The Great Battle of Landa

battle of landabattle of landa

As I was sorting through the scrolls which threatened to crash my desk, I heard the alarm ring. I stopped and walked to the balcony to see what was happening.. Dark clouds hovered over the dock and upon closer inspections I saw as warriors arrived from not only one but several cities.. I remember seeing Meqara, Thentis, Fina, and Sulport. I squinted my eyes and I believe I saw midas as well, but I could be mistaken.

It did not look at all like a friendly visit, and I feared our Warriors would be badly outnumbered.

I saw grapples being thrown over the walls and the enemies tried to breech the wall. For an ahn Landa’s Warriors were able to keep the enemy out of the city, but eventually the wall was breeched and they got inside. Some of Landa’s fierce fighters left the wall and engaged in hand to hand combat.

I watched in horror as the fighting continued. I knew our men are strong and fierce fighters, but I worried that they might not be able to withstand so many and hold them at bay.

The battled continued for two ahns, but contrary to my fears, Landa stood strong. Many attackers lay bound in the streets of Landa. I stood and watched as it drew to an end. In a show of good faith Landa released it’s prisoners and allowed them to return to their city.

Everyone was proud of the way the men defended Landa. After the fighting was over the Free Women ran into the street yelling with joy, as they celebrated the men’s successful defense of Landa.

~Lady Dez

Pictures: Heavy fighting at the gate house (above). The Ubar of Landa (right) talking to the admin of Fina.

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