flushed face…head arched back exposing delicate neck in steel binds.

[12:50] Nocturnal Melody: hips bucks uncontrollably against her fingers as she rolls towards Him..toying with and displaying her glistening body…belly raging…slithering to slide closer…..fingers outstretched for His pity….as she murmurs “please my Master, have pity on me..such pitiful needy slave.” ((La Kajira!))

Landa Dance Competition

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