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Saturday, April 9th, 2011


Rarius Yuroki (Yuroki Uriza)

WHITE CASTE: Vito Castaignede (Head Initiate)


Dezire Sciarri (Head sribe)
Domnic Draconia (Praetor)
Magistrate: Sherman Easterwood

Hecate Simon (Head Physician)

Dokis Beck (commander)
Alexander Krutschek (MAO)

Ambassador: NN
head slaver: (candidate: Damius Resident)

Announement of the green caste of Landa

Saturday, April 2nd, 2011

Welcome to the green caste of Landa, we are a growing City and soon to start accepting apprentices and teach classes here, i have a few rules i need read and i need you to sign and seal this form and send it back to me for your files. My thanks to you in advance for your attention to this matter. Remember we are a btb sim or as close as we can get, lets keep the use of medicines and herbs etc to those that we know are in the books and that we have quotes to back us up on, makes life easier for everyone.

Rules for Landa Infirmary, any new rules will be added as a revision and new forms sent out for signature and seal.

1. All treatments and exams must include the rolplay at the bottom of the exam, you can notecard it and attach it or just paste it to the bottom of the paperwork, this way if someone questions what happened i can read for myself and be able to defend actions of those players who may not be available when the concern is mentioned. I will fight for my caste members but this will help me in that fight and is expecially good for students to get used to doing it because it will be required in their paperwork for graduation from my teaching as well.

2. Please send me a copy of anything you do so if i get questioned i have it on me and can immediately address any issues no matter where i am when they arrise.

3. There is a file cabinet in my office to put copies of your paperwork as well iwill show each member how to use this, that way if someone is coming back for suture removal we know where it was done, how many we are taking out etc.

4. This office charges for all services except when the city is attacked, those services are donated and so are the supplies. a price list is available beside the scale on the wall and i can give you a written copy to carry in your folder (inventory) as well if you would like. if the person requests a bill as to the charges just write out a notecard with any salves poweders etc that were used, (this is also where including rp helps itemize the bills) and hand them a copy of the bill. the money goes to the physician that does the work. the city is working on a tax system as well so keeping good records will aid in this area.

5. If you need assistance of any type i have an open door policy, ims are OOC so if you do not agree with something im me, and i will give the same respect back that way the other rpr’s will not know there is a situaton at hand and it reduces drama.

6. I would like to hold meetings occasionally expecially as we get students to ensure we are all on the same page, find out if any issues that I need to address or help with, I am learning too, I learn every day, as i know all other physicians do. dont be afraid to ask questions, i welcome them!!

thanks for going over the rules. please sign, seal and send back to me for your files

Lady Hecate
Chief Physician


Saturday, February 19th, 2011

FIVE silver coins of Besnitt for the man who who will bring me Sven, Jarl of Two Raven’s Cliff, in chains at the docks
Rarius Yuroki, warrior of Besnitt

Sales of City Slaves

Monday, February 14th, 2011

The following recent sales of city slaves have been recorded

Kitty (Kitty Lowenhar) sold to RobertB Baxter, Warrior for 2 Silver and sundries
Bree (Bree Fadlan) sold to Zar (surreal Zarco) and his Free Companion Rose (RoseMarie Ravenheart) for 3 silver tarn
nia (niala Rexen) sold to Warrior Tristan (TristanHawk Audeburgh) for 2 silver tarn
azah ( Mikaela Coy ) sold to Head Scribe of Besnitt Starbuck827 Zessinthal for 1 gold tarn
cali (Callie Fireguard) sold to Tavern Keeper Frosty Soulstar for 1 silver and sundries

A slave boy ali (ChinaEagle Langer ) will be for sale this week, anyone interested should see the Head Slaver Erick Gundersen
He is Literate, and has been trained in serving, baths. He also has some training in use of the bow. He would make a fine silk slave or possible a guard or fighting slave for a Free Woman or a household.

New city slaves aquired :
seema (Ashanti Seetan) red silk untrained
leeloo (maria rainfall) red silk semi trained
lana (Elaine Ferryhill) white silk untrained
keely (kiera Kyrie) red silk untrained
fahima (starlight Ember
ela (ellie qarnac) red silk – semi trained
alu (Aluen Luik) red silk – semi trained
mia (Miaow Kit) – trained
fia (fey falconer) – trained
emma (Missie Mimulus) red silk semi trained

ali (chinaeagle langer) trained kajurus


Sunday, February 13th, 2011

The Slave known as Aeryn has run away from the city after refusing an order from the Warriors and myself high scribe of Besnitt she belongs to one of the physicain..any Free that finds her has order to bring to her owner (Lady hecate) or the SLaver to be dealth with.

Breakfast in Besnitt

Saturday, February 12th, 2011


On Menu this morning

cooked when ordered vulo omlets with choice add in of mushrooms, onions, peppers, grounded bosk, tarsk, vulo meat
bosk, and verr cheese OR have the works which is all the add ins

scrambled vulo eggs

tarks strips, sausage, or bosk tender lean steak

fried suls smothered in seasonings salt, pepper, and onion

fresh buttery biscuits or sa-tarna toast or bread

fruit and verr cheese individual sized bowls with chunks of melon, sliced peaches, ramberries, and ta-grapes

always hot fresh blackwine, and chilled juice: juice available are ramberry, tospit, red fruit or mixed fruit juice

for those with a sweet tooth sticky buns, some date squares

by Tracy, Bull’s slave

Besnitt Free Woman’s Society

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

Trish McMahon is in the process of starting a Free Woman’s Society. Trish has several ideas and looking to work with all Free Woman on starting on activities and events for all citizens, and not just the gossip and tea. She is looking for all Free Woman of this city to join this group. Contact her to be added to this group.

The Inns’ Menu

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Inns’ Menu:

*Simple Gorean tea, Blackwine and fresh water from our city well are available all day*

Breakfast: served between 0400:1100 slt
Sausages made from bosk meat
Sausages made from verr meat
Vulo eggs
Fresh sa-tarna bread with bosk butter

Porridge made from bosk milk with cherry jam, yellow sugar or honey

Fresh sa-tarna bread with honey

Fresh fruit:
apricots, larma (unpeeled and on a plate!), chilled Celane melon

Brunch: served between 1100:1200 slt
Simple Gorean tea with
sa-tarna bread buttered with bosk butter and cherry jam
Sa-tarna bread buttered with verr butter and slices of cold
verr meat

Lunch: served between 1200:1500 slt

Steamed or fried:
Cosian Wingfish fresh from our Thassa waters
served with onions, cabbage, radishes, fresh peppers and sea salt, and sa-tarna dumplings.


Baked Sul with beans and melted bosk cheese

Tea served between 1500:1800 slt

Kailiauk Bisquits (made by mia, formerly of Kailiauk)
with thick slices of Bosk Cheese


Chocolate cake fresh from our Bakery

Dinner: served between 1800:2000 slt
Turnip and Sul soup with warmed sa-tarna bread with bosk butter



Roasted Bosk with sul , peas and gravy


Dessert: served between 1800:2100
Ramberry pudding
Sweet pastry with a cherry centre, glazed in white sugar

Supper: 2100:0000 slt

Hot chocolate with

Fork- Toasted sa-tarna bread with melted cheese
Sweet cinnamon roll from our city Bakery

Food for Slaves:
Gruel made from grain, available at 6am, 12 noon and 6pm in a trough at the back of the Inn

Besnitt Tavern Menu

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

The Tavern Menu

Today’s fresh ingredients include sul, kes, cabbage, and carrots, seasoned with hot peppers, and served with freshly baked warmed sa-tarna rolls.

Bosk Ale Pie;
Bosk meat soaked in ale, cooked in meaty gravy and wrapped in thick shortcrust served with sul and peas

Thick cut Verr steak with fried sul
served with katch (lettuce), corn and mushrooms, garnished with fresh herbs and ground peppers

Fish Stew
made up of steamed cosian wingfish, smoked sorp, and pumpkin, peas and warmed sa-tarna bread spread thickly with rich verr butter

larma and apricot suet pudding, made with sa-tarna flour and bosk suet fat served with whipped bosk cream

Ramberry tart
a fruity mix of ramberries and cherries, served with vanilla custard

Fresh Fruit available today
Larma, melons, cherries, grapes and nuts.

Announcement of the Admin

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

As of this day If any slave does not acknowledge a Free Women and or offer to serve them The Slaver or your Master will be notified and will be dealt , we will not allow the Free women to be treated this why, so Besnitt slaves best mind the free or feel the Ubar’s and My wraith.

Bounty, second Admin of Besnitt