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The City of Besnitt is recruiting

Monday, March 7th, 2011

The city of Besnitt is recruiting:

Warriors, scarlet caste (not black jeans bare breast caste)
Urgent: Skilled merchants (wear gorean clothing)
lower castes except bakers
Magistrate/Praetor (you should know what the difference is)
Metal workers

Historians, scholars, librarians, accountants, cryptographers, record keepers, lawyers, teachers, engineers, technicians veterniarains, fishermen, woodsmen, artisans, painters, pot makers, saddle makers, cloth workers, poets, leather makers, rug makers, weavers, carders, dryers, sleen trainers, tarn keepers, drovers, carvers, perfumers, singers, entertainers, musicians, peasants and She urts are welcome too.