Journey to Olni



by Lady Wendie, HoY scribe in Olni

Leaving Minus in the dead of night, the three boats loaded independently with a share of the bullion and coin of the bank of Hoy. Guards in the employ of the bank are trusted men who have served the house for years never the less there was a nervous feeling before the boats set sail.

A short run down river saw us enter the lake skirting the Swamp forest then taking the verl river.The three ships had to be rowed due to the slow patches of the river. Passing Tabuk’s Ford in the early hours of the morning the only city which had to be skirted.

The trip so far had been uneventful as the three well armed ships moved at a good pace to the outskirts of Iskander .There in the fields alongside the river was a caravan of sluggish Tharlarion, the high wheeled carts were soon loaded. With a crack of the whip the caravan began their way in land crossing the prairie. Three days later the caravan camped outside of Vonda for the night before moving on to the city of Port Olni. A remarkable journey made all the more remarkable in that the caravan was not attacked, not a single Tarsk bit was lot .

Before the gates of Olni Yuroki gave thanks to the priest kings.

To the members of the caravan I thank you for your dedication and hard work that has bought the House of HoY safely to Olni and the NEW VOICE OF GOR is back to its Homestone to honor the tradition and work of the old Voice of Gor mady by Lady Verona, scribe in Olni.

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