Falarian Wine in Landa

falarian wine

Among these petitioners came one fellow bringing with him the promise of a gift of wine, a wine supposedly secret, the rare Falarian, a wine only rumored among collectors to exist, a wine supposedly so rare and precious that its cost might purchase a city. (Mercenaries of Gor, 15:158)

“There will be delicacies from as far away as Bazi and Anango,” she said, “and we shall open vessels of Falarian from the private stores of the Ubar.” (Magicians of Gor, 9)

Certificate of Authenticity.
The Wine Decantor” Loyalair Falarian” was made as a custom order for Xavier Wrexan and Rayah Marenwolf

Bottles of authenticated Falarian wines Owned by the following and can only be owned by the following individuals of gor.
#30 Xavior Gandt
#29 Erick Gundersen
#20 Murat Arabello
#28 Cahir Eiren
#24 Brigand Hancroft
#25 Dragon Skyward
#19 Janette Inglewood
#3 Missing
#22 Black Ort
#18 Cetius Bracula (galahad.huet)
#12 Yuroki Uriza

Xavier Wrexan

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