The Inns’ Menu

The Inns’ Menu:

*Simple Gorean tea, Blackwine and fresh water from our city well are available all day*

Breakfast: served between 0400:1100 slt
Sausages made from bosk meat
Sausages made from verr meat
Vulo eggs
Fresh sa-tarna bread with bosk butter

Porridge made from bosk milk with cherry jam, yellow sugar or honey

Fresh sa-tarna bread with honey

Fresh fruit:
apricots, larma (unpeeled and on a plate!), chilled Celane melon

Brunch: served between 1100:1200 slt
Simple Gorean tea with
sa-tarna bread buttered with bosk butter and cherry jam
Sa-tarna bread buttered with verr butter and slices of cold
verr meat

Lunch: served between 1200:1500 slt

Steamed or fried:
Cosian Wingfish fresh from our Thassa waters
served with onions, cabbage, radishes, fresh peppers and sea salt, and sa-tarna dumplings.


Baked Sul with beans and melted bosk cheese

Tea served between 1500:1800 slt

Kailiauk Bisquits (made by mia, formerly of Kailiauk)
with thick slices of Bosk Cheese


Chocolate cake fresh from our Bakery

Dinner: served between 1800:2000 slt
Turnip and Sul soup with warmed sa-tarna bread with bosk butter



Roasted Bosk with sul , peas and gravy


Dessert: served between 1800:2100
Ramberry pudding
Sweet pastry with a cherry centre, glazed in white sugar

Supper: 2100:0000 slt

Hot chocolate with

Fork- Toasted sa-tarna bread with melted cheese
Sweet cinnamon roll from our city Bakery

Food for Slaves:
Gruel made from grain, available at 6am, 12 noon and 6pm in a trough at the back of the Inn

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