Besnitians, thanks to you!

Tal all Besnitians! (Is that what we are called?!)

I wish to extend my thanks for the warm welcome I the typist, aswell as Nadija the somewhat obscure Baker, have received here in Besnitt. It’s such a joy to have found a thriving home on Gor!

I look forward to spending many hours of interesting, fun, thrilling, humorous, adventurous, engaging, emotional and creative Roleplay with you all!

A little hint when engaging with me: My character can be crude and rude. And grumpy. And petty. Oh, and jealous. And sometimes mean. And…well, you get the point.

Please do not confuse that with the typist being an ass. I’m a pretty decent person (or so I hope) and should anyone have any concerns at any time about the RP – feel free to send an IM my way and we can sort things! (Yes, Nadijra CAN be quite pleasant to be around as well – depending on her mood of course. *coughs*)

To me, it’s very important to distinguish between what takes place IC (In character) and what takes place OOC (Out of Character). I’ve been in SL Gor long enough to know the drama that sometimes inflames a whole community and I hope that we all together can make this a friendly place OOC where everyone has a voice outside their role, be it slave or free!

Again – thank you for having me here and thank you to all of you who work behind the scenes to make this such a lovely place to be!

❤Regards, the typist behind your sweet and ever loving Baker Nadija❤


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