The Ianda Times is to become the NEW VOICE OF GOR.

“There is a crowd ahead,” I said, “at the public boards.”
“They seem angry,” he said.
(Magicians of Gor)

The Ianda Times is to become the NEW VOICE OF GOR.

The reasons for this are the former VOICE OF GOR Is one of the oldest publications of second life Gor. Many Goreans have come to know it and its editor Verona Lorgsval.

Verona does not longer publish the Voice of Gor which was based in the city of Olni. Her mission statement for the paper was:

The Voice of Gor is a cross sim Gorean wide newspaper. It is designed to promote and increase Cross Sim Roleplay and communication. The Voice of Gor strives to ensure that all parties are contacted ahead of time; however, occasionally a city will object to what was written. Any city is free to write a rebuttal or send in their own news.

That same note will be used and the same conditions apply . This is especially important at the present time. By the book sims are closing and opening every day the voice of Gor will be just that a voice where people can contribute articles, and ideas how Gor can be improved for the people who play a role within the cities.

The NEW VOICE OF GOR is looking for correspondents all over Gor.

In a world of words, the quill is more powerful than the sword.

Rarius Yuroki
former Head Builder and Admin of Landa
Editor of the NEW VOICE OF GOR
now merchant somewhere in the Voltai mountains

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