Ubar’s letter to Landa’s Citizens

Citizens of Landa:

Your Ubar has been working hard to protect Landa and find a solution to the current war. A solution was offered to Fina but both Fina and the Southern Trade Alliance has refused to accept any of the 3 proposals of your Ubar. In addition they tried, in typical Southern Trade Alliance fashion, to tell Landa who and who not they could declare war on. Landa is a sovereign city and will defend herself as she see fit. We will not allow those that attack us to hide behind the farce of the Southern Trade Alliance.

The actions of the Southern Trade Alliance, are not of a trade organization. Landa will not withdraw the Declaration of War upon the STA, but will continue to devote all it’s resources to ensure an end to this conflict that is beneficial to Landa.

Let’s review what has brought us to this point:

– Turia, a member of the Southern Trade Alliance and with it’s full support, declared war on Landa for no reason some months ago [October 2010]

– Fina voted Landa out of the Southern Trade Alliance

– Port Meqara voted Landa out of the Southern Trade Alliance

– Port Meqara was allied of Landa and betrayed us and did not follow the code of the warriors. The 97th Aphorism in the Codes of the scarlet caste: “What is invisible but more beautiful than diamonds?” – “Honor”. To betray allies means to show no honor at all.

– Fina has declined all proposals of Landa to stop the hostilities.

– Fina, Port Meqara, Turia, Thentis, Midas and Sulport attacked Landa without having declared war – but they failed.


Now, in another act of dishonor, The Southern Trade Alliance has voted to not recognize the Declaration of War from Landa.

That is their choice. It shows them for who they truly are. They would rather lay in their furs and fur their slaves, while Landa continues to defend itself.

In summary Landa will continue to defend itself, the city and our citizens. Landa will not bow to threats, from 1 or multiple cites. As your Ubar, I promise you, that your city will act with honor during this conflict.

In a genous and honoroble act, the Ubar has decided to honor a cease fire with Fina for now.

Yuroki Uriza
Ubar of the honorable and honest City of Landa !

Paperwork made by lady Dez, Head scribe of Landa

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