True Southern Trade Alliance Established



It was on a road from Turia a message was intercepted.

The scroll was encrypted however the Turians are not known for their cyphers and encryption knowledge, so the code was easily broken.

The Message was revealed as a treaty and spoke of trade in the south, of stifling all trade with the main aim of driving down the salt and preserved fruit prices. If this was allowed to continue the Vosk league would control all trade south to north with their ally Turia .

The authors of this scroll were Fina and Thentis their ally in the south was Turia. The Turians once again showing their true colors for deceit and intrigue by not seeing the right path to take.

It was this scroll which compelled a few cities to get together and form a true SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE. The formation in Landa bought together many states and tribes of the Tahari desert. Its aim to bring free trade across the southern region and allow trade to also flow north .

The tribes of the Tahari still have the old rivalry between Aretai and Kavar but on the issue of trade, the lifeblood of Gor they are united as one people. More cities join everyday , their envoys traveling many miles to pledge their allegiance to the true STA.

The aforementioned treacherous scroll fell into the hands of warriors of Landa. They were moving north to secure a route for trade from the southern trade alliance. This was accomplished when a force met them close to the Vosk. The force opposing Landa consisted of warriors from Turia and the vosk cities . This force was defeated by the glorious Landa warriors.

Commodities of salt and dates from the far south are once again flowing north as are slaves and dried bosk from the plains, and exotic spices and girls from the Shendi.

(paperwork made by bee, Hoy slave scribe and accountant)


The Citizens of the TRUE SOUTHERN TRADE ALLIANCE, in league to form a more perfect coalition, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for trade with safe passage, promote the general well-being, and secure the Blessings of the Priest Kings to ourselves and our Posterity, do prescribe and validate this:

We proclaim to work together towards trade support to unify the south against invaders seen from any entity especially from the North and the Vosk region (as the false Southern Trade Alliance from Meqara is just a front organization of the Vosk League) that disrupts our mutual trade investments within our Ports, Cities and Oases, for peace and prosperity and the protection of our trade routes.

[the details are confidential]

City of Landa:
Rarius Yuroki
Ubar of Landa

The Kasbah of the Guard of the Dunes
Salt Ubar of the Tahari
Guard of the Dunes

Niccodemis Threebeards
(former) Ubar of Tarn Cove
(confirmed by the new admin of Tarn Cove)

Spinaker Avro
Pasha of Klima and salt Ubar of Gor.

The Kasbah of Seraphina
Chimola Jayaram
Pasha of Seraphina

The Oasis of the Two Scimitars
Nazz Zenfold
Grand Administrator

Oasis of Nine Wells
Doc Grun
High Pasha

Oasis of the Sand Sleen
Angel Firethorn
Grand Vizier

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